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She sat on knees frozen in disbelief. The words she never wanted to here in her life still echoed in her mind and odds were that they would stay with her for a long time.

The confrontation with her once best friend still lingered in her thoughts. It was only a few minutes after he walked out of the park and out of her life for good. She punched the floor angry at herself for not fighting harder.

She was angry at not just herself but at him for giving up so easily. How could he casually throw years of friendship and trust away just like that? After he had worked so hard to regain her trust, it turned out to be him who gave up in the end.

She didn't know how much time had passed. She could have sat there for hours and she wouldn't have cared. Time stood still for her as she relived some of their precious childhood moments together.

When? When did it turn out so bad for us? she wondered as she could only stare off into space and fill with regret.

"You guys find Evan yet?"

"So far the only clue we have is a text from him saying he's somewhere far away, but that's about it." Randy sighed as Kelly rubbed her temples in thought.

"Have you tried calling or texting him back?"

"No we're calling you to inform you because we haven't tried anything at all and are clueless children who need guidance on what to do." Punk scoffed as Sheamus grunted as having his phone stolen.

Everyone just rolled their eyes at him.

"I have some advice for you, go fuck yourself and give the phone back to Sheamus."

"Haha real funny Orton." Kelly pinched Randy on the arm and he grimaced.

"Ow! Kelly what was that for?"

"Don't be such an ass Randal. Apologize."

"But-" She glared at him and he had to swallow the lump forming in his throat before reluctantly taking the phone again.

"Fine, sorry Punk. Now can you please give the phone back to Sheamus?"

"Haha oh Randal of course I will do anything for you." Punk imitating Randy's high sweet voice. "He is so whipped by the way."

Sheamus chuckled before retaking the phone.

"What's our next plan of action fella?"

"Well let's see, we'll go look for Evan. You guys keep trying to contact with him."

"Wait is Tiffany with you guys?" Layla popped into the conversation.

"No she's at home planning her wedding why?"

"I tried calling her, but she isn't picking up. I rang her doorbell and she didn't answer either."

"Hmm that is strange. She must've gone out looking for him. We'll look for her while Punk and Sheamus look for Evan."


"Aw why do I have to go?"

"Punk shut up and get in the car." Punk frowned as AJ shoved him out the door.

"We'll give you a call if we find him."

"Alright thanks Sheamus. Until then."

"Right see ya." He turned towards Kelly. "Any idea where your sister is?"

"Well if I know anything about my sister she'd probably be at the park."

"Alright let's get looking.

He sat on the ground gazing up at the sky. Everything was peaceful; he was away from his friends and all the meddlesome problems. Resting on a rather deserted beach he felt relaxed.

As long as she's happy I will be satisfied.

The promise he made to himself floated around in his head, echoing over and over nonstop. He ran his hand through his hair and sighed.

Why can't I just forget about her?

His thoughts were interrupted by his phone vibrating in his pocket. It had happened many times before, but for some reason this time he felt like answering it.

"What is it?"

"So you are alive after all huh? Where are you?"

"Why does my current location matter at all to any of you?" He began to lie down on the ground and continued to stare at the sky as the girl on the other end started speaking again.

"Evan we're all worried about you. Is something wrong? You know you can talk to us about it."

"I appreciate the concern Layla but I don't think this problem is that easy to resolve."

"Evan we're friends. We'll help you through anything. Now tell us where you are so we can bring you home."

"I'm not going anywhere until Friday." He could here her begin a question, but at the the last minute stop and say something unexpected.

"Is this about Tiffany?" She was greeted with silence. All she could hear was the sound of cars and Evan's faint exhaling. "Are you trying to avoid her and Drew's wedding?"

Again no answer.

"Evan you need to tell her about your feelings."

"And do what? Get rejected again? Make her feel guilty for hurting her friend once more?" Before she could respond he stopped her.

"Look, she's happy with Drew. They're going to get married and spend the rest of their lives together. As long as she's happy, I'm happy."

"She won't be happy knowing that her friend is suffering in silence."

"It won't hurt her at all because we're not friends." It was Layla's turn to go silent.

"What do you mean not friends?"

"I broke off our friendship." He heard her inhale before pulling the phone away from his ear.

"EVAN BOURNE ORTON YOU DID WHAT NOW?" He sighed as he placed the phone down not needing to turn the speaker on at all.


"She loves Drew, she cares about him."


Evan canceled the call and went back to staring at the stars.

They just don't understand.

She sipped her cup of hot chocolate quietly on the couch as Randy paced back and forth in the living room.

"Randy stop that you're giving me a headache." He stopped and sat next to her on the couch.

"Sorry Kelly, I'm just confused. Why would he do such a stupid thing?" She nodded in agreement as she looked over at her sister who had been silent this while time.

