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Chapter 17- Recovery

Walking through the halls where a thick smell of chemicals, disinfectants and medicines is always present, Sakura checks the clipboard in her hands. She clicks her tongue and then sighs. As expected her roster left her to deal with the hospitals renowned worst patient.

"Naruto!" She yells, slamming open the private room door. Half out the window, in a hospital gown, with a shocked expression, stood Naruto. Fearfully, sweat ran down his face at the scene.
"How many times have I told you to stop trying to sneak out already?!" Naruto recognized this to be one of Sakura's many dangerous rhetorical questions.
Sakura let out a frustrated sigh.
"Geez…" She looked to him.
"You've only spent a night in the hospital and you're ready to leave, huh?" Naruto nodded slightly.
"Well… I heal quicker than normal people, since I have Kurama's chakra." Naruto reminded her.
"While that is true… You should at least consider the hospital staff, that still has to analyse test results." She looked him in the eyes. Naruto stood to attention.
"We need to finish observation, and getting your test results. So, until then; you're staying put!" Sakura ordered.
"But.. I promised Hana and Hinata that I would be released in time to go to Ichiraku's for dinner with them…" Sakura just glared at him. Naruto knew Sakura had a weakness when it came to Hana, and what he'd said was true.
"Well… I'll see what I can do about hurrying the results." Sakura turned to the door.
"But I'm not making any promises, Naruto!" She finishes, before closing the door.

In the sun filled courtyard by blooming yellow daisies, to the side of a dirt path, on a stone bench sat Hinata Hyuga. However now that she was free of the clan to do as she wished, she found herself only wanting to do one thing. To be happy with Naruto and Hana, and to live peacefully. She knew it would not come true, nor would it be perfect but she now could almost see it. Her dream from so long ago was appearing on the horizon, like a brilliant sunrise.

It surprised Hinata to know that she was not alone in the courtyard. As he rounded the tree, looking impatient and inflexible, a simple sound could easily sum up his expression.
"Che." Not one for talking or many words at all she found Sasuke's presence not uncomfortable or intimidating. As he took a seat beside her, he looked to the sky, letting out a sigh. Basking in the sun he closes his eyes.
"Still not giving Sakura a break yet?" Hinata asks, smiling kindly. Sasuke opens an eye to look at her, then promptly closes it again.
"Yeah. It seems Naruto's being a bother to the hospital again." Hinata let out a small giggle at the thought.
"Yeah, that sounds like him..."
"Che, that idiot'll probably end up having to stay even longer at this rate…" Hinata wondered a little if Sasuke had referred to Sakura or Naruto.
"Sasuke, I've been meaning to ask…" Sasuke opened an eye again, looking to Hinata with mild curiosity.
"Well… About why you returned… What made to decide to come back?"
Sasuke looked to the sky.
"I could ask you the same thing, Miss Hyuga." Hinata felt a stab of guilt.
"I'll answer it anyway. Naruto had… Itatchi's blessing." Sasuke felt Hinata's curiosity, so he continued.
"Well… When I faced off with Naruto, I found out He'd spoken with Itatchi. He said to me, that, even if Itatchi loved me, he asked me if I thought he would really be okay with destroying what he fought so hard to protect." Hinata notices Sasuke's eyes grow heavy with the words that went unsaid.

"So… What made you leave here, Hinata?" Sasuke had been slightly curious about this for a while now.
"Well, I guess what started it was… well, you could say I had been having a bad week…" Sasuke sat up and looked at her properly in the eyes.
"My father and I had been fighting. Verbally, not sparring, though we did spar that day." Hinata looked to Sasuke, whom for all his inexpressive personality was listening with intent and curiosity.
"He'd been pressuring me about being weak. That…"

"As a member of the Hyuga main household you should at least be able to reach a hundred strikes in the gentle fist style!" Hiashi glared at his daughter. The family's failure. Hinata however would not stand for this. Ever since the war, Naruto had given her, and everyone strength.

