Ch12. Training's peak! Training Pt.2

Naruto woke to the comforting smell of lavender. It was surprising to him how sweet and comfortable it was. The light cascading from the cracks in the curtains beamed across his deep red cotton bedcovers. Yawning and stretching his arms above his head he opened his eyes in time to see Hana scampering across the hallway's floorboards to come to a screeching halt at his bedroom door. Her face was beaming a brightly lit smile.

"Mum's cooking breakfast"

Naruto blushed, still not used to Hinata, shy, quiet Hinata; being called a mother. Naruto fumbled a response of "I'll be down soon" and then waved his hand to Hana. She promptly turned, closing the door to his room so that he could get dressed.

In front of the stove, Hinata glared at the pot. Dammit. Watching it boil the noodles for Naruto's ramen was taking too long. It was rare for Hinata to be so grouchy in the morning but she wanted to hurry. She wanted to be spending her time with Naruto and Hana, not cooking.

Hana came zooming in, Naruto only moments behind her. Hinata turned from the pot to see Naruto wearing a somewhat energetic face and Hana grinning like no tomorrow. At the thought of tomorrow, Hinata felt a small sharp pain in her chest. She clenched her teeth and squeezed her eyelids shut in a painful grin. Obliviously, Naruto overlooked her faintly masked pain. Hana noticed.

"What's in the pot?" Naruto said, peeking over Hinata's shoulder at the pot of noodles.

"N-Naruto…" Hinata squeaked. Embarrassedly she placed the lid back over the pot, the lid fogging over too quickly for Naruto to see. This piqued Naruto's interest further.

"What is it?" He sniffed.

"Is it..." His eyes snapping open widely.

"D…-Dad!" Hana huffed. She scowled to her father then smiled lightly to her mother. Hinata returned the smile. Naruto recoiled from the pot and withdrew from the kitchen altogether to sit at the dining table.

"I-it's a surprise." Hinata blushed lightly checking the noodles. They were finally done.

Bored, Hana joined Naruto at the table. Naruto found himself staring at the bamboo placemat, blankly thinking of his empty stomach. He looked up to see Hana. Her little blonde pigtail's tied evenly on each side of her head, he remembered whenever he tried to do her hair she would complain that they weren't straight. He knew she was right. He could tell how much of a difference having Hinata in her life had changed her, even though it had only been such a short time. His thoughts drifted on how much more lively his life was now that Hana was around.

Before Hana had introduced herself into his life, Naruto found no greater pleasure that keeping his schedule. As a Hokage, he was surprisingly organised. He would use clones to go over papers so that should anything require his attention the clone could simply disperse and he would gain knowledge through information collection. He had mastered this habit in his first week when he realised how daunting all the paperwork really was.

It was those times he felt a pang in his chest over the loss of Tsunade.

He would always miss the old lady. Despite her tantrums Naruto knew she was a deeply caring and motherly person. He remembered as a kid he was always trying to show her his strength. Always trying to impress her in some way by taking on bigger missions than he knew he was capable of doing. He would shout and carry on about things he really knew nothing about. Then, as a teenager he had grown a little more wise. When Naruto joined forces with Kurama to defeat Obito and end his plans, he knew Tsunade was in trouble then. He felt, somewhere in his heart that he knew she would not live long afterwards. Even so, her death may have been preventable…

The smell of beef ramen wafts through the dining room, effectively bringing Naruto out of his stupor. Hinata carefully enters with two enormous bowls in her hands. Naruto looks down to see Hana with hers already in front of her. Hinata sets down a bowl in front of Naruto and one on her own placemat. Together they sit for a moment in silence. Naruto can tell from Hana's face that she was excited to be having Hinata's cooking once again. Naruto smiled and the two girls did the same. The three of them hiding a small fear for the deciding battle tomorrow.

In unison, everyone began to eat.


When the three of them reached the training grounds they found themselves greeted by the two other members of the original team 7. Naruto came running up to meet them.

"Sasuke! Sakura!" The pair turned to see their ever-so energetic friend charging straight for them. Hinata and Hana followed behind him at a slower walking pace.

"Oh, Naruto, what are you doing here?" The pink haired kunoichi looked a little surprised to see him. Naruto just grinned.

"I'm just about to resume yesterday's training."

"Naruto." Sasuke looked to his old rival and brotherly companion. Though not related by blood, the two considered each other family.

"We heard about the fight… About Hiashi" Sakura looked conflicted over being angry with Hiashi or worried for Naruto, Hinata and Hana's wellbeing. Sasuke nodded.

"We've decided to teach you some things that may help you. Though I hope you don't have to use them." Hinata and Hana now stood beside Naruto.

"What will you teach him?" Hana looked up into Sasuke's onyx black eyes.

"Not just him, Hana, we hope to teach you and your mother something too." Sakura smiled, squatting down to Hana's height. Hinata smiled.

"I'm fine..T-thankyou" Hinata blushed light pink.

"Hinata, know that we are not doing this lightly." Sasuke gave Hinata a look that made her understand. Sasuke needed both her and Hana to be absent for Naruto's training to be effective. Hinata nodded, and Hana frowned but followed her mother's suit and nodded too.

"Then… I guess we'll see each other later tonight?.." Naruto smiled softly. He hoped the training would not be too tasking.

"Yeah.." Hinata smiled, taking Hana's small hand in hers.

Taking their separate ways Naruto and Sasuke leave the training grounds to find a more suitable training area, while Hinata, Sakura and Hana are left at the training ground gates.

Once the guys leave Sakura turns to Hana.

"Now, Hana. About your mother's family… They have what's called a kekkei genkai." Hana looks at Sakura in the eyes. She had already known this.

"Yes, and it's called Byakugan. I know this." Hana snickers, smugly. Sakura leans down to look her dead in the eye.

"Then, do you know how it's activated?"

"Naruto" Sasuke looked his friend in the eyes. The dimly lit room was cool, dank even. Naruto recalled old maps on old rundown hideouts built underground during the warring states. He didn't think any were still around. Sasuke had already explained that they would need to train privately to ascertain his range in using the jutsu.

"Are you ready?" Sasuke readied his bloodline limit, the mengekyo sharingan. Naruto threw some of the specialised kunai's throughout the room. He nodded.

"Time to practice my old man's technique!" Sasuke smiled at him.

"Alright then."

"Show me how fast the thunder lightning god technique really is!"

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