Disclaimer note:

I do not own any of the Starcatchers characters or anything from the books that belongs to the authors of the series: Dave Barry, and Ridley Pearson. I don't own Disney World either. Basically, I don't not claim at all to have been the one to come up with the Starcatchers series.

The main plot in story is my own idea though.

I hope that's said everything.


One year earlier; Disney world, after closing time:

Lester Armstrong was waiting outside the Haunted Mansion ride. He hated that their meeting had to be there of all places! Why couldn't it have been outside Small World ride! He didn't know what, but something about that ride always gave him the creeps. The parked had just closed for the night but Armstrong had connections with someone who let him in. He stared up at the animatronic raven that perched on the roof of the mansion. It peered down at him with it's beady red eyes. It was almost as if the bird was actually watching him!

"Nonsense!" he thought. Armstrong saw a dark figure appear out of the shadows behind the building. The man was a security guard. He felt a sudden chill as he always did when he met with the strange man.

"You're late!" he said in a deep voice that made Armstrong tremble.

He nodded and said "Yes, I'm sorry I was-"

"I do not need your excuses!"roared the man. He glared at Armstrong. "I need information," the man continued, "Has it been found yet?"

Armstrong reluctantly answered, "No sir." He quickly added. "But we'restill working on it."

"You had better be! Need I remind you it is imperative that it be found soon."

Armstrong nodded. "But what about the boy?"

The man glanced across the park."I will take care of the boy."

Again Armstrong nodded.

"Now go!"

Armstrong turned to leave.

"Mr. Armstrong, you'd better not disappoint me." he said in a deep moaning voice.

"I won't," he said over his shoulder, his voice lacking confidence.

When Armstrong had gone, the raven that sat atop of the building flew down and landed on the security guard's shoulder.