"Are you okay Tiff?"

"Truthfully? No I'm not. I'm confused, baffled, and hurt. Evan's my best friend why would he do that?" Randy and Kelly just stared at each other knowing full well the reason why Evan was avoiding Tiffany.

"By the way why are you two soaking wet?" They looked at each other and nervously chuckled.

"Well you see..."

"Lots of things happened, but all that matters is that I broke up with Cody and me and Randy are together."

"Finally thank god." Both of them raised and eyebrow and glanced at Tiffany. She looked back unimpressed.

"Oh please don't act so surprised. I've been rooting for you guys since day one. I ship this pairing so hard. You have my blessing." She gave them a thumbs up and they just responded with a chuckle.

"Thanks Tiff, but right now we-" He was interrupted by his phone and excused himself. When he got into the kitchen he saw the text from Layla in all caps nonetheless. He decided to give her a call.

"Hey Layla got your message."


"Its certainly the only trait that we're known for."


"Please do share." After what seemed like an hour of ranting a lightbulb lit up in Randy's mind.

"Layla calm down. Listen! I know where he is. Call Punk and Sheamus and tell them to meet me at ..." After giving her in the information he turned and walked back into the living room.

"Hey something just came up I have to leave. Kelly you stay here with Tiff alright? Tiff you just sit here and plan for your wedding."

"But what about-"

"Don't worry me and the guys got this covered okay?" He sent a look at Kelly and right away she knew that he was probably leaving to go find Evan. She nodded and patted Tiffany on the back.

"Come on Tiff, leave it them, they'll find Evan for sure."

"O-Okay. Good luck and be careful." And with a nod of acknowledgement he went out the door. Tiffany let out a sigh. "Do you think he'll be alright?"

"Positive, now let's help you plan a wedding..."

"Where are we going Randal?"

"Shut up and wait like a good little boy."

"Stop focusing on the back seat and get your eyes back onto the road fella."

"I will when Punk shuts his mouth."

"This isn't the first time you've spoken to me, you know that's not going to happen."

"Do you see why I told you to sit in the front seat instead of him?"

"Clearly but I would prefer that you see the road." He grunted and turned his attention back to the road as Sheamus attempted to pacify Punk's whining. They were heading to an undisclosed location that according to Randy was the only place that Evan could possibly be found at this point.

"Where are we going?"

"I told you you'll know when we get there."

"But I'm tired."

"Quit your yapping or I'll kick your skull."

"Not before I knock your teeth down your throat with my knee."

"Guys can we at least try to be civil here?"

"No." They said in unison. Sheamus just rolled his eyes.

"Ah we're here."

"Finally." Punk took a look at their surroundings and in front of them stood a massive building. "Where the fuck are we?"

"In front of my mom's company, come on let's go he should be on the roof." Sheamus and Punk gave each other a confused look before following after Randy. After getting in the elevator and reaching the roof the boys stepped out and immediately shivered at the contact made with the cold St. Louis air.

"We better hurry I'm freezing my ass off over here." Punk grumbled as he rubbed his hands together furiously.

"I'm starting to turn pink." The tough Irishmen frowned as his pale white skin became visibly redder by the second.

"Come on you pansies this way." He gestured toward the side of the roof and all three quickly jogged their way over to the railings to find a figure leaning against them.

"Evan!" The figure jumped startled by the sound of Randy's voice. "There you are we've been looking all over for you." Randy approached his brother and slowly took off his hood. His face showed his shock at his brother's disheveled appearance.

"You look worse than Sheamus after a hangover." A pale elbow connected with his ribs and he let out a small yelp before mumbling something about it being just a joke.

"Not now Punk they're having a family moment." He eyed his brother up and down taking in his new 5 o'clock shadow and his unkempt sweatshirt.

"Surprised by my appearance? I am too. Must've been why Tiffany looked so shocked when she first saw me." He let out a forced grin as his brother furrowed his eyebrows.

"Evan what's going on? You ignore Tiffany's messages and calls, then you go do something as rash as ending your friendship? Come on this isn't like you." The other man sighed as he got up from his and approached the railing that he had left only a few seconds ago.

"It's a cruel world Randy, it's not very kind to me. It's left me such a precious and beautiful gift, but I can't touch it only watch it from afar and wish for it to be happy. It's come to my attention that I need to let these suppressed feelings go." He put his chin against his palm and sighed again. Randy walked up and positioned himself next to him on the railing.

"Unrequited love huh?" Evan nodded and he turned to look at the city lights. "Man it's rough not having the same feelings as the one you love. But you can't just end everything with her because of it."

