For the sake of confusion, from here on out whenever Katherine speaks to Diana or the others she's speaking Greek but it will be in English. By the way, Ryker is British; from Manchester to be specific and so you can get an idea of how he sounds accent-wise. Katherine has an American accent.

Word of the strange girl waking up reached Hippolyta before Diana did. Queen Hippolyta was curious about the girl. According to Epione she should be dead but that's obviously not the case. The queen planned to find out who this girl was and why she was on the island. Hippolyta waited for her daughter in the throne room with Artemis and Phillipus at her sides. It has been quite a day and the queen knew it was about to get longer.

"Mother!" Diana rushed into the throne room, stopped and bowed, then sprinted up to her mother. "Mother I have news."

"Calm down Diana, I know. The grape-vine, sadly, moves faster than you. Now, take me to the girl. Artemis, stay here and watch over the others. Phillipus, come with me." Both generals nodded and silently did their duties.

Queen Hippolyta, Diana, and Phillipus walked out of the throne room and headed down the stairs to the courtyard. While they walked, Hippolyta noticed how Diana was clenching and unclenching her fists.

The queen placed a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "Diana, relax. The girl is not going anywhere."

"How-" The queen looked down at her daughter's hands and Diana's eyes followed. "Oh. Sorry mother, it's just…there is something about her. She speaks many languages, including our own, and she's beautiful and…"

"New?" said the queen with a smile.

Diana nodded. "Yes. And her name is Katerina."

"Good, you know her name. Don't forget it. I feel this girl will be on our island for a while." She needs to be if we are to figure out who this male intruder is.


Epione sat down on the bed opposite of Katherine's and had been staring at her since Diana left. I wish she would leave. She's really starting to freak me out.

"Is there something you want healer?" asked Katherine. The corner of Epione's mouth curled up.

"The name is Epione. And no, I just want to make sure you stay safe." Katherine's brow scrunched up.

"He's on the island, isn't he?" Epione's smile disappeared.

"How did you-"

"Epione!" Running into the infirmary was a young dark-skinned woman covered in blood.

"In the name of the goddesses, what happened to you Io?" Io stopped at the foot of Katherine's bed and tried to catch her breath.

Io tried to speak in-between her gulps of air. "The…the man…he caught some guards…by surprise…I saw…the south beach…tried to stop…too late…mostly…dead. Epione I…the hurt." Epione looked at Katherine who was sitting up in her bead. The same look of fright was in both of their eyes. In a fraction of a second, Epione went into war mode. She called some assistants to help with Io then rushed out the door, taking six others with her to the beach to look for survivors, if there were any.

Katherine lied in bed and watched the women around her get prepared for the dead and wounded. She noticed how no one was attending to Io. Slowly, she got up and picked up the pitcher of water and a pile of cloth on a nearby table, and shuffled over to Io. Io had her eyes clothes, but they opened as soon as Katherine started to clean her up; starting with the arms.

"I'm not injured, you don't have to do that." Katherine kept on with her work but smiled softly.

"I know, but I can't just lie there and watch everyone else bustle around. I need to feel useful." Io smiled at the blonde.

"You're that girl Princess Diana found." Princess huh? Thought so.

"Yes, you can call me Katerina." Io raised an eyebrow while Katherine tossed a bloody cloth in a basket and started cleaning Io's other arm with a new one.

"That can't be your name." Katherine paused for a second then went on with her work.

"Why not? I think it's a wonderful name."

"You're right, it's a nice name but it's not yours. So why use it?" Katherine looked Io right in the eyes, as if she was trying to see into her soul.

"My real name is Katherine." Io let the name roll around in her head a few times before trying it out.

"Cath-rin…odd name. Where are you from?" Katherine grabbed a new cloth and scooted down the bed to start washing Io's legs.

"A little bit of everywhere. I was born in a place called America, but I've lived all over the world. I've been living in America for twenty-five years straight now."

"Where's America?" Katherine tossed the blood-soaked cloth and grabbed a third one to finish off Io's legs.

"Across the ocean and opposite the lands of Britannia and Gaul."

Io's eyes got wide. The thought that Katherine could be from a land that no one knew existed was amazing. When Katherine tossed the final cloth, Io grabbed her arm and motioned her to get closer. Katherine was only a few inches from Io when she whispered into her ears.

"Tell me Cath-rin, you are from the world of the Patriarch I take it. What year is it?"

"Io!" Io let go of Katherine.

"My queen!" Io looked scared. Katherine on the other hand crossed her arms and leaned on her left leg. It caused her a bit of pain but she didn't let it show. So, this is the one in charge. She's beautiful.

Queen Hippolyta peered at both of the women then focused her attention on Io. "Io, you seem to be without injury. Please go with Phillipus and tell her what you saw." Io nodded her head rapidly then slid off the bed and followed Phillipus out of the infirmary. The queen finally looked at Katherine who was staring right back at her. Diana rushed to Katherine's side and placed a hand on the shorter woman's shoulder.

"Mother, meet Katerina." Katherine smirked at Diana's attempt to diffuse the tension in the room. "Katerina, this is my mother, Queen Hippolyta." Katherine's smile fell. Queen Hippolyta? The Queen Hippolyta? Oh, I am so dead.


Ryker let out the breath he was holding as soon as the last of the guards ran past him. He didn't want this, those guard on the beach weren't supposed to find him. Now they were dead. This is all Katherine's fault. She should have just come with me willingly or at least let me kill her. Ryker looked around from his spot in the tree at the rest of the forest and beyond. He could just see the tip of a building on the other side of a mountain. It would be night soon. As soon as the sun set he would move.

I'm sorry that these chapters keep getting shorter and shorter. I'll make up for it next time. :]