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Chapter 1

Ginny Weasley yawned before taking a deep sip of her luke warm coffee. She placed the mug on the table as Ron and Hermione entered the large kitchen of the Burrow, each pouring themselves a cup of coffee.

"Good morning." Hermione brightly greeted Ginny and Mrs. Weasley, who was busy preparing breakfast for everyone.

"Good morning dear! Did you sleep well last night?" Mrs. Weasley cheerfully questioned Hermione. The both of them had always been very cheerful in the mornings. Ron and Ginny, neither of which being morning people, found this utterly irritating until around 10 a.m.

"Yes ma'am, better than I expected with all the excitement!" Hermione and Ron were to be wed tomorrow, and everyone was going to be very busy with last minute details in addition to preparing for the rehearsal dinner tonight.

"Good morning to you as well son!" Mrs. Weasley addressed Ron with a slightly mocking manner.

"Humph." Ron groaned. He knew his mother found his desire to avoid socializing in the mornings humorous.

"Hermione, Arthur has gone to fetch your parents. He should be returning shortly, and you mother will be bringing your dress with her. We should have plenty of time for last minute alterations before the wedding tomorrow." Mrs. Weasley informed her.

Ginny perked up with a twinge of excitement. "Oh Hermione! I can't wait to see your dress! I bet you will look amazing in it! You know your father is going to cry when he walks you down the aisle in the same dress you mother wore!"

Hermione smiled. "He better not! If he does then I know I will cry. I would hate to ruin my make up."

"There are spells for that Hermione." Mrs. Weasley stated matter-of-factley as Harry entered the room.

"Good morning gang." Harry nodded to everyone, quickly diverting his eyes from Ginny. They had dated for a short while after the war ended, but soon found they did not have as much in common as they had originally thought. Ginny, not unlike Hermione, was book smart. She enjoyed studying and valued a certain level of intelligence in a man. Not saying that Harry was not intelligent, he only possessed a different type of intelligence. Ginny enjoyed discussing magical histories and had a keen interest in healing spells, potions, and herbs. Their relationship had become boring after a year and a half of Harry showing a complete disregard to her interests in conversations, always diverting the subject to the latest news with the auror department or quidditch. Ginny had ended the relationship gently, explaining this to him. Harry protested at first, but then realized she had been right. This did not mean that he didn't care for her or have the occasional erotic dream about her. He understood that she needed someone in her life who could provide a more intellectual stimulus if they were to keep her happy for years to come.

After the break up with Harry, Ginny could see how difficult it was for him to move on, especially with him being at the Burrow so much since the war ended. Harry had taken the responsibility of raising the orphan Teddy Lupin, and he desperately needed Mrs. Weasley's help. Partially in an effort to ease him pain and to satisfy her own curiosities of the muggle world, Ginny had moved out of the burrow into a rural village outside London. Professor McGonagall had pulled some strings to get her enrolled in a muggle university to become a Paramedic. The education, although strenuous, had only taken her about a year to complete. Ginny now worked with an ambulance service in the rural town and loved every minute of it. She was now near completion of her studies as a mediwitch in the magical world, and felt that her knowledge and experiences as a paramedic in the muggle world would make her a stronger mediwitch. Witches and Wizards were still human, and their clocks ticked in much the same manner. Ginny had originally planned to cease her practices as a paramedic once she reached the end of her mediwitch training, but now she was torn. She loved her job. She loved being the person who showed up to ease the pain and fear of the muggles in their darkest times of need. She had seen some horrid sights in her line of work, which helped her realize that pain and suffering happened every day. Making it easier to deal with the things she had witnessed during the war. Although she was beginning to worry that she was becoming cold and insensitive, gradually losing her compassion. It was quite the conundrum for her!

Ginny's mind returned to reality when she heard the fireplace crackle and the thud of her father arriving with Hermione's parents through the floor. Ginny rose to greet the company, hugging Hermione's mother and shaking her father's hand.

"Are you okay?" Hermione asked her mother who was very pale and breathing heavily.

"Yes, I'm… I'm fine. It's just this fireplace traveling stuff makes me queasy." Mrs. Granger responded weakly. Harry and Ron laughed as they helped Mrs. Granger into a chair beside the fireplace.

"Y'all arrived just in time for breakfast!" Mrs. Weasley announced cheerfully kissing her husband on the cheek and greeting the Granger's with motherly hugs.

