Harry Potter, the Forgotten Son

Chapter 10: Meanings


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"Rose what are we looking for in that Astrology book?" Asked Hermione as she watched her best friend skim page after page of a school book she'd found in the library.

It had been a couple of days since the events in the forbidden forest and Rose had begun to cut down on her research on the stone in favor of something else that had to do with astology.

"Something's been bothering me about what that centuar said about Harry. He called him, Child of Saturn and Mars, I want to know what that means." The girl replied lowly before finding a section that detailed the meanings of the planets, "Here, I think this is it!"

Mars represents the military, sportsmen, warriors, surgeons, and blacksmiths. Mars is a combative energy and describes how one commands and takes action. He symbolizes virility, violence, courage and boldness. Mars gives information on the ability to come to grips with things and to overcome hurdles.

She whispered the passage to the bushy brown haired girl but trailed off with a blush at seeing the next part.

"Well what's next?"

It also describes sexual life and desires. Because Venus is his opposite, in a woman's chart Mars represents her lovers and the type of man whom she is attracted and with whom she is willing to have a love affair. Like the Sun, Mars is a maculine planet, however he is less idealistic than the Sun and more sexually driven

With the referances to sex and affairs, the two young girls' cheeks seemed to glow before going back to the next planet, Saturn.

He represents grandparents, wise men, the elderly, scientists and knowledgeable the opposite of Jupiter, who is synonymous with expansion, Saturn is synonymous with restriction. He symbolizes time and its implacable principle. He is associated with toughness, austerity, discipline and limitation.

He describes hurdles, lessons to be learnt and ordeals to be undergone. Everywhere Saturn is posited, he crushes, slows down things, and demands efforts and concentration. Since Saturn is considered a malefic planet, he does not seem sympathetic. However, he allows the individual to grow, to acquire a good thinking process, and to gain a strong sense of responsibilities. He is a sign of ambition, maturity, wisdom and asceticism.

When Saturn is a dominant planet, the individual is rather introverted, solitary, quiet, discreet, observant, ambitious and impassive. He may seem cold and emotionless, which is not true. He is passionate and proud, but he does not want to show that he may be weak and that his sensitivity or his feelings can be moved. Nevertheless, he may be stingy, cruel, curt and selfish.

Saturn is associated with the elderly, the wise, and all people who can help us overcome an ordeal such as priests, medical practitioners, etc.

To be continued...