Lann had spent a good couple of years in Colhen. The first few days he had arrived in Colhen, short upon his arrival in the Crimson Blades, he met Fiona. At first, the impression she gave off was that she was silent and serious. And for their first couple of missions, she showed off impressive strength that he didn't expect.

Time passed and he now saw that even the solemn Fiona cracked a small smile here and there. During battles, when he would often rush ahead and fly backwards limpy for thirty feet, Fiona would take care of his attacker and nurse him back to health. She never really admitted it, but she deeply cared for his wellbeing, and even though he was known to be the fastest dualswordman in Colhen, he never seemed to remember his defense was crappy.

Sometimes, he would try to make her smile (and even laugh once or twice) when they got back to Colhen just to savor the looks of jealousy thrown at him from his other male comrades. Even Marrec mentioned that Fiona was stunning, and sometimes Lann took advantage of her beauty just to feel special.

A year or two after the two had been partners, a young bubbly mage joined their team. Evie was new to Colhen, but even so she learned quickly after Lann and Fiona walked her through the Perilous Ruins and Hoarfrost Hollow. After she was skilled enough to go to Ainle (even though they technically weren't allowed there at the time) she was a force to be reckoned with, and even Lann was nervous around her blasts of fire and shards of ice. Evie often teased him about it and performed those moves near him just to see him jump and cower away from her. He often hid behind Fiona, and sometimes she'd move out of the way, not wanting to be bothered with the silliness.

Of course, the mage was a big help and the three were getting stronger and stronger. Evie healed them with her Healing Corona when needed and the erg crystals she made from random jugs or vegetables saved their lives multiple times. And, like Fiona, he didn't mind showing Evie off either. Lann couldn't be any happier with his little team.

But of course, he became happier with his team after the giant Karok came to town. Towering over all other mercenaries, it was nearly impossible to not notice him. When he first joined the Crimson Blades, Lann thought that a giant with muscles like his would be a great addition. He offered to help Karok around, hoping to share a bond that Evie shared with Fiona.

Evie and Fiona (99.99% of the time, it was Evie) talked to each other about their problems. Problems that they didn't mention in front of Lann. He found that a little aggravating, but with Karok quickly stepping up his game, he found himself a friend he could trust for the years to come. Karok made him feel at ease; he enjoyed seeing the fear in the Fomors' eyes when they see Karok swinging his massive bone breaking pillar around like it was a stick

Four. Yes, the four of them had countless memories together and countless missions that they carried out. The happiness of realizing that they were still alive, the agony of losing Ellis in Ainle, the fear of losing one another, the hope they all held for Erinn...they all shared it and their bonds were unbreakable.

Lann thought that life was good. He thought that the four of them would always be friends and no one else could take their friendship away.

And then...Kai came.