"Ginny dear, would you take Hermione's dress up to her room for safe keeping?" Mr. Weasley asked politely.

"Yes sir." Ginny took the dress from her father and headed up the stairs. Once in Hermione's room Ginny Hung the dress on a coat rack in the corner. Her fingers grasped the zipper of the garment bag thoughtfully. She wanted to take a peek at the dress, but withdrew her hand remembering that alterations had been made to the style of the dress to more suit Hermione's style unbeknownst to the bride. Ginny decided to wait to see the dress when Hermione was present. She let out a dreamy sigh before returning to have breakfast with her family and the guests.

After breakfast the men retreated to the gardens to set up for the rehearsal dinner that night. The women set to preparing their wardrobes. Ironing, steaming, and polishing shoes for both themselves and the men. This did not take long with the help of a little magic. The women then met in the den to discuss further tasks to be completed.

"I would like to review the guest list once more to ensure we have enough seating. I don't want to be ill prepared and resort to conjuring chairs minutes before the start of the ceremony." Mrs. Weasley expressed. Ginny could tell this wedding meant a lot to her mother, and judging by the look on Mrs. Granger's face this was just as important to her as well. Mrs. Granger, however, had never planned a wizardly wedding before and was lost as to what she needed to do.

Ginny took the stack of returned invites that had been arriving over the past several weeks and began marking the guests that had R.S.V.P.'d for the fourth time. She also began counting off the wedding party verifying that each of them had attire in a designated room at the burrow. "All the groomsmen, Bill, George, and Harry, all have their tuxedo's together and ready to go. Neville and Hagrid, ushers, have their tuxedo's ready as well. I have my dress. Luna and Fluer both have their, as well as shoes and jewelry. Professor McGonagall is wearing her dress robes to perform the ceremony."

"So this isn't going to be too much unlike a normal person's wedding then?" Mrs. Granger observed. She then blushed and, becoming flustered at her possible insult, tried to explain. "I mean.. I didn't.. not normal…" she sputtered.

Mrs. Weasley put a hand on Mrs. Granger's knee. "It's okay honey! We know what you mean. We refer to non magical people as muggles, so we won't be upset with you if you would like to refer to us as abnormal." Mrs. Weasley said sweetly before letting out a relaxing chuckle. Mrs. Granger sighed.

"How many guests are we expecting?"

Ginny began filtering through the initiations again. "It looks like we are expecting nearly everyone. Only three of the twenty invitations have not been returned." No sooner than she said it, an owl landed on the window sill. Ginny arose and took the invitation from the owl before handing him a treat. The owl hooted a soft thank you before flying off. Ginny opened the invitation, her mouth falling open as she read the R.S.V.P.

"Ginny dear, what is it?" Mrs. Weasley questioned, not hiding her concern.

"Professor Snape? Mum? This is from Professor Snape! He said he would be attending!"

"Ah! Yes, I am delighted he has decided to come. This will be quite beneficial for him after everything." Mrs. Weasley sighed with pleasure.

"But mum! He is dead!"

"What?" Mrs. Granger looked utterly confused, glancing between the two women.

"No dear, he did not die. He has been lying low since the war, waiting for the right time to resurface. His trial with the ministry was last month. They ruled in his favor. Not to mention, it has taken him quite a while to recover from his near death experience."

"But mum! I saw him die! I was in the hospital ward at Hogwarts when Hermione and Ron had brought him in! I fought so hard to keep him alive, only to attend his funeral a week later!" Memories washed back over Ginny. She remembered Hermione and Ron arriving at the hospital ward with the nearly dead professor. She had stayed by his side for hours applying balms to his puncture wounds and pouring potion after potion down his throat, only to have Madam Promfrey come rushing in when she heard Ginny yelling hysterically at the professor when he finally took his last ragged breath. Madam Pomfrey ignored Ginny's protests as she closed Professor Snape's eyes, crossed his arms and drug the girl outside the wing. Ginny remembered the casket remaining closed at the funeral, but was having a hard time piecing together how he could possibly have lived.

"It's none of your worry now child. It was a long planned process. One day you may learn, but now is not the time for explanations." Ginny could tell by the tone of her mother's voice that she was to not push the topic.

Seeing the tension between the mother and her daughter, Mrs. Granger spoke up. "Ginny, I found the pearl necklace that my father had given me on my wedding day. It was considered beyond restoration by the jewelers in my world, but your father assured me he knew a man who could restore it. He dropped it off at a shop in a magical alley or something. I was wondering if you could accompany me to retrieve it today?"

