Ch7. Ramen with friends.

Once they reached the restaurant they found an empty table to sit at. Naruto always got excited for Ichiraku on festivals because it was one of the few times the old man would set out tables and chairs, which for Naruto meant he could have more room to fit more bowls of ramen on. Hinata sat across from Naruto and Hana sat on the left of Naruto and the right side of Hinata. From there they each ordered meals. In the end Hinata opted for a small portion, Hana choosing a small bowl of ramen and Naruto debating over whether or not to have more beef than chick or have an equal amount. He eventually went with the even amount. Whilst waiting for their order they talk.

"So how's your team? They haven't done a big mission since they went to the land of rice patties" Naruto pointed out. Hinata nodded.

"Yes, they've been okay" Hinata glanced at Hana then back to Naruto.

"Although, Keimino has been a little reckless." Naruto shut his eyes, picturing the young boy with brown hair and green-brown eyes. He nodded.

"And what about Neji? How's he doing?" Hinata squirmed a little. She didn't like where this topic was quite going.

"What about me?" Says a tall young man from behind Naruto. His hair has grown since he was a teenager. The last Naruto had heard was that Neji and Tenten were officially allowed to date, seeing as he was only a branch member. Behind Neji is Tenten in a dark red kimono with gold cranes embroidered on it. Neji wears a dark blue and black yukata. Beyond the couple is Temari and Kankuro. Temari is wearing a simple black yukata with silver embroidery and Kankuro wears his everyday outfit. Naruto smiles and calls everyone over.

"Hey! Seems like a pretty popular place to be here tonight, hhmn?" Kankuro smirks to Naruto and drags over a table and some chairs to join to Naruto's. Hana frowns.

"Who are they?" She says to Naruto, completely ignoring anyone else.

"Well.." Naruto starts.

"This is Neji, Hinata's cousin. Oh, that's right.." Naruto pauses.

"I forgot to introduce you to her" Naruto stops, Hana shakes her head.

"It's okay, I already know her, and I met that other time, remember?" Hana explains. Naruto stares at her.

'But, since when did you meet?...'

"Anyways, I'm Hana" She says to all of them. Temari, Kankuro and Tenten introduce themselves. It's as their ordering that Sai, Sakura, Sasuke, Kiba and Shino all come in to join them. They once again re-organise the tables so that they're all together. After quick introductions are done Hana takes in everyone's unique clothing style. Sai wears a very neat yukata, with a sketch book bound to him with a sash. Sasuke is wearing a dark blue yukata that looks carefully made and expensive. Sakura wears a pink coloured kimono with small sakura patterns on it. Kiba wears a Jounin outfit and dog shaped Anbu mask, along with Akamaru, whose mane and tail tip had turned a burgundy brown. Shino wears a black yukata, sunglasses and a facial mask, similar to Kakashi's. She then looks to Hinata's kimono- A light lavender shade with soft floral patterns and made with high quality silk. The trimmings were white and a violet colour that brought out her eyes. Hinata had her hair tied back into a long ponytail that whipped out behind her. With her blushing cheek Hana felt there was no one else prettier in the world.

Naruto lost track of time as everyone caught up. Kankuro brought up Naruto's birthday party and how Hana had 'crashed it' which caused laughter from some and blushing for Hana.

"Hey, Naruto you found Hana's mum yet?" Kiba asked. Everyone's attention was immediately caught towards the conversation. Naruto shook his head.

"No, but when I do…" He sighed.

"I'll probably ask her what the right time to put Hana to bed is." Naruto and some of the others chuckled a little.

"But, seriously- I think I'd just want to know more about her. Why she left to the village hidden in the mist. Why she left there to come back. Why she never told me I had a daughter. I'd probably ask her all these things" Neji's attention caught on the 'village hidden in the mist'.

"How long?" Neji asked.


"How long was she there? In the other village, I mean" Neji corrects himself.

"Hana said about three years" Naruto said pondering on the memory. Neji sighed, closed his eyes. With a release of chakra he activated his Byakugan. Looking at Hana again he nodded and deactivated the Byakugan.

"I suspected so… But 'he' won't be too happy to hear this" Naruto looked at him. Glared. Neji returned the gaze. The air fell thick with intensity.

"Who?" Naruto's voice grew gruff.

"Who's her mother? Tell me, Neji.." Neji sat silent, his eyes closed and arms crossed.

"It's not my-"

"TELL ME, DAMMIT!" Naruto felt himself almost slip.

"… Please… Neji, I need to know." Neji shook his head.

"I'm sorry I can't"

"You!.." Naruto lurched forward his fist ready to hit the Hyuuga's face.

"Stop!" A small cry amongst the sea of ninja sounds out. Neji hadn't moved, fully prepared to be hit, everyone else had moved to stop Naruto.

Hana stood up, with tears in her eyes.

"You.. idiot…" She sobbed.

"Sai told me… If you knew and announced it, that her dad would kill you… Idiot" Naruto sat down, stunned. So had many other people.

"Do you know how hard it's been to not tell you?" Hana let out a huge sob- to be comforted by a light touch on her head.

"…It's okay, Usagi…" Hana's mother's voice rang to her. Naruto's eye's widened. He recalled Hana mentioning her mother's nickname for Hana. A nickname only her mother used. For a moment everything stopped.

"No… Way…" Naruto breathed.

"You're… her mother?"

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