Hey everyone, Siskie is back with another FMA story (hopefully you guys aren't getting sick of me writing these stories. I love FMA so a lot of my stories will be about it.)! This one is a bit different than some of my other stories ('cept I need to upload the other chapter story onto this account). This is a chapter story, it's rare I do these cause I normally don't have the concentration to write and FINISH one of those. However, I've been wanting to write this one for a while. So I'm just gonna say this right out, if any of you have played one of the FMA games (I'm so bad, I can't remember which T.T) there is this cut scene where Ed get's stabbed and this girl gives up her life to bring him back. I sorta took that idea BUT made it so that Mustang had to be the hero (I can't help I like RoyXEd...okay? It's a real problem...I need help. T.T lol). So...yeah. Hopefully you all will like it. Anyway, please R&R and most of all, enjoy the story! :)

Anime/Manga: FullMetal Alchemist

Rating: M (For safty reasons...I don't know where else this story will go ;D)

Couple: ...For this chapter...no one...later? Who knows.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST OR THE CHARACTERS! Cause if I did, let's face it, we all know who would be together! ;3

"Every story has sorrow, even the ones about a hero."

Edward scowled once more at Colonel Mustang, his brows twitching in annoyance. That was the third short joke in a minute! "Smug bastard must be trying for a new record or something!" Ed thought. Roy ruffled the boy's hair, "Oh cheer up FullMetal. I wouldn't tease you if I didn't care." The Colonel then strode forward, catching up with Alphonse so they were side by side.

Ed fell behind in step, watching as Al said something to make Mustang laugh. It was something that always brought a smile to his face, whether he liked it or not. It was so rare to see the man smile, yet alone laugh. It made him seem more human.

Ed clasped his hands behind his head, glancing up at the sky for a brief moment. It was the perfect weather out, not too hot or too cold. A bit chilly for summer in Central, however, it was welcomed. The slight breeze kept the penetrating heat off of Ed's automail, making it easier to function.

Ed smiled once more as he focused back on the two in front of him. Only he found himself starring into terrifyingly blue eyes. A hooded man blocked his path. He looked crazy, almost insane. He had an eerie smile, lop-sided and crooked with yellowing teeth, his eyes were blood shot and he reeked of sweat. Before Ed could react, he let out a gasp as something sharp hit his stomach. It continued through his abdomen, sending hot, red currents of pain through his body.

The hooded man smiled, "May God save your soul." He dropped the butcher knife from his hands just enough for Ed to see what hit him before he started to fall. He felt his knees hit first, more pain shooting up his right leg, then the cold of the concrete upon his face. What he wished he could not feel was the warm pool of his own blood beneath him.

He tried to cry out but blood bubbled in his throat. The taste of iron had always made him sick. He shut his eyes to the pain and prayed to a God he did not believe in anymore.

Then he heard it.


A.N.: I'm sorry Chapter One is...so...short (*cough* like Ed *cough*) but the rest of the story will be longer, I promise. I'm working on writing some really detailed scenes that might trip you out! XD Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you liked it! If you did, or didn't, please let me know!

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