"Yes ma'am. I would be glad to."

"Okay then. Let me gather my things and we may leave. Once you are ready."

That night the rehearsal dinner went without a hitch. Luna stood in as the bride, which was very entertaining to witness. After the rehearsal everyone had a nice dinner, laughing and catching up on the latest details of each other's lives. After dinner, everyone gradually retired to their rooms, preparing for a good night's rest much needed for tomorrow's events.

The next morning everyone rose early. The men took great care to keep Ron preoccupied until Hermione finished her meal and retreated to her room. Wizards apparently also believed it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. At breakfast Mrs. Weasley had to practically force Ron to eat. He was a nervous wreck. He pushed his food around, staring wide-eyed at his plate. "Ron, why are you so nervous? You have loved Hermione for six years. The whole time Hermione was in University and we were training to become aurors all you could talk about was how you wish she wasn't making you wait until she finished school to get married." Harry pointed out, hoping to take the nervous edge off Ron.

"I know mate. I don't know why I am so bloody nervous. I guess I am afraid that I won't be able to keep her happy for the rest of our lives."

"What a git! That's nonsense Ron, and you are a fool if you can't see how much she adores you!"

"Ginevra Weasley! Watch your mouth! Young ladies don't use language like that!" Mrs. Weasley chastised. The 22 year old blushed in frustration. Yet another reason I have my own flat.

"Yes ma'am." Ginny knew better than to say otherwise. "I am going to start helping Hermione get dressed." She retreated to Hermione's room.

She found Mrs. Granger laying Hermione's undergarments out on the bed. Ginny was embarrassed for Hermione at the thought of her own mother laying out her sexy little wedding knickers. She would avoid that at all costs when her time came. Ginny started setting out make up and hair products on the dressing table. She heard the faucet turn off and Hermione emerged from the bathroom a few minutes after. She had her hair wrapped in a towel and a pink fluffy robe secured around her. She didn't seem at all bothered that her mother had been handling her wedding knickers. Ginny and Mrs. Granger retreated down the hall to the Garden where the men were now transforming the setting for a wedding. Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Granger had provided strict instructions as to how they desired the final setting to look. They waved their wands and conjured items here, levitated them to there, and vanishing other items according to the instructions they received. After a few hours of changing minor details the women were happy. The garden was beautiful. The ceremonial area was facing the west so as to capture the setting sun behind the happy couple. Chairs covered in white adorned with black and pink bows were set in rows on either side of the aisle, which had a stream of white cloth with scalloped white lace edges. Lillies and pink roses were on each inner chair. A spray of Lillies, pink roses, baby's breath, and Queen Anne's lace was laid on the altar. Ivory grew on the tent, interlaced with lace and tule. Little tea lights floated above them. A line of candles floated behind the altar. This scene made Ginny yearn for the day of her own wedding.

Professor McGonagall followed shortly after by Bill, Fluer, Luna, and Neville. Luna and Neville brought their daughter Emilia with them. Her and Teddy were to be the flower girl and ring bearer. Ginny showed Luna and Fleur where the Bride's room was, instructing them they could dress there. She found Mrs. Granger and her own mother sitting in the den sipping on tea.

"Do you believe now would be a good time to do Hermione's hair and make up?"

"Yes, Ginny. I believe now would be a good time to start." The women headed up the stairs to assist the bride.

In the room they found the girls sitting around chatting nervously. Ginny could tell Hermione was a nervous wreck like Ron, only she did a better job of hiding it. "Come on Hermione. It's time to start taming those curls." Ginny announced with excitement. Hermione retreated to the dressing table. Ginny began brushing Hermione's hair and separating it into sections with clips.

"I can't believe this is finally happening!" Hermione squealed with delight. "Ron and I are finally starting our life together."

"The next step is grand babies!" Mrs. Weasley teased, causing Mrs. Granger to chuckle.

"My baby girl is all grown up now." Mrs. Granger said, her voice cracking.

"Mum! You can't be getting emotional already! I haven't even seen my dress yet!"

"Oh yes! Let's see the dress!" Luna coaxed.

Mrs. Granger walked over to the coat rack and unzipped the garment bag. She levitated the dress to the middle of the room and all the women gasped.

"Oh! Mummy! Look how pretty it is! Do I get to wear one!" Little three year old Emilia exclaimed at the site of the beautiful white dress.

