Ch13. The results of training- Let the battle begin!

As the sun shone ever-brightly above the cloudless sky, Konoha's air was impressively tense despite the warm, inviting day that presented itself. After a full night of training, Sasuke squinted against the glare, as he emerged from an old tunnel built into a mountain-side. The rocks had grown warm from the sun and surprised Naruto at the touch of one on the back of his legs. He winced a little. He looked to his raven haired friend. Even he looked a little worn out. Which was saying something. He knew Sasuke enough that he would not look tired until he was to the point of collapsing. Naruto then noticed the small amount of sweat patches, then comparing them to his own. Even after all that time his friend still came out looking less distressed than he did. 'Uchiha bastard' He thought, smirking.
"What is it dobe? Did dehydration finally get to your head?" Sasuke mocked. Naruto shook it off.
"Nah.. It's just funny." He smirked, which left Sasuke to sense the weight of his words.
"Depending on the outcome of my next fight, I could either rule one of the most oldest clans of Konohagakure, or end up inadvertently killing Hinata, sentencing Hana to a cruel life of stale Hyuuga customs as well as losing my only source of being able to set anything right."
"You've got it rough, no doubt about that.." Sasuke looked to the sky as his friend let out a whimpering laugh.
He knew Naruto wanted to cry.
He wouldn't blame him.
It was a great weight to have the lives of the people you love, on your shoulders.

The sun shone directly above Konoha, the sky now a vibrant blue hue, without a single cloud to disturb it. The Hokage Mountain monument stood proudly, with all six faces of the past and present Hokage's adorning it. The air had gradually grown tense over the last few hours. The day after the sakura festival word had spread of Naruto and Hiashi's wager. All of Konoha grew anxious over the impending fate of their respected Rokudaime Hokage. No one was more anxious than the two kunoichi it concerned.

Hana slumped against the thick trunk of an old oak tree. Training ground seven was a large area to focus on. She was surprised to know that her mother could scan areas like this so easily.
"I'm amazed at the progress you've made." Sakura commented, looking to an oak tree opposite to Hana. The trunk of which had taken a beating. Hinata landed gracefully on the grass in the clearing. Turning to the two she smiled kindly, small beads of sweat fell down her face.
"I believe that's enough training for today." Sakura nodded and gathered the obento's from her backpack. She had to clear the ground from some of the kunai that littered the area. Hinata had been throwing kunai towards Hana, from far away to increase her flexibility, viewing range and accuracy. Hinata hated to realise it, but she did not go as easy on Hana as she had intended to. It surprised and worried Hinata as to how far Hana had been pushing herself. Sakura handed Hinata and Hana their respective obento's and they each cleared a spot on the grass to sit and enjoy their meals.

As Hana ate the onigiri and other snacks, she looked to the clear blue, cloudless sky and wished she could see her father's battle, or at least be able to see him, even if it meant it would be her last.

As the dust cleared on the small Cliffside at where they had last confronted each other, a tall man stood proudly. His long dark was a tradition amongst all members of his clan. Today he stood as the leader, that would fight against the recklessness of Naruto Uzumaki. The man that had besmirched his clans name when he defiled his oldest daughter out of wedlock. What infuriated Hiashi the most was that Naruto had left the village without even a word to his daughter. Naruto had just abandoned his unborn daughter. Hiashi may have been traditional and stuck in his ways but he was never a coward. What Naruto had done to his daughter was an act of complete cowardice, and even though he had only found out about the incident recently, he knew he had to do something. He had to save his grandchild from the disobedience and recklessness that Naruto would incite.

He opened his cold grey eyes and looked to the horizon. It didn't seem like a day that was meant for bloodshed. Yet, even so, he knew that on this crystal-clear blue day, the sky would soon fade to a bloody red.

The bushes and trees from the nearby forest area rustled and Hiashi stayed still. He knew it could only be one person.

Naruto Uzumaki.

Just barely out of the forest Naruto stood on the edges of the clearing. His Hokage robes had been exchanged for a more flexible outfit. A pair of orange pants made from light materials, and a black shirt that hugged some of his muscular frame. A grin with matching, piercing blue eyes.

"I've like you said, Uzumaki Naruto" Hiashi stated. He didn't even turn around. With his Byakugan already activated, he had no need. Insulted at the disrespect, Naruto let out a low growl.
"Let's just get this started"

In a brief moment of silence the clashing of two kunais took place. Neither saw blood. Neither needed to. Hiashi had already made his first move. Gripping his thigh Naruto felt a loss of power in his left leg. He tried to send chakra down to it, but he knew it was hopeless. Hiashi had already blocked off all the channels of chakra flow. What scared Naruto was that it was all done in an instant. As Naruto looked to the older man he could have sworn he'd seen a brief glimmer of murderous intent. Adjusting his position, he brushed it off. Hiashi just waited for him to make his next move. His next mistake.

Naruto conversed with Kurama briefly.
'Kurama, I'll need your help again'
'Look, kid, I'm busy.'
'…You're SLEEPING!' Anger filled Naruto.
'Are you sure you will even need my help?' Naruto thought a moment.
Kurama had a point. He might not require the assistance of the fox chakra, but the circumstances that he was in now… He had to be able to not just think fast, but move fast too.
'I can't do that jutsu on my own yet. You know how dangerous it can be. You were training there with me. If I use it and can't control it, if I mess up, I won't just lose the fight, Kurama.'
The beast nodded slightly.
'I'll lend you some assistance then.' Naruto grinned.
'Thanks Kurama!' Kurama just glared at the kid. He looked like an excited puppy to him.
'Don't thank me just yet, kid'

Hiashi noticed the change in Naruto, just a second after he had closed his eyes another chakra emerged from his chakra pool. It cloaked him, turning his aura a brilliant yellow. Hiashi had to stop him.
Lunging forward Hiashi targets Naruto's legs.

Naruto's cloak is too late to protect him from Hiashi's blow.

In a thud, Naruto falls to the grass. His and Kurama's chakra cloak dissipated. Naruto could feel it. A burning sensation of ice cold. Hiashi's blows were not just to stop the flow of chakra this time. They were intended to stop him from running away. To stop him from dodging any of his blows. It also stopped Kurama and him from being able to synchronise. Naruto's eye's widened as he felt his hopelessness of himself. He leaned up from his kneeling position on the ground. Looking the cold eyed Hyuuga in the eyes. He despised Hiashi. It sickened him to think he would let clan honour become more valuable than people's freedom and happiness.

It was as he looked down that he froze. In the distance, just behind Hiashi's figure, stood a frightened, crying girl.


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