Ch1. Uninvited party guest

"Dad?" A tiny voice is heard amongst a sea of ninja.

Naruto Uzumaki, now 23, is celebrating his birthday with a group of his friends.
Ninja from all throughout the land have gathered, some from Sunagakure, such
as Temari, Kankuro and the village's own Kazekage, Gaara have made an

However Naruto is almost annoyed that not everyone can be here, as there
were still many people he wished could come, but he had to send them on
missions. Many of his friends were now Jounin and were getting their own teams
to train, look after and take on missions. Sasuke was no exception.

During the 4th Great Shinobi War, Sasuke had ended up aiding Naruto to defeat
the masked man by the name of 'Tobi' along with a sum of the enemies. After the
war had ended Sasuke was imprisoned for a year but Tsunade worked hard to
get him set free early, and even reinstated as a Konoha ninja. Once reinstated,
he was immediately bumped up to Jounin level. Shortly after he was provided a
team, he made re-arrangement to his own priorities. He began to focus more
solely on reviving his clan.

As the next generation began to surface others in their group had started dating
and such. As far as Naruto knew, Temari and Shikamaru had begun dating.
Shikamaru would complain that long distance relationships can be 'such a drag'
but says it's worth it, as girlfriends that are in the same village feel too clingy and
can be more 'troublesome' than their worth.

Sasuke even seemed to take an interest in Sakura, and Sakura had definitely
reciprocated his feelings. Naruto considered they may be dating and found himself
happy for them.

Tenten and Neji seemed to be dating, and Neji looked genuinely happy when he
was with her. It was also as if they shared a common hatred for someone or
something, but Naruto couldn't tell what it was.

Ino had even seemed to have someone of interest. Naruto couldn't tell who, as
she was keeping it secret, and when Ino wants something secret it generally
stays that way.

Despite all practical jokes, Naruto thought this one to be going too far.

He looked at the small girl in front of him. She has blue eyes, as deep as the sea
and probably capable of giving the biggest puppy dog look. Her hair is a sunshine
blonde that has been left to grow long, and tied into two long ponytails with her
fringe cut across her forehead and bangs on either side of her face. Her top is a
pale orange hoodie with the Uzumaki swirl on the back and she has the sleeves
folded up to her elbow. Her pants are a pair of black three-quarters with the
typical ninja gear accessories and ninja footwear. Lastly, worn on her forehead
is a miniature version of the leaf ninja headband.

"Uhh… Who are you?" Naruto stares the girl in the eyes as she cheerily responds.

"Your daughter, and your my dad!" She beams a massive grin at him.

"And how exactly, little girl; Am I your father?" Naruto raises an eyebrow. The
girl looks a tad confused for a moment. Then frowns and says.

"I asked mummy but she says she won't tell me until I'm older…" Naruto blushes
a bit at the thought. Being with the pervy sage meant he knew exactly what the
girl's mother wasn't saying. The girls ear perks up.

"Maybe you can tell me where babies are made?" Naruto blushes as the whole
room goes quiet with intent on listening to how he'll handle the kid's question.

"Uhh… Perhaps you had better just wait till your mother tells you… Speaking of
which, why don't you go home to her?" But the girl only shakes her head.

"Because I wanted to meet daddy." He sighs.

"How can you be so sure I'm your dad?" He stares into her clear blue eyes and
sees specks of another colour.

"You're the only person mummy ever talks about. And mummy says you're the
only one she would 'be' with" The girl using air quotes on the word 'be'.

Naruto then notices everyone begin to leave, out of awkwardness or respect
he wasn't sure. But the kid remained. He sighed and together they took a
seat on his couch. Naruto then asked the next question. "So, what's your
name then?"

"Hana, but my mummy calls me Usagi because I'm like a bunny" Naruto nods
then thinks of reasons why she might be called that. Things like her appearance
and innocence came to mind.

"And, when were you born, Hana?"

The girl shrugs, then says

"Mummy told me I was born when you were away from the village and I was
also born away from the village. Mummy told me she sometimes hoped you
would find us and be happy with us. But we ended up moving back here
because mummy wanted me to know you but she also warned me not to
leave the house to find you…" Then, Hana stopped talking and looked at him.
He nodded and finished.

"But you wanted to meet me so you went against your mother's words and
came to see me, huh?" The girl nodded and smiled a little.

With the child's explanation Naruto figured she must have meant the time
that he had been gone for a few years after Tsunade's death. After he had
returned he was quickly made the Hokage as instructed in Tsunade's will. It
was the only thing he could think of that fitted. Doing some small calculations
made the kid to be about four to five years of age. Naruto let the kid stay in
his room for the night while he took the couch. Lying on the sofa he finds
himself thinking back to the events that led up to such an unusual