"Yes, Emilia. One day you will get to wear one. That is, if your father ever allows it." Luna ran her fingers through the child's platinum blonde her, tugging at the tips of her ringlets. Ginny watched them spring back to place and wondered what her children would one day look like.

Hermione sat there with her lips parted and her eyes watering. She stood and wrapped her arms around her mother, suppressing a sob. "Mum, It's beautiful. Thank you!" Hermione's mother stroked her hair and kissed her on the cheek.

Ginny gazed at the beautiful dress longingly. The dress was sleeveless with white lace across the bodice. The skirt was trim, but flowed. Ginny liked how it was a large puff of tulle. Buttons lined the low back of the dress with a long train that flowed from beneath a bow under the last button. Scalloped lace accented the edge of the train. The long veil, also with scalloped lace edges, flowed from a small comb adorned with pearls.

Mrs. Weasley smiled before returning the dress to the coat rack. Hermione sat back down and Ginny began rolling her ringlets around her wand to smooth and preserve the curls. She pulled Hermione's hair half back and secured it with a pearl accented beret. As Ginny was finishing Hermione's hair, Mrs. Granger began her makeup. Ginny then began working on Luna's hair as Fleur in turn worked on Ginny's. Fleur's hair did not require too much attention. She placed two braids, one at beginning at each temple and braided them together where they met in the back. The group then finished their makeup and helped each other put on their jewelry. As the women worked they gossiped about the latest news. The conversation soon turned to Ginny.

"Ginny, do you have any romantic prospects?" Fleur innocently inquired.

Ginny blushed. "No, actually I don't." Her response was just above a whisper.

Sensing her disappointment and discomfort Fleur smiled and patted her on the shoulder. "It's okay. One day some lucky brave knight will come sweep you off your feet." Ginny tried to refrain from rolling her eyes. She did get lonely, but she was in no hurry to start a relationship. She wasn't sure what she really wanted anymore. Each day she felt more and more like the man she hoped for simply didn't exist. She was afraid her standards may be too high, but she didn't want to settle either.

"Your time will come Ginerva. I know it is frustrating seeing all your friends marrying their schoolmate sweet hearts, but you are a special breed of woman. You need more than just loyalty. You need someone who is powerful and stimulating on the mental level. There are wizards out there such as that." Mrs. Weasley encouraged.

"And… what did you say you call us.. Muggles?" Mrs. Granger asked tentatively. She continued when no one corrected her. "I don't know how you feel about marrying outside the wizard world, but there are many muggle men out there who are intelligent and would swoon over you."

Ginny thought about the paramedics she worked with. They were fun. Very fun. They were just as much of a tight knit "family" as many of the Griffyndors were in school. They loved each other, fought each other, and protected each other to no end. She couldn't see herself marrying any of them though. She looked upon them as being brothers, and some sisters, and they look upon her as being a sister. She let out an exasperated sigh, standing to put on her gown. She slipped on her heels and excused herself from the room. She had had enough gossiping and gushing compliments characteristic of a group of women in a celebratory mood. She did enjoy the company of other women, but having grown up around so many brothers and even preferred the platonic company of more men than women as she grew. This is also why she felt so comfortable as a paramedic. It would take some getting used to being around the finicky hen-like women when she began her work as a mediwitch.

She slinked down the hallway and knocked on the library door. She wished to see her brother, the groom, before the ceremony. "Come in!" She heard Harry call from the other side of the door. The men were sitting around sipping on firewhiskey talking politics when they weren't teasing Ron about his last few hours as a bachelor. She kissed her father on the head before walking over to her brother. He stumbled to his feet and sloppily wrapped his arms around her. She stumbled under his sudden unbalanced weight, causing her to roll her ankle as she lost her balance on her heels. She howled at the pain and felt herself falling. Harry jumped to his feet and caught her just before she hit. He set her upright and she winced as she tried to put weight on her right foot.

"Ron! You bloody git! What the hell is wrong with you!" Ginny fussed.

"I'm.. ss.. sorry Gin." Ron slurred.

"Oh my god's Ron! You are drunk! I can't believe this!" Ginny, leaning against Harry, stared her father down. He glanced at his feet and picked at his tuxedo. He knew he should have kept a closer eye on Ron, but he was drunk before anyone realized. They were hoping there was enough time for him to sober before the ceremony.

Harry helped Ginny to a lounger where she sat back and elevated her foot. "Crap! How am I supposed to walk down the aisle like this!" Her mediwitch skills were superb, but due to the pain she knew would be inflicted she didn't have the courage to heal herself.

