I wanted to do a story with Wonder Woman and an original character. All I own in this story are my original characters, everything else belongs to DC. This story exists in the pre-reboot time…for those who actually read the comics. In fact, it's sort of pre-Wonder Woman too. Just a heads up, thoughts are italicized.

Diana thought it would be nice to take a late-night ride. She knew her mother would not approve but she couldn't resist. Diana knew the guards wouldn't say anything because her wrath could be just as bad as her mothers. She grabbed her favorite horse Argo from the stables and took off for the beach. It was a full moon that night…and a red moon. Diana wasn't superstitious, not even in the slightest but something about that red moon made her nervous. It reminded her of the color of blood. And even though she had never been in battle she knew that it matched the blackness blood seems to take during a slaughter. Her mother made sure that Diana knew exactly what blood looked like in battle. There were enough paintings and scrolls in the library to make sure of it. As Argo and Diana strolled on the beach, Argo began to act up.

"Shhh, it's alright girl. Look, it's just a pile of seaweed." A few meters from Diana and Argo was a large pile of slimy, dark green seaweed. "Shhh, it's okay girl, it's okay." Just as Argo began to calm down, the sounds of trumpets could be heard from the inner-wall. "That's the intruder signal. Come on Argo, let's go!" Diana took off back the way she came from and rode towards the palace. If only she would have taken a closer look at that seaweed, she might have seen the hand sticking out on the other side of it.


"What is it mother?"

"An intruder Diana. The guards say they saw an outline of a man on the beach."

"A man?"

"Yes my dear, a man, and a rather large one at that. Artemis, come here!" Artemis had been directing the palace guards to stay in place in case the intruder made it to the palace. She had just come upstairs to check on Diana (obviously unaware that she snuck out to take a ride) when the queen called her over.

"Yes Queen Hippolyta?"

"Have you received any word about the intruder?"

"No my queen, I'm afraid all I've heard is what the guards have originally told me."

"And what is that?" asked Diana.

"The man was large and appeared to be wrapped in something. The guards think it to be chains."

"How did he get on the island?" asked the queen.

"He walked on it. He walked right out of the water and onto the island." Diana asked another question.

"Do you think it is a minion of Poseidon or Hades?"

"I don't know princess, but I will find out."

"Artemis," said the queen. "Go and check on the stables and menagerie. There are many places to hide in there."

"Yes my queen." Artemis doubted he would be in the menagerie considering it was a part of the palace. But she knew better than to argue with her queen. As soon as Artemis was gone, Hippolyta turned to her daughter.

"Diana, I would feel better if you were to stay in my chambers tonight. An intruder hasn't been spotted on this island in over three-hundred years."

"Yes mother." The two of them heard shouting from outside. Diana moved to go check on what had happened but Hippolyta stopped her.

"No Diana, let the guards handle it. I think it would be best if we stay out of this situation." Diana was disappointed she would not be getting in on the action but her mother was right. "Come Diana let us go back to bed. We will deal with things in the morning."


When the last horse passed her, Katherine slowly pushed the seaweed off of her. From what she could tell, she was on the beach of some island. The beach ran long in either direction but luckily there was a forest in front of her. When she was sure the guards wouldn't be turning around, Katherine darted for the trees. She stumbled several times as she ran across the sand but made it nonetheless. The run had exhausted her so she moved a few steps into the woods then sat down. As she rested, the guards made their way back up the beach. She couldn't dare take a peek in case one of them spotted her, but she did listen in. She was too weak to hear identify specific words, but she could identify the voices. Funny, but Katherine could have sworn there wasn't a male voice amongst them. "I'm on an island where they still ride horses and the guards are women. What the heck is this?" When the guards moved on, Katherine pushed herself off the ground. Just as she stood up completely her whole world went black.


"Queen Hippolyta, may I enter?" said Artemis from the other side of Hippolyta's bedroom door.

"You may" Artemis opened the door then quietly stepped into her queen's chambers. "Try to keep this brief Artemis. Diana is still asleep and I wish not to wake her."

