Ch14. The thunder god lightning technique! (The battle Pt.2)

In a moment of distraction Hiashi turns to look at the child himself. He was too immersed, too focused on Naruto's chakra that he had failed to notice the bigger picture. Hana stood at the edge of the forest, tears streaking her face, her eyebrows knitted together. She let out a heart-wrenching throb. It stopped both Hiashi and Naruto in their tracks.

Hiashi stood just out of reach of Naruto's range. He knew, before Hiashi snapped back to reality. Before he had a chance to react, he had to strike.
It was real now, more so than it had been before. Now, Naruto realised if he didn't act, something very well could happen to Hana. He knew it would not take long for Hiashi to strike.
Immediately he ruled out a shadow clone. It would draw too much attention. With things as they were- he had to decide. With his options limited he knew only one thing could help him in this situation.

Closing his eyes he conjured his remaining Chakra. With a flick of his fingers to form the single hand sign, he tore through time. At first it sent a burning yet tingly sensation. Then for a moment it was like static all throughout his body. It was as if time slowed and space had opened for him, but the longer the distance and longer he stayed like this the quicker it zapped his chakra reserves. This was fine. He knew where he was going and it wasn't far. It was rematerializing that he was concerned about.

As he kneeled he knew only of one thing he had to do. Only one place he had to go. The kunai he'd thrown were never intended to hit Hiashi, rather, he wanted them dispersed. He recalled the closest kunai to Hana, and focused on it.

Rematerializing was where a lot of the jutsu was considered difficult. Not only did you have to want and need to be there. You had to want it, to need it with your whole being. Naruto wanted and needed to save Hana- to save his daughter, from Hiashi's reach. A tingling sensation filled his head. It buzzed in his ears and sent half formed shivers through him. It felt slow, although he knew this to be an effect from the time manipulation side of the jutsu. A wave of buzzing numbly spread through his body, until it finally reached his toes. With a final zap he knew- It worked.

Before he could land on the ground with his full weight he felt the muscles in his legs give way. Naruto collapsed to the ground again, then moved into a kneeling position. Looking up from the ground, sweat from Naruto's forehead dripped down past his eye. His eye's piercing the white Hyuuga's. Hiashi could feel the threatening atmosphere coming from Naruto. He hated to admit it but for a moment he was fearful of Naruto's fiery azure blue gaze. He could even feel a deep warning from his instincts. They yelled to him.
'He's not the same!'
'He'll protect her!'
'He'll protect her at any cost!'
'He's protecting her from you!'
Then, finally, his instincts knew it before he could even wrap his head around the thought.
'He will kill you if you continue, because to him- you are a threat to her'
'He WILL kill you'

Weak at the knees he knew he would be defeated. Despite not being able to move his legs, he knew he was outmatched. Gravely outmatched.
"… I understand now." Naruto's gaze was unmoving.
"I will go, Naruto Uzumaki. It is my defeat." The cold Hyuuga felt older. With age came the right of passage. He realised now, the Hokage was strong, and earned his title with hard work and determination.

Solemnly, Hiashi Hyuuga lowered his head and bowed to the man- Naruto Uzumaki.

The small action surprised Naruto. As the Hyuuga walked away, he was stopped. He turns to see a small hand clutching at his robe. Hana's hand latching to the sleeve of both men's clothes. Hana stood in the gap between the two, her arms stretched to reach the two, her tears falling down her face. She could no longer hide her streams of tears with her arms. Both men looked between each other, to Hana.

Through sobs and tears she mumbled out a single, short sentence.

"They… took her..." Naruto and Hiashi's eye's both widened. How had they not noticed?
Hana sobbed and let go of their sleeves to cover her face again. She sobbed for a few moments into her sleeves before Naruto pulled her into a hug. He crooned to her.
"It will be okay, Hana." He closed his eyes, hoping it was the truth.
"She's strong." Hiashi said. It was cold on the surface, but Naruto could tell there was some tenderness behind his words. He had to wonder.
'Perhaps the old man isn't as cold-hearted as he'd like us all to think'
With this thought a small smile found its way onto Naruto's lips, and as it did, so did tears.