"It hurts Randy." His hand balled into a fist and began to shake slightly. "Really badly. If I'm around her I'm happy, but also in immense pain because I can't do anything about it. I'll always be dependable little brother Evan. I'll never be anything more to her." Randy grasped his shoulder with his hand.

"Have you ever noticed how nice Tiffany's eyes are?" His brother widened his eyes before turning to face him.

"What now?"

"I said," He coughed, "have you ever noticed how nice her eyes are?" He furrowed his eyebrows again in confusion growing suspicious.

"Uh I guess so why?"

"Well, have you noticed the way they look when she's around Drew?" He shook his head. "They seem dull and disinterested. Her smiles, as beautiful as they are when they're genuine, look forced and half-assed when she's around him. Her laugh isn't as musical either."

"Are you telling me that you've been checking Tiffany out?" He only chuckled at his brother's annoyed expression.

"Dumbass I'm trying to tell you that she isn't in love with him, but with you." Before his brother could protest he continued. "When she's with you her eyes are bright and hopeful as if wishing for something more. She's better to be around too. When she smiles her eyes do too and you can feel an aura of warmth around her. You don't get anything like that from her when she's with Drew." He turned to face his brother. "Look all I'm saying is that you can tell she love's you more than him. If it meant breaking off her engagement to save your relationship with her she would. Not saying that she has though so don't get all BUT I WANT HER TO BE HAPPY on me okay?"

"What's your point Randy?"

"My point is that since we know that you two kids want to fuck like there is no tomorrow, Punk, Sheamus and the rest of the crew are going to help you win her over."

"But she's-"

"Getting married to the wrong guy." He smirked. "Trust us, we have a plan."

Time Skip to the Wedding (sorry I got lazy)

"How do I look?" She stood up and did a small twirl in her expensive wedding gown. Everyone in the room gasped.

"You look gorgeous."

"Work it girl."

"Woo we might need to call the fire department because there is a hotty in here." She blushed as her bridesmaids and sisters showered her in compliments and wolf whistles.

"Alright guys its time to stop embarassing the bride." Kelly stood beside her and put an arm around her back. "Now get out of here and go get changed. I need some alone time with my sister before I give her away."

"Pushy." Layla stuck her tongue out playfully as Eve scoffed and shoved her out the doorway.

"We'll see you in a bit." AJ winked knowing what Kelly was going to do next and closed the door. Kelly took a deep breath before turning to her sister.

"Tiffany I know you've always dreamed of this day now it's finally coming to fruition."

"Uh I think you're mistaking me for you Kells." She laughed as her sister pouted.

"I'm not that cliche. Okay where was I? Oh yeah," she cleared her throat "As your sister it is my responsibility to deem whether the guy you're about to marry is an acceptable man. Now I know you don't want to hear this right now, but are you sure you want to go through with this?"

"Are you doing the traditional 'let's give the bride wedding jitters on the big day' speech?"

"No no this is serious." She put her hand on her sister's shoulder. "Now I know I used to approve of Drew, I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread and that he was perfect for you, but now I have doubts." Her sister raised an eyebrow.

"You see he hangs around people like Cody and you know how much of a dirtbag he turned out to be."

"That's different Cody was a jerk all along you were just too blind to see it." She scoffed.

"I was not blind." Her sister looked at her skeptically. "Okay I was trapped in the honeymoon phase and I was depressed that my dream guy ran off to punch guys while being drenched in baby oil but thats not the point. I mean Drew has been acting different lately with his more sneaky behavior and suspicious actions."

"Not to mention that he looks evil." Their little sister Kaitlyn chimed in.

"Well it doesn't matter, Drew is a good man and he would never betray me."

"But Evan is such a better choice." The littlest blonde whined. "Plus don't you love him?"

"Of course I love him he's my" she hesitated. What was he to her? He ran off a few weeks back after ending their friendship and had avoided her since. She didn't know what they were anymore.

"Unrequited love?" Kelly offered and got a scowl from her sister.

"No, no such thing like that existed between us and it never will." She sighed and turned away. "Please don't do this to me."

"Tiff we just want you to be happy." Her little sister remarked.

"If you did then you would drop the subject. Please this is my wedding day, and I want to be at peace." Both sisters looked at each other hesitantly before facing her and nodding. With a smile she embraced her sisters and slowly began to doubt her own feelings.

"Hey Orton, what's this big surprise you have planned?" He shook his boss's hand with a smile on his face.

"Oh you'll find out soon H. Trust me it'll make your daughter really happy."

"You better hope that it will or your sorry ass is getting fired." He clapped him on the back.

"Uh isn't that blackmail?" The pale Irishmen asked. His girlfriend only chuckled.