"But, Father that's impossible for me at this rate-"
"I don't want to hear it!"
"You'll have until your next mission to master it" And with that Hiashi stormed out of the room. Hinata had already felt strained from practice and knew herself that it would prove fruitless to continue in her state, especially when lingering rage still clouded her thoughts.

"Our fights continued like this for around five days…" Hinata summarized. Sasuke's look of curiosity remained.

"But, you've still not told me-"
"I felt alone." Sasuke felt a small twinge. He knew that feeling of loneliness.
"Afterwards I went to a small bar. I wore a disguise so that no one could recognize me when I ordered drinks. I was a bit surprised when Naruto came in, already drunk. I was already quite tipsy at this point…" Hinata blushed and let talk of the bar drift to silence.
"The next morning I woke up with the worst hangover. It was my first time drinking so much. Iv'e only ever had small amounts or tasted samples…" She continued.

Getting out of the bed had been hard. Hinata's body refused as her head pounded, she thought it might split in half if the bird outside the window didn't stop squawking. She felt a wave of nausea hit her at she stood. The blood in her veins pumped with a feverish rush, as the head went straight to her head. Blood rung in her ears and blinded the edges of her vision. She was going to be sick.
In a mad dash to the bathroom, she knew she was not in her home and the realization of waking up somewhere else, somewhere unfamiliar, only caused to make her feel worse.
As she shook grasping the bowl of the toilet so hard her fingertips and knuckles were white, she looked down at herself.
The underwear she'd worn to bed were ruined from puke.
Disgusted, she had to peel them off and get in the shower.

Upon finishing her shower she reemerged from the bathroom to get dressed. A small part of her was nervous, as she suspected someone to have been in the bed. Attempting to think of her surroundings that she'd woken up in she could only think of the feeling of nausea, everything else was swallowed up by the feverish hangover and frightful awakening she'd had. It came as a small surprise to her that the bed she'd woken up in was empty. Very messy, but empty none the less.

"...A week later Naruto had left the village to travel. I heard Iruka and Kakashi gave him an intervention."
"Yeah, I heard of that. They wanted me to join them but I told them I was busy..." Sasuke said flatly. He understood a little more now but her story was still not yet over.
"Since then i'd sworn off alcohol. It was two weeks after that..."

"You say you're late?" Shizune repeated.
"Yes, it's already been around 5 days and I'm getting concerned... What if..." Hinata felt panic set in.
How could she explain this?
She had a sickening feeling welling in the pit of her stomach that the only night she could possibly have fallen pregnant was...
She dare not finish the thought.
"I'm sure it's nothing, Hinata but i'll run some tests for you if you're really so concerned." Shizune smiled reassuringly.
Afterall to shizune, someone like Hinata falling pregnant at such a young age under such difficult circumstances would be unthinkable.
It should be impossible, shouldn't it?
Then why... Why did Shizune feel such pity and fear for Hinata at this moment?...

The pressure Hinata felt when the results came to her was...
Well, only if you have experienced it, would you know.
Her head swam with doubt, disbelief, anger, happiness, fear, confusion and innumerable possibilities of the future.
Doubt that the results were accurate.
At first she felt despair, followed by denial.
That was the disbelief.
Anger at herself for not knowing who the father was.
Anger at the father for not staying or explaining himself, or even just to be there.
Conflicting the anger, happiness entered her as the thought of a life being inside of her.
Fear, so much fear.
How could she raise a child on her own?
How would her father react?
How would she explain this to her father?
Her friends?
To Naruto?...
To the father of the child?
Who even was the child's father?
Was it just some random man?
Was he old?
Did she know him at all?
Was he a good man?
How would he react after hearing the news?
Would he stay with her?
Would he leave her?
Questions like these and many more constantly flew through her head,

It was torture.
Slow, inevitable torture.

