Author's Note: LOVE Liason. LOVE Elizabeth. But...Jason and Sam have been driving me insane so this is purely to torture both of them.

JaSam fans beware. Not friendly to either Jason or Sam. Fear not...Jason will be redeemed...soon enough.

Sam, on the other hand, will probably die.

If the writer's want to pick favorites, so will I and I choose Elizabeth! Someone has to.

He's just gotten good news.

News that had to be the best he's gotten in such a long time.

A part of him felt like it wasn't fair to be so happy about it after losing his son.

But Sam needed this news and, to be frank, so did he.

After many many months of darkness and heartache, he needed to have something good.

Something that he could hold onto. Something he could hope for.

As he sits there holding tight to her, he knows he'll have to tell his son's mother.

Jason wasn't looking forward to that visit.

He wasn't looking forward to telling her that he was having a child with Sam.

That he was having a child with Sam that will be in his life.

A child that will grow up with him as a father and a child that he won't push away.

No. He wasn't looking forward to that visit at all.

He remembers all the emotions that ran through him when she admitted she was pregnant with his child.

The world froze around him.

He no longer cared that they were in an elevator on the basement floor of a building whose lobby just exploded.

He was frozen to the moment that the words escaped her lips.

Lucky's not the father of this are.

You are. Simple words, but words that swallowed him whole.

Now he's the father of Sam's child and they're married.

Something he and Elizabeth never got to be.

How was he supposed to tell her any of this?

He knows he has to. It wouldn't be fair otherwise.

Elizabeth deserved to hear it from him before it got around town.

If nothing else, they were at least friends.

And he owed her the courtesy of telling her face to face.

"Can you believe this?" Sam's voice breaks through his thoughts. "We're finally having a baby. Franco's gone and now he can no longer plague our lives."

"Yeah." Jason whispers, a strange feeling stuck in his gut, Franco's last words echoing through his head.

My finale will be the beginning of something worse for you.

If I'll never know what really happened. You'll never know why I came into your life.

You'll never know. Can you live with that?

"It's over." he assures, but still has doubts. "It's over."

The woman that haunted his every thought since hearing he is the father, is now sitting down in her living room.

She's finally gotten her boys to sleep and it was time for her to just relax.

Something that Dr. Ewan Keenan advises her to do.

Well he advises she gets back into her passion for art, but one thing at a time.

As she gets comfortable in the plushness of her chair, a knock sounds at the door.

"Who could that be?" she wonders aloud, checking the clock before walking over to the door.

It's pretty late to be having visitors.

At first she thinks its her unofficial therapist or even Matt Hunter, but when she pulls open the door she finds its neither.

"Can I help you?" she hears herself say as she looks over the man before her.

He's fairly small for a man.

Almost like Spinelli, but weirder.

His hair is wind blown all over the place.

His eyes gave her a strange wary feeling in the pit of her stomach.

He just wasn't someone she'd want near her children.

"My apologies for arriving at such a late hour." the man spoke, his voice contradicted his appearance. It was deep and firm. "Had Mr. Jason Morgan decided to kill my client at an earlier hour, I'd have been here at a decent time."

The mention of Jason had her even more wary.


Jason killed someone?

"Who are you?" she asks, not knowing what else to say.

"Nigel Busybottom." he says matter-of-factly.

Did he know his name was kind of weird too?

"I am the attorney at law of the artist known as Franco." he explains, pulling out his card and handing it to her. "I can understand your shock, but these proceedings must be done in privacy."

Elizabeth stared at the card.


The same son of a bitch that took Aiden from the hospital?

Why would she want anything to do with that man or his attorney?

"If Jason killed Franco, I'm sure he deserved it." Elizabeth heard herself say, though she felt compelled to hear out the man. "I cannot allow you to walk into this house."

"Wait." the man stopped her from closing the door. "What if I said that Franco wasn't what he seemed and I just might be able to bring your son Jake back to you?"

That caught her interest.

Slowly pulling the door back open she eyes him intently.

"My son is dead." Elizabeth's voice firm, but her hope flaring a little. "No one can bring him home to me."

"What if I told you that you just might be able to?" the man pressed on. "What if I told you that he wasn't really dead and if you follow Franco's instructions to the letter you will get him back?"

"Talk fast." Elizabeth stepped aside and allowed the man to walk in.

Elizabeth listened as the man spoke, taking the large manila envelope from him, as he explained everything to her.

How he could possibly explain Franco to where she understood was beyond her, but he did it.

Why Franco took Aiden also made sense, as crazy as that is, it really did make sense.

His reasons for taking Jake were a little out there, but she could also see the logic in it.

God help her because she understood a man as crazy and mentally unstable as Franco.

"There's only one rule to all of this." the lawyer said firmly. "Jason Morgan is to have no part in it. None at all. Understood?"

"I follow these instructions and I get my son back, right?" Elizabeth had to be sure. "I will get him back, won't I?

"Follow Franco's instructions and your son will be returned to you safe and sound." the lawyer vowed. "Not a single scratch on the blonde boy. Have I made myself clear?"

"Crystal." she says, showing him the door. "Jason will have no part of this."

"Good." the man stepped out of the house. "I will aid you as much as I can, but this is your journey. Good luck Ms. Webber...and Godspeed."

Closing the door and locking down the house, Elizabeth takes the manila envelope upstairs to her room.

Once she's inside she dumps the contents onto the bed before pulling out the DVD and putting it into her player.

As it started to play, Elizabeth's mouth drops open.

Her son. Clearly aged a little, his hair longer than she usually allows it to grow, but it was him.

Staring right back at her on the screen.

He's alive.

Now all she had to do was get him back.

And finish Franco's twisted little game.