I'm finally writing my first story, yay!

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At Lunch

Ring, ring; the alarm clock went off, Yakumo Taturo rolled over shut it off and sighed "Great, another school year, I'm so not excited". "Yakumo get up, its time to get up for school so you're not late on your day." She heard her dad call, Yakumo sighed again, got out of bed, got dressed(she could wear what she wanted because it was the only free- dress school in Japan), brushed her long brown hair, ate beakfast, and headed out the door. When she got to school, she put her books into her locker and headed off to her first class, science, her worst subject by far, two more classes went past and finally it was lunch time and today the Juniors and Seniors were eating with the 9th and 10th graders as they ocassionally did; after Yakumo got her food, she was looking for a place to sit when she happend to see a 9th grader sitting by herself looking lonely, Yakumo walked over and asked "may I sit here?" The girl looked up then said a barely audible "Yes." Yakumo sat down and asked "What's your name?" The girl looked at her and said "Phoebe." "Hello Phoebe, my name is Yakumo, so how do you like it here?" Yakumo asked, "It's ok I guess, definitly a lot different than were I come from." Phoebe said. "Really were is that?" Yakumo asked. "Well, Phoebe said, my parents decided we should move here from America so I could get experience with a different culture." "Really? Yakumo asked, that's really cool, but don't you miss you r friend at your old school?" No, Phoebe said, I didn't have any." "Wow. said Yakumo, shaking her head with pity; thats to bad." The two talked for the rest of the lunch period when the bell rang. "Well, I'll see you later Yakumo." "Yea, mabye I'll come find you after school and walk home." "Yea, sure, see you then." Phoebe said with a smile and hurried off to class. As yakumo was walking off to her class, she thought "I wonder why she didn't eat any of her lunch today." she thought it over until she got to her next class; little does she know that not eating her lunch and other odd behaviors later exibited by Phoebe will go deeper into the mystery and soon force her to reveal her secert.

Short, I know but I'm stretched for time, new chapter coming soon, stay tuned. HaHa, I rhymed... Bye.