Ch4. Recognition?

The next morning Naruto is woken by a knock on the door. However, before he can get up he is strangled and pulled back down onto the couch. He looks down at his attacker to see the small four year old child that proclaims he is her father. Her body is curled up into a ball next to him.
'She must have joined me when I was asleep, I hadn't noticed. She must have been very quiet and careful' It was another trait that must belong to her mother, as Naruto was certainly not quiet or careful, but this morning he was careful in not waking her, as he stealthily moved to his front door, and disappeared behind it.

He was then greeted by a cheerful pink haired kunoichi carrying a clipboard and a smile. But Naruto recognized the fake smile and the real intent behind it.

"Sakura!" Naruto greeted.

"Sorry to wake you up so early" Naruto nodded still half asleep to the fact that it was 5am.

"What brings you here?" He smiles.

"It's about 'that' test you asked me to do…"

"W-What about it...?" Naruto felt this would end badly for him.

"Well… you're…" Naruto could feel the sweat dripping down his face.

"…AN IDIOT!" Sakura then launches her fist at him only to stop inches from his face.

Naruto opens his eyes. He was prepared to be severely hit in the face with one of Sakura's famous 'super-punches'. He didn't notice the door open, or even that she was awake. But he was shocked to see the four year old girl in front of him, her hand gripping onto Sakura's fist. However the girl had used a shadow clone to stand on her shoulders to block the punch. The shadow clone then quickly dispersed. And both Sakura and Naruto stood there with surprise on their faces.

"Don't ever…" The little girl's voice trembled with resentment.

"DON'T YOU EVER TRY AND HURT MY DAD AGAIN!" She cried out at the top of her lungs.

To the girls surprise both the adult ninja's smiled. Sakura placed her hand on the kid's head.

"How could anyone possibly doubt her being your kid when she acts just like you?" Naruto looks at Sakura.

"So, the test… Was it positive? I'm her father?" To which Sakura didn't reply, instead she just smiled and nodded. Sakura turned her head to the girl and smiled kindly.

"I didn't expect you to know Ninjutsu at your age. Did your mother teach it to you, perhaps?" The young girl hesitated then she nodded and said

"Yes, mummy raised me and taught me some Jutsu and told me to only use it to protect the ones I love." With that, the little girls face turned from upset, to determined, then finally, to a smile. The pink haired kunoichi turned to Naruto.

"The official report will be on your desk for you to read. Congratulations, Naruto! You're a father." Sakura smiles kindly.

"Just curious, but when do you plan on announcing this news to everyone? Especially since it seems it's all been done out of wedlock. If this kid's mother is from a clan or highly respected family, you'd better watch what you say to her father. Hokage or not I wouldn't expect anyone to help you out of this sort of a mess. You brought it on yourself, just remember that." Naruto gets kind of depressed. He'd never thought of how Hana's mothers' family might react.

'Hana had said she ran away from the village. Could it have been to protect Hana and herself from her family, parents, or worse; her clan?'

'And what if by announcing that I have a daughter, I put her in harms way? What then?' It was decided. He would keep his daughter a secret until he knew who the mother was and talked with her properly about what to do.

Sakura then left and both Hana and Naruto went back inside. Hana blushed slightly and said.

"Sorry about not telling you…" Narutos attention snapped to her as her words brought him out of his dazed thoughts.

"Hm? About what?" Naruto grinned, feeling better to be off the topic of family and consequences.

"That I can do Ninjutsu. I'm kind of a ninja, and mummy said I could easily become a Gennin but she won't let me until I'm older." Naruto nods at first but then smiles.

"Well, why not? I'll enrol you in the academy but you'll need to take a fake name, okay?" Hana nodded and said.

"Why a fake name? Can't I just use Hana Uzumaki?" Naruto sighed, then got down to her level and looked her in the eyes. He had no idea how o explain this to her.

"I might have some enemies so to keep you safe, and your mum safe you need to have a fake name, okay?" She hesitates.

"Besides it'll only be for a bit. When your mother comes back from her mission you'll point her out for me and once we talk maybe you can properly enrol in the academy." Hana nods. It's a deal; they seal it with a fist-bump.

"Oh, and why were you on my couch this morning?"

"I had a bad dream that mummy…. Never came back and then you left to go find her, but you didn't know her so you got lost and I was left alone" Naruto smiles and says

"I would never leave you, and I'm sure your mother is fine." He then ruffles her hair and together they have breakfast, cooked by Naruto since he didn't feel like having to clean a mountain of dishes again.