The increasing pressure from her father to practice, that she refused didn't completely go unnoticed.
Hiashi demanded she tell him what was wrong with her.
She could never bring herself to say anything.
After a few weeks, she investigated where she remembered waking up.
A small hotel, a few block from the bar. With some intimidation the office lady couldn't refuse Hinata's request to see the records of previous guests. She checked the date of that fateful day she went to a bar.
There were four listings matching that date.

Just one caught her eye.
One that stood out from the rest.
It rattled her, shook her.
Because she remembered him writing it.
It was a hazy memory.
But it was there.
That was how she knew.
That was the moment she felt alone.
Truly alone.
And the only man she knew her father would truly disapprove of.
The one man that would gloatingly sign,
"The next Hokage!"
was Naruto Uzumaki.
However, he'd already left the village. Leaving Hinata alone. No one to support her. She dreaded to think of what her friends would think of her. What her teammates would think. Her family, friends, everything. It would all be lost. And what of the child? The questions in her head reappeared. Only one thing was certain. She felt alone. This was something that she had to do, though and it was in that moment that she decided if she was going to raise a child she would first seek out Naruto. If that failed she would only be able to settle into the nearest village until the child's birth. After that, everything would still be so unknown to her. She was on pins and needles as the headed back to her household. In an unbreakable stupor that not even Hiashi's berating could deter, she wandered through to her room and cried for hours. A week later she sought help from Shizune. She'd promised to keep quiet about everything until Hinata was ready to announce it. What worried Shizune was that Hinata might never tell anyone. As she signed the temporary re-location to the village hidden in the mist, she feared for the girl's health. She requested Hinata send updates on her status. The relocation was only meant to last a year at the most, but was extended by Shizune on Hinata's request on a yearly basis, until four years had passed and Shizune request Hinata return home.
It was difficult for Shizune to reason with the Hyuga's but after a long debate and negotiation, Hiashi agreed to let Hinata live separately from the household. Of course, she would remain under the surveillance of two of the Hyuga's side branch members. Shizune had a condition to add, too. That a seal on the house also be placed. One that would prevent Hyuga eye's from peering inside. Reluctantly Hiashi agreed to the last term and Hinata and Hana's relocation to Konoha came into practice. To sneak Hana in Hinata had to teach her at a young age to access her chakra, and to use it to transform. Though a transformation into a mouse was difficult to Hana she was able to do it just long enough for Hinata to rush Hana stored away in her hood, straight to her new house.

"And that's... everything that happened." Hinata breathed. It was relieving to know Sasuke wold not be the type to talk about this to others. He was reliable as Naruto's best friend. Hinata would trust that and believe Sasuke to understand why she had told him.
"Thankyou." Was all Sasuke said, as an unusually soft expression crossed his face. It surprised Hinata, but made her content that he had listened to her whole story. She returned his smile.

"Sasuke!" A cheerful shout from the hospital rang across the courtyard as Sakura waved her hand through the air.
Sasuke stood and smiled back. It was a small smile. Different from the friendly smile he'd given Hinata. Hinata recognized that type of smile as the one you save only for the one you love. Hinata couldn't help but giggle to herself. As she watched Sasuke walk over to Sakura, and Sakura immediately going in for a death-gripping hug, Hinata wondered how Naruto was handling being stuck in the hospital again.

Sasuke and Sakura waved Hinata goodbye, and left the hospital grounds. Hinata sat in the late afternoon sun watching the sky.
'Today is a day for recovery...'

Hana arrives at the hospitals after a few minutes. Together, Hinata and Hana sign the release papers for Naruto. Ten minutes later Naruto's walking down the hospital hall in a new change of clothes to greet them.
"Looks like i'll be in your care, Hinata." He grinned sheepishly.
"I could say the same for you, Naruto-kun" It took Naruto a moment to realize what she meant.
"R-right!..." He said as he blushed, Hinata also blushing lightly.
"So, we gonna get ramen or what?" Hana cheered. Smiling, Naruto gave a nod and took Hana's hand on his left, Hinata's hand in his right and together, as a family they left the hospital for the infamous Ichiraku ramen.

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