(this a after Caelan was killed by Fletcher)

While in the infirmary Nye instructed some nurses and then entered. He told me hold move in certain areas to see if there was pain luckily there wasn't. even though skulduggery is missing I've been getting texts from him talking about news here he doesn't tell me where he is nor what he's doing. I found a way to track him down, using his number and an application on my phone I've been able to find the country where he's in. he been in whales for the past few days and those days corresponds with the days he's left. At least its something. Ever since tesseract and the remnants attacked us, there has been a feeling that's been growing inside of me. Next time I see him ill confess that I've kind of had a crush on him since then. But it went away and then slowly returned after he told me his secret.


I don't think I can ever forgive what china did to me. She lead my wife and child to their deaths, in front of me. All that rage, betrayal and anger had been building in me I used that unbridle rage on Serpine. Once it left I had nothing to focus on accept on cases and training Stephanie (Valkyrie). While trapped in the other dimension for 11 months I could swear this is the madness talking I have feelings for val. I was about to admit this to her in a series of clever comments but with all that pressure I couldn't decide what to do so I fled. Its not my character but china is my sister, ValKyrie is my (more than) close friend. What could I do, kill my sister? I may be some what ruthless but I do have a consciences and a heart (metaphorically speaking). I've been in touch with Val I have a good feeling she knows where I am knowing her.


A few hours later and I'm fully heeled, thanks to Nye. I recently got a text from skul, he says he wants to talk to me about something. I'm pretty sure he knows where to meet, at the pier. Unfortunately Fletcher has to stay a little longer so I guess I'm taking a cab, again. 30 minutes passed and the cab should have been here by now. Luckily for me I can get Tanith to-, wait she's a remnant. Um.. Ghastly? No, at the sanctuary. Damn I would ask china but I'm not sure I want to see her by now… it's worth a shot.

"hello? Who's this?"

"it's ValKyrie Cain, vendetta is that you?"

"ya its me, Val Kyrie, china's dead she was killed 4 days ago. I'm sorry."

"who did it? Why wasn't I notified? Why do you have her cell? And what are you doing there?"

"I..we don't know. I was about to contact you, but you called. I'm at the crime scene doing a search of the area."

Oh, no this must be what skul is gonna tell me!

Finally! The cab arrived. Hopefully traffic isn't bad. I got at the pier the first thing I see is the Bentley and in it is a thin, tall, cute guy in a peacock green tux with matching gloves and bowler hat. I get in and his façade is up but then is flows away revealing a chalk white skull underneath.

His first words where…. I don't know what they were, I couldn't remember because I was greeted with not words but a hug. A sweet and bony hug.

His next words were, "I've missed you".


I tapped my collar bone when Valkyrie got in. I was so glad to see her. Even more glad than when she found me in the other deminsion, though I did think she was a ghastly hallucination at the time. With my over whelming emotion, I hugged her. It was kinda hard to do that since we were in the car, sitting, with seat belts on. I felt it was the right time to confess.

"um… Val Kyrie?"


"I have to tell u something. I-"

Before I could finish she said.

"I know what you're going to say"

If I had skin I swear I would be blushing! Good thing I don't.

"so you understand?"

"yes, don't worry we'll find you a way out"

What did she just say?

"what way?"

"you killed china. didn't you?"

She should know me better than that!

"what? I was gone for 4 days and you saw me leave from the scene and knowing you, you probably found me sooner or later!"

"that's true Vendetta only informed me minutes after I got your text"

"wait. Who's vendetta?"

"oh, vendetta dare is the newest guard, she's pretty cool and she really wants to meet you. Ok since you for-surely didn't kill china. Than who did."

"I don't know. But first we should clear my name. joy…"


Thank god he didn't kill china, but then who did? During our conversation I swear he was confessing the crime, or was he confessing something else? My stomach is flipping non-stop. What do I say? 'I'm sorry I didn't trust you', 'so how are we gonna convince that your inocent?', or maybe this 'skul, ever since the remnant attack I have had a crush on you. And im truly sorry I didn't believe you.' I think the best would had been option 3. But I went with both but option 3.

"hey, I'm really sorry I didn't trust you. So now how do we prove your inosence?"

"it's ok but I think it's kinda creepy that you tracked me down with a .99 app. And I have no clue. Hmmm."

" again, sorry and the app was free. Heh."

"so I guess we should go to ghastly before any one else and on the way you can *sigh* introduce me to ms. Dare"

"sounds good"


I was totally worrying what ghastly would say to me and what was going to happen. I guess meeting a new person will be the the highlight at the sanctuary.

We arranged to meet ghastly unfortunately he had to give up his time to meet us and not finding tanith.

"what the hell are you doing back here! Since were best friends im not going to put you in custody. Right now you're the prime suspect."

"we kinda got that by now."

"so ghastly, should we be worried about our jobs?

"val if I were you I would be worried about your life! You wouldn't even be safe even in sactuary protective custody. Skul you have crossed the line. If they find u guilty, you would be going to gaol and ValKyrie will be *whisper* suppressed and* returning to her normal life."

"ghastly im not 12 anymore in fact im going to be 18 next month. So what did u say?"

"good point. I said you would be surpressed, meaning we would erase only your memories of being a dectective and an elemental along with never seeing any of us ever again."

I could see Val Kyrie's fear.