"Will you help me?" He asked, almost to no one in question. Hiashi nodded.
"Yes, since I do feel somewhat responsible." Hiashi looked to Naruto's legs. He knew that Naruto wouldn't be able to move for another few hours.
"Hana. Will you explain to us what happened?" The small girl nodded quietly, her sobs ceasing momentarily she began to tell them everything that happened.

Hinata smiled to Hana as they ate a small picnic prepared by the two of them. Together they traveled just outside of the village gates to a small spring Hinata once loved as a teen. She visited it often to practice when she was supposed to be taking a day off from training. She never listened, even though she probably should have, she always asked herself what Naruto would be doing. Hinata knew Naruto would always be training if he weren't eating at Ichiraku or on a mission.

Hinata marvelled at Hana. She looked so much like Naruto, with only small differences. Hana had her nose, chin and eye shape. Everything else emanated Naruto. Hinata found it hard to believe that she had been able to hide Hana as well as she had. What surprised her most was that still; no one had found her secluded hide away. As a teen she came to the springs for an escape. In her teen years, as she found herself staying there longer and more frequently she found it appropriate to build a small living space. The month before she had left the village she almost contemplated destroying it so that she could never return to the village. She'd intended to stay in the village hidden in the mist. But, sometimes life just doesn't work out the way you thought it would. On her return to the village she had Hana stay in the small living space, which she extended to make roomier for Hana to live in properly. Meanwhile she took up an apartment in the village and covered it with seals she had practiced that would hide an area's contents from Byakugan users. Ever since then they've lived between the two places. Hana would often travel through the village as a cat, until she could practice enough to move onto other animals and forms. Now that Naruto knew, that her father knew, everything was different. The weight of her secrets was lifted only to be placed on Naruto's shoulders.

Before she realised it she was crying. It was in her teary weakness she didn't notice the genjutsu that was cast on her.

All Hana could do was stare at her mother's blank stare as she walked off to the forest. In a trance like daze, smiling, she stumbled off towards a patch of darkness. A figure emerged from some trees, taking her hand. Hana witnessed her mother walk to the forest edge, only to disappear with a stranger.

Sitting there, Hana recognised genjutsu; however she was unable to release it. It was one of a few things she had trouble with. All she could do was watch silently as her mother was taken from her.

Listening to her story, Naruto could feel Hana calm down as she told them everything. Hiashi sat by Naruto and Hana, his head lowered to focus.
"Did you get a look at the ninja?" Hiashi consoled, his voice soft, kind almost.
"Not really…" Naruto and Hiashi felt her sadness grow only to be quietened as Hana fell asleep in Naruto's arms. Hiashi looked up to the two. A pang of jealousy mixed with regrets stung Hiashi.
"You are.. A better father than I was." He bowed his head slightly. Naruto smiled softly.
"Well, you did pretty well. Thanks to your strict training Hinata is strong now. I think that somewhere in her heart she will still forgive you" Hiashi felt something cold on his cheek.
'Thank goodness' were the words left unspoken as the head of the Hyuuga clan let out a lifetime of fears. Naruto patted the man on the back, and waited for him to calm down.

"We'll need more help. We can't track her the way we are now." Naruto stated, Hiashi just nodded. Naruto was right. He looked to the horizon.
"If you wait here I'll see who I can gather" Naruto nodded, then handed him some kunai's.
"Place these at the gates, get everyone to meet there. When it's placed, I'll know" Hiashi almost smirked.
"Don't expect me to take long, boy." And with that Hiashi dispersed leaving Naruto to the task of waiting as the connection to Kurama re-established itself.
'I see you've made a friend in my absence… ' Kurama smirked to the blond.
'We'll see after we rescue Hinata. Until then I'll need some help with these wounds.'
'Already on it' Kurama smiled. Naruto then felt the Kunai activate. He smiled to the nine-tailed fox.
'Then, let's go Kurama' The fox smiled.
'Save that girl- Orange flash'

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