"I will go fetch Professor McGonagall. Certainly she can heal you." Bill rose and exited the room. Ginny conjured a cold pack and placed it on her ankle. She was pretty sure that her ankle wasn't fractured, just sprained. If there was a fracture, it wasn't displaced so it should be an easier heal. Harry continuously pushed one glass of water after the other onto Ron, hoping to speed him up to sobriety. He knew that Hermione and Ginny both would kill him if Ron was still drunk during the ceremony.

After what seemed like hours to Ginny, Bill reappeared at the door of the library. He glanced at Ginny and explained "Professor McGonagall was very busy settling guests."

Ginny groaned in protest. "Did you tell her what is going on? I won't be in the wedding!"

"Miss Weasley… Perhaps I may be of some assistance to you?" A silky familiar voice purred. Professor Snape stepped past Bill in the doorway. Ginny's breath caught in her throat. He was… handsome! She had always had a little bit of a school girl crush on Professor Snape, but she was very certain that he was unaware of her existence. She was a good student. She made above average marks, but was not as impressive as Hermione. She didn't ask a lot of questions in class either. Why subject her to his degrading comments when Hermione could answer any questions she had about the material? Her eyes raked over her former potions master. He looked relatively healthy. He was still pale, but he had made several changes since she last saw him dead. His new haircut was the most obvious change. He was also wearing a tuxedo with shiny dress shoes, a bow tie and a cumber bun. His coat flattered his broad chest and narrow waist, and his slacks accented his long legs. She blushed when she realized her mouth was hanging open, and he smirked at her. Her heart fluttered in her chest.

"Well, Miss Weasley, would you care for my assistance in your unfortunate predicament or would you rather suffer?"

"Um.. yes.. yes sir. Thank you." Ginny stammered. God this is so embarrassing!

The professor strode across the room in a fluid motion and kneeled on the floor beside Ginny. He removed his wand from his sleeve and pointed it at Ginny's ankle. "May I?" He asked as his left hand hovered over her ankle. Ginny nodded permission and Professor Snape slid his hand under Ginny's bare calf to elevate it off the pillow on which it was resting. He muttered some words just under his breath and a soft white light wrapped around her ankle. "It's not broken, simply sprained. This will only take a second." Ginny felt a sudden pinch of pain shoot up her leg into her hip. She groaned and threw her head back, biting her lower lip to keep from crying. She tried to jerk her leg back, but Professor Snape threw his elbow across her knee preventing it from bending. The sharp pain dissolved into a dull ache before fading completely. She relaxed and let out a deep breath. She looked at Professor Snape to thank him, but her breath caught as she met his eyes. She had never seen a man look at her like that. His eyes seemed to be filled with longing. He had a slight curve to the corner of his lips, hinting at a smile. She thought she saw a blush before he broke eye contact and suddenly stood.

He offered his hand out to her. "Let's test out my skills as a mediwitch Miss Weasley." He purred smoothly. She took his hand and stood. She winced in expectation of pain, but was surprised when she had none. Not even a residual ache. She grinned up at him.

"Thank you!" She nodded and restrained herself from throwing her arms around him. She knew he would disprove if she had.

Get a hold of yourself Severus! What is wrong with you? You are an old man. She is a young woman! A very beautiful young woman, but still. Severus chastised himself internally for responding to Ginny as he did. He hoped she hadn't seen him gazing lustfully at her body. She had definitely matured into a woman opposed to the thin little girl he remembered. She had become a little thick. She wasn't necessarily fat, but had filled out. She had developed some nice round breasts that were accented by the black halter dress she wore. She had a nice round ass with thick hips to compliment it. She has a thin layer of fat that covered obviously muscular arms and a long elegant neck. He briefly pictured her naked, imagining the portrait of Marie-Louise O'Murphy, mistress of Louis XV of France. She looked like the type of girl who could hold her own. Severus liked that, not many young women accepted themselves as they were if it meant they had a little extra meat on their bones. He was not a fan of the most recent fad of women starving themselves to death in the effort to remain as thin as possible. Severus shifted uncomfortably as he hoped his arousal was not obvious to the room full of men. He glanced at the now snoring groom and snorted.

"Mr. Weasley over indulged himself in firewhiskey in an effort to calm his nerves, has he not?"

"Yes." Ginny growled in exasperation. Severus smirked and pulled a potion from his coat pocket.