"Of course my queen." Artemis followed Hippolyta out of her bedroom and onto the balcony. Artemis made sure to close the balcony doors as silently as possible.

"Now, we may speak. What news do you have of the intruder?"

"I'm afraid none, my queen. Since his last spotting on the beach, we have not been able to locate him anywhere."

"Are you sure you looked everywhere?"

"This is a big island, we still have guards searching. But we have cleared the beach, the northern woods, the palace and its surrounding greenery as well as the northern pools. Right now, we are in the midst of clearing the mountains and the rest of the forest. But there is still a lot to look through my queen."

"I understand. Keep me updated if you find anything else."

"Yes Queen Hippolyta."


When Katherine finally came to, it was already late in the day. She was very weak and it would only be a matter of time until the guards found her on their island. She needed to move, and she needed to find food and water. If Ryker found her in this state, he would easily be able to kill her. Katherine reached for the lowest branch on a tree she was leaning on and used it to pull herself up to a standing position. Her legs were shaky but at least she wasn't blacking out. Using the trees as support, Katherine made her way deeper into the forest.

As she moved, Katherine sniffed the air for water. She could smell how dry the air was around her; there was no water anywhere near her. Well, at least my natural senses haven't completely given out on me, she thought. She pushed her way past bushes and vines in search for something to eat. I'm in no shape to take down a deer or anything like it. I need to find fruit, berries, something edible. As Katherine kept moving, she picked up the sounds of voices coming behind her. Great, it's those guards. And I'm bleeding all over the place, they're bound to find me. Unsure of what to do, Katherine carefully climbed a nearby tree; doing her best to not get blood on it. This was of course after she wiped her blood on some trees across the way from her. If she was lucky, this would throw off the guards.


Diana knew she would be in trouble if she was caught, but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was use her Amazon abilities to capture this intruder. So far, she had been following a group of guards carefully while on their mission. If they discovered her following them, then they would be forced to escort her back to the palace. Her goal was not to waste time but to help the guards in case they missed anything. They may be great Amazonian warriors, but none of them had been trained like Diana had been.

After patrolling for an hour, the guards found an interesting spot just a few steps from where the forest and beach meet. There was blood everywhere. Whoever had been there had lost a lot of it. According to one of the guards this person should be nearby, but after moving down the trail for another half an hour nothing had been found. When they were a good distance from the original spot, they found another section of the woods where the blood seemed to head towards the palace…then disappear. The guards worried the bleeder caught on that they were leaving a trail and fixed themselves up. From that point, the guards began to move quickly towards the palace. Diana was a good 50 feet behind them when she knew something was off. It doesn't make any sense. If they had kept going in the direction they were already heading, then they would have been to the southern pools in no time. Then again, whoever this person is, they have no knowledge of the layout of this island.

Before Diana moved from her spot to continue following the guards, there was rustling in the trees; oddly enough, where the bleeder changed direction. Diana watched as a woman slowly made her way down a tree and to the ground. She was covered in dirt and blood from head to toe. As the woman moved away from the tree, she fell on her hands and knees. Diana didn't know whether to pity the woman or take her prisoner. This couldn't be the intruder spotted on the northern beach. Nevertheless, this woman was also an intruder and needed to be dealt with accordingly.


Katherine waited until the guards were a good way off before getting down from the tree. As soon as her feet hit the ground she fell. It would only be a matter of time before she would black out again. She could smell the small increase of moisture in the air; there was water nearby. Maybe a river, maybe a pond, Katherine didn't care. All she knew was that she was going to pass out again if she didn't get any food or water soon. Before Katherine was even a few feet away from the tree, she could pick up the sound of feet. They were faint but it was obvious to her that someone was following. I probably look so bad this guard doesn't even know what to do with me. Katherine knew she wouldn't be able to take them, so she would appeal to them.

"Alright, I know you're there. You can come out now." Katherine turned around and waited for this person to come out of hiding. Katherine's eyes were starting to fail because when the figure made their way out of the trees, she still couldn't get a good look at them. Not that it mattered, she blacked out before they took another step.