After a bit of getting ready Naruto takes Hana with him to the Hokage office. This time, he is more careful though and asks her to take the form of a toad using the transformation Jutsu. Hana does as she is told and appears as a small yellow toad. Naruto then takes her and places her on his head. She blends in with his hair for the most part but he knew there would be at least two people that would notice. He just hoped he wouldn't run into them. However, luck was not on his side that day.

Just a block away from the Hokage's office Naruto is called over by Kiba Inuzuka and Neji Hyuuga. They are returning from missions with their teams of Gennin. Kiba greets Naruto, but begins sniffing him. Naruto freaks out a little, worrying about Hana being able to hold the toad form for much longer and backs away a little.

"Naruto…" Neji, states. 'Oh, great, now Neji?'

"You seem to have a toad on your head." Neji glares a little. Kiba sniffs then smirks.

"And here I thought you had great vision" Kiba says to Neji.

"It's not a toad…" Naruto sends a small death glare to Kiba but he disregards it and continues.

"It's a little girl" And with that Neji activates his Byakugan and check his head. He nods to confirm it. Naruto sighs as Hana's transformation disperses, not entirely of her own will. And she assembles on Naruto's shoulders.

"Do you mind telling us, why you would have a kid transformed as a toad on your head?" Neji seemed a bit cold but when he said it in such a serious tone, Hana couldn't help but giggle at how silly it sounded.

"Yeah Naruto, what's with the kid?" Naruto whirls around to see Sasuke in his now everyday yukata standing with a small smile on his otherwise stoic face. Naruto turns red in the cheeks and says

"N-none of your business" Then Naruto remembers Sasuke being at the party.

"Besides you saw her at the party, didn't you?" Sasuke smirks now and says

"No, dobe, in case you and that think head of yours had forgotten, I'd left early because Sakura said she had to get back to work in the hospital and I had a mission with my team around the same time as your party" Naruto sighs, plucks the girl off of his shoulders and places her gently on the ground, then put a hand on her head and introduces her.

"Everyone, this is Hana." Everyone was quiet, waiting for more of an explanation. Naruto clears his throat.

"She is concerned about her mum so I'm going to help her see if I can do anything to figure out if she's in need of any help." Neji nodded.

"So it's like a missing person's case, then?" Naruto jumped at the offer.

"Err, yeah that's it! A missing person's case" Kiba walked up to the girl and squatted down to her level.

"Don't worry kiddo, I'm sure your mum's doing fine, and if she does need help, just count on us!" Kiba gestures to Neji and Sasuke as well as Naruto. Hana points to Naruto and says.

"I already know he's going to help me, he has to" Kiba looked up at Naruto whom blushed a little.

"I kind of promised…" He admits, rubbing the back of his head, grinning.

Neji activates his Byakugan. Naruto looks at Neji, watching him observe Hana.

"What is it Neji? Did you spot something?"

"It's probably nothing but… I feel like I know this chakra. It seems familiar…" After a moment of intense study Neji gives up and deactivates his Byakugan.

"It's probably nothing, like I said" Neji shrugs. Naruto then pipes up.

"Well we had better get going" Naruto takes Hana's hand.

"Wait, we'll come join you. We have to hand in our reports anyway" Naruto nodded. There was no getting out of it. So, together they all left to the Hokage's office.

Sasuke sat on the seat to the far right, Naruto in the Hokage chair, Kiba and Neji both took spots on the floor, and Hana sat on the Hokage desk watching and observing as Naruto poured over countless paperwork, both new and old. The others all took piles as they poured over documentation from five years ago.

They all tried to question Naruto to tell more, to give the others more to work with. He only told them that Hana's mum lived in the village hidden in the mist for an extended mission. But as it turns out there was a lot of moving files that year that matched similarly with that criteria. Hana overlooked everything making certain that if her mums file showed up she'd recognize it.

Naruto wanted to ask Shizune for help but seeing as the record is close to Tsunade's death he figured she wouldn't want to bring it up.

After a few hours Kiba and Neji had left to go tend to their teams. Sasuke remained.

"It's okay; you don't have to hide it. Sakura already told me anyways" Sasuke said, with his head still in the papers. He didn't even bother to look up. Despite wanting to re-establish his clan he was still allowed to be a bit of an ass to Naruto. Naruto looked up at Sasuke.

"That's… A relief…" Sasuke looked up at Naruto's smiling face.

"At least I don't have to say it, and I don't like the idea of having to lie to anyone."

"I'll admit you're not doing such a bad job. But you may want to focus on bedtimes." Sasuke jammed a finger in the direction of Hana, asleep on the couch. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, I'll remember that…" Naruto smiles a bit, then a knock on the door.

"Come in" Naruto calls through the doors.

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