"This will help restore his sobriety." He handed the potion to Harry, who still looked as if he had seen a ghost. Harry shook his head, deciding it best to keep his questions to himself. He had seen so much in his short life. He knew better than to think anything was impossible now. He shook Ron awake and handed him the potion.

"Is this more fire whiskey? I don't think I really want anymore…" Ron slurred.

"Mr. Weasley, it is not more firewhiskey. In fact it is to help reverse the exceeding amount of firewhiskey you have so selfishly partaken just hours before you are to give you life to the woman you love the most. Unless you feel as if she will be amused by your current ridiculous state I firmly suggest you drink the potion." Snape seethed through clenched teeth.

"Bloody hell! I am drunk! Harry this bloke sounds just like that greasy dungeon bat Snape!" He downed the potion. Harry cleared his throat.

Ron shook his head at the bitter tasting potion. He looked up at Professor Snape handing the empty vial back. "Thanks bloke. I am feeling better alre… Bloody Hell! Harry! It is Professor Snape!" Ron jumped up. He wasn't sure whether he should shake his hand or run. Snape sneered.

Professor McGonagall saved the day as she entered the library. "Gentleman, time has come for you to take your places down stairs accordingly." The men stood and exited the library patting each other on the back. Ginny Returned to the ladies dressing room, stealing one last glance at the potions master.

Back in the room with the other ladies Hermione sat on the edge of the bed listening to the chatter. Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Granger had left to be ushered to their designated seats as the pre-ceremonial circumstance. Fleur, Luna, and Hermione chattered together and took turns chasing little Emilia around. Ginny drifted off into thought. Her mind returned to Snape. He had gotten so sexy. She had felt herself moisten when he grasped her leg, and even despite the pain she felt a pang of arousal when he threw his arm across her leg to hold her still as he healed her. She knew she was going batty.

"What's wrong Ginny? You seem puzzled. Is something bothering you?" Luna, ever observant, knew something was up.

"Yes. I'm fine. I just saw Professor Snape though." Ginny admitted.

"It's okay Ginny. I see ghosts too sometimes. It isn't anything to worry about." Luna explained.

"Well, actually, he wasn't a ghost."

Hermione gasped. "What? How did he survive? We were at his funeral!"

"I don't know. Mum said it had been planned all along, but she wouldn't explain how."

A knock on the door and the presence of Hagrid announced it was time for the girls to line up down stairs in preparation to walk down the aisle.

A few minutes later Ginny was doing her best to walk gracefully down the aisle with a boquet of pink roses and white lilies. She was nervous with everyone staring at her. She reached her place at the altar and turned to watch Hermione make her way down the aisle. Everyone stood and turned towards the bride. She smiled when she saw her brother's reaction to seeing his bride for the first time that day. She glanced back towards Hermione, but her eyes stopped suddenly when she locked her gaze on Professor Snape. He was watching her. She felt herself flush again. Her knees went a little weak and her belly filled with desire. He smirked at her and gave her a wink before returning his gaze to the bride. Oh my god's! Did he just wink at me? I need to pinch myself because I think I have awoken in an alternate universe. I would love to see him naked, feel his hands on me. Running up my thigh and entering my wet core… feeling his breath in my ear and his lips on my neck. Pressing his hard cock against me. I would run my hand up his chest and kiss his nipple.

Professor Snape kicked himself. You fool! She is going to think you are a creep! You have got to quit drooling over her. Although, she looked as if she had enjoyed it. I wonder what she is thinking? Hmmm.. "Legilimens," He quietly murmered. He swam into her mind quietly reaching for her present thoughts.

His head seared with pain as his hit a proverbial brick wall. Oh no you don't Professor Snape! Are you really trying to read my thoughts?

How the bloody hell did you know? You prevented me from getting in your mind! I have never met anyone who could prevent me from entering their mind, aside from Albus.

Well professor, I myself have had quite a bit of time to study occlumency and legilimency myself.

I am impressed Miss Weasley.

McGonagall was speaking now. The ceremony had started.

Well if it means anything to you, you look absolutely stunning Miss Weasley. You have grown into quite an impressive young woman.

Uh… Well… Thank you Professor. You look rather nice yourself. Now get out of my head, and stop distracting me from my brother's wedding if you don't mind.

I will get out of your head, but I'm not promising I won't distract you.. She could hear the implications in his tone.

Ouch! Bloody Hell! Was the last she heard before she threw him out of her head.