The young detective thrashed back and forth across the small couch. A giant "S" was splayed across his forehead, the shadows from the front window of his beloved Psych agency. A light flicked on and obliterated all of the previous shadows, casting new ones in their wake. Gus walked into the room, rubbing an eye with a fist as he mentally cursed his best friend. Shawn had been screaming in his sleep again.

As Gus made his way over to his best friend to wake him up, Shawn shot up and off of the couch. Gus jumped away with a scream.

Shawn's eyes were wide open in fright, though they wouldn't quite focus on anything. He took in first one gasping breath, then two, then three, before rasping out "The Pandorica is opening" and collapsing back onto the couch. His eyes were once again clenched shut and he now held both of his fists to his temple in an effort to stop the visions that plagued him and the terrible possibilities that they held.

Shawn Spencer was psychic, after all, and Stonehenge was sending signals out everyone who would listen.