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Hotel Room Boston

The letter was crinkling in his mighty grip. All Evan could do was just sit there, still as a rock on his bed, in the hotel room, emotionless. This was the second time he had failed the Wellness test, and he was suspended for 60 days. Things weren't supposed to happen this way. The drugs were just...a release from his troubles from earlier on that week. He was a bit tense, stressed out over the same damn thing, not getting the big push in the WWE. He had been a one-time tag team champion with Kofi, that was about as far as he would get in this horrible organization. The WWE; where the wrestlers are treated like crap and the pretty boys are treated like royalty. Yeah sure seemed like it. You didn't see The Viper Randy Orton coiling in a tiny corner waiting for his title shot or main event matches, those just came flying from every direction. Pfft, of course he would be the more successful one, jackass, Evan thought as he fell backwards onto his bed. He threw the letter aside, fell asleep and drifted off, back to the days when Randy and him were just ordinary kids dreaming of being stars in the ring, winning championships and just having fun. Back to the time when wrestling was all fun and games and they were happy. Back to the day when Randy and Evan could still call each other brothers.

Hotel Room Los Angeles

"So that's it then?" The room was dead silent, very different from how it was about five seconds ago when all that could be heard was screaming and things being thrown around. The short brunette woman let out a big sigh, and sat down rubbing her temples. They had been going at it for 30 minutes. Mostly mindless disputes over nothing, partially it was about their daughter, finances, not being there enough. This whole argument only led them to the obvious choice.

"I think it's best if we got a divorce."

"Yeah, for you."

"What is that supposed to mean Randall Keith Orton?" Randy stroke his beard slowly.

"You know exactly what that means Samantha. Of course you would want a divorce. You would end up getting not only Alanna, but my house, my money, my car, hell you'll take all that child support and spend it on your pimp!" He was slowly losing his cool. The mentioning of Sam's well known affair caused him to twitch his eye. The only reason he kept this marriage going was for Alanna, his baby girl. He didn't want to lose her. Not her, anything but her. She meant the world to him. After all, he already lost one thing that was important to him due to wrestling.

A slap ran across Randy's face.

"It might be over between us but don't you dare, EVER, think that I would do something that stupid Randy! Just because I met someone far better for me and far better a father for Alanna then you doesn't mean you can call me a bad mother!"

"THAT'S IT! I've had enough! God dammit, just leave now!" Randy clutched his back in agony, Wade Barrett did a pretty good job in their last match. Good enough to rearrange some of Randy's bones.

"I'll send you the divorce papers as soon as I meet up with an attorney. Don't ever come near me or Alanna ever again. You hear me? Or is the Viper going to be unleashed?" Randy was almost beyond his breaking point. He wanted to punch a wall.

"Goodbye Randy, don't you ever let me see your face again." And the door slammed shut behind her as Randy fell to the couch in pain and agony, lying on top of the remains from the stupid, useless, and pointless war between his ex-wife and him. He just sat there, not knowing what to do. Randy just wanted to lie still, forever. Forget about his worries, forget about his struggles, and instead remember the days in his childhood where all he could do was laugh and smile. Back to the place where his best friends were, the same place that he hasn't been back to in almost 10 years, back to the place where his family was whole and him and his brother were still getting along, they were even friends. Sadly, Randy could only reminisce of these old memories, there was no turning back, there was no way his family could be whole again, not after what happened the night he left. Randy just lay there, he appeared lifeless, and showed no emotion as he stayed like that for the next hour or so just staring at the ceiling, regretting his mistakes.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

Having been suspended for the next 1-2 months, Evan decided to do something that he hadn't done for 8 years or so, fly back to St. Louis. It had been a long while since he had last seen his house, the home that contained everything a boy could desire from toys, candy, video games, anything he had ever wanted, but most of all, the love of his family. Well, except for one missing person. Spending some time away from that Apex lunatic could actually be good for me thought Evan as he got off the plane, secured his luggage and traveled to the parking garage where his rental car was waiting for him. Before he could reach the car an all too familiar voice called to him from afar.

"Yo, Air Bourne, long time no see, or talk...little brother." Evan tensed up a bit. He didn't have to turn around to know who that was, he knew the voice too well, and not to mention it said little brother. It had to be the one and only Randy Orton himself.

"Well, well, if it isn't the Viper, what are you doing back here, aren't you supposed to be defending championships, RKO'ing people, giving people concussions i don't know something that doesn't involve being around me?" Evan hadn't spoken to Randy in 10 years. Well that was an over statement due to their jobs they had to speak to each other at least once every two years. Evan was extremely happy whenever he wasn't on the same brand as his older brother. He was the jobber after all getting pummeled by people like Sheamus, Jack Swagger and even Randy himself at one point. He didn't respect Randy anymore, not after the incident 10 years ago, there was no way things could go back to the way they used to be. It was impossible.

"Well, I can't really fling RKO's around when you know I have a back injury from being rolled down a staircase. I just thought visiting the old man wouldn't hurt."

"You would only come back because you got injured. I didn't see you with your ass back her in the past 10 years, not a very good son are you. You're not a good friend for that matter either huh? Kelly was alone when her best friend decided to leave when she was in a crisis and needed a shoulder to cry on."

Randy tense up. Kelly and Randy were best friends emphasis on the were part, they were friends since kindergarten. They were like siblings, they depended on each other for emotional support, but Randy left St. Louis one day to pursue his wrestling career without even saying anything to Kelly. He knew she wouldn't approve of his choice or his girlfriend. Kelly and Sam never got along Kelly was always suspicious of her and now he knew why. He just couldn't face her back then especially after he punched her boyfriend in the face claiming he was sleeping with another girl, but had no proof.

"She was crying? When?" Kelly was like a little sister to him. He hated seeing her in pain.

"A little late there superstar. That was 10 years ago. Kelly probably doesn't remember you anyways. You weren't a good friend."

"Hold up Evan, why do you have to be so cold man. We're brothers. Why can't we just act like we did in the good old days when me and you were buddies?"
To Evan this sounded all so fake, here he was the Apex Predator of the WWE acting like a normal guy off the street not the psychomaniac in the ring punting people.

"Maybe you should've thought of the outcomes from you're actions the day you took a step out the door. The day you changed everyone in our family's lives, BEFORE, you single handily cut the bonds that tied us together as brothers." And with that Evan opened the doors to his car placed his bags in and backed out of the parking space. Before he drove off he opened his car window to say one last word to his older brother, "I understand where Sam's coming from. To have a husband like you, I wouldn't blame her for cheating on you."

Evan drove off leaving Randy in shock. Evan knew about the affair? How long has he known? Did he tell Alanna? Randy was terrified, he didn't want his daughter to know that her mother was that kind of person nor could he imagine how badly Evan or Sam could've twisted the actual truth into this fabricated piece of bullcrap. One thing was completely clear to Randy from this point onwards, his objective for this visit wasn't just to visit his folks; Randy was going to make amends with Evan, Kelly, and a lot more people he probably didn't remember pissing off back in the day. Randy had to make things right, he didn't know how, but he was going to do it no matter how long it would take.

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