"Trust me it isn't very effective? Remember, Punk's pushed his buttons for months and he's still here." Almost as if on cue Punk turned to face them and waved. Waving back less enthusiastically the Irishmen only sighed as his girlfriend pulled him over to the altar to get into position.

"Places guys." AJ pushed Punk over to his place next to Randy. He groaned and pretended to get upset but truthfully never could really be mad at the petite latina. Instruments began to play as the doors slowly opened to reveal Tiffany dressed in a luxurious white gown while being led to the altar by her father. She squeezed his arm gently and whispered, "Thank you for being here."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world." He grinned as she beamed.

"Is Stephanie here too?"

"3 o'clock." She turned her head slightly to see a middle aged woman smile brightly at her and wave. In return she smiled back.

"I'm happy that you guys decided to give her a chance."

"If you're happy, then we're happy dad." They both smiled as he led her to her soon to be husband and whispered jokingly "Break her heart and I'll break you McIntyre."

She playfully swatted him on the arm as Drew forced a smile. After a long boring speech from the priest that almost put Punk to sleep before he was nudged in the ribs by Sheamus to which he quietly mumbled "this is why I'm never getting married, stupid long ass speeches." the time for it to be official had arrived.

"If anybody has any reason as to why these two should not be united in holy matrimony please speak upnow or forever hold your peace." As if on cue Randy smiled and the doors burst open.

"Yeah I have a problem with that." Everybody gasped and turned to face the intruder. The groomsmen and bridesmaids just smiled to themselves as Evan made his way down the aisle dressed in a tux and a cleaned up look.

"He cleans up nice doesn't he?" Layla whispered to Kelly.

"Your work I presume?"

"Duh who else could pull it off?" They shared a laugh as Tiffany looked on stunned. He stopped, feet planted firmly on the ground as he looked straight into her eyes.

"I love you." Her breath hitched and everybody's eyes grew wide. Collective gasps could be heard around the church. "I've loved you since I first laid eyes on you as cliche as that sounds and I've been trying to hide them for your sake because I didn't want to lose what we had. But now I realize that I'd be a bigger fool than I already was if I let you escape from my grasps. I'd rather die than see you get married to this jerk."


"Hold on, what is all this? You have the nerve to crash my wedding? Security!"

"Not so fast Drew." Kelly stood in between Tiffany and Drew. "You're not exactly the best guy around and I'd be an idiot to let you marry her you cheating lying piece of shit."

"What are you talking about I haven-"

"Oh? Then what do these pictures show?" Layla handed her a stack of photos that she threw in Drew's face. Tiffany's eyes widened as she scanned the contents of the images. Drew was shown kissing and having dinner with another woman.

"Tiffany I swear I didn't cheat on you, this was before-"

"Before you left the airport to come to St. Louis." Layla affirmed as everybody started to whisper around them. "We even had the homewrecker confirm it herself. We recorded it too. Oh she also wanted me to tell you that it's over." She smirked as she highfived AJ and his face became clouded in rage.

"You, you meddler!" He pulled back in order to gain momentum to strike Kelly who stood tall as her sister backed away attempting to pull her sister with her out of the line of fire until a hand reached out and grabbed his firmly.

"Hey, hands off my girl scumbag." Randy growled as he squeezed tightly on Drew's wrist. "All yours sweetheart." He nodded towards Kelly and Drew's face turned just in time to receive a slap from Kelly's hand.

"Nice shot lass."

"Thanks Sheamus." He stepped back holding his swelling cheek.

"The evidence is all here, you've now been exposed as a lying cheating prick. Just leave before this gets any worse." Punk added as he stepped forward. "I'll even do you the honor of escorting you out."


"McIntyre." He froze as a very grumpy Hunter Hearst Helmsley rose up from his seat. "Run along before I decide to humiliate you in front of all these people you asswipe."

Looking back and forth between the groomsmen and the bridesmaids he panicked. Reaching over he pulled Tiffany into a hold and held her by the neck and backed away slowly.

"Tiffany!" Her sister shouted as she was being dragged away.

"Shut up! Everyone back off!" His grip tightened as everybody stayed in their spots. Looks of horror and worry became apparent on everybody's face.

"Drew, come on man don't dig yourself in deeper, just let her go and move on." Randy tried to reason but Drew spit at him.

"SHUT UP ORTON THIS DOESN'T CONCERN YOU." He almost went in for the kill before Kelly held him back. "Cody! Help!" Unknowingly Cody slithered out from the back and took hold of both AJ and Layla.

"Oi! Leave the girls alone you punks." He turned towards Punk. "No offense."

"None taken." He snarled as he turned to look at Cody with anger in his eyes. "Cody I swear on your ancestors if you hurt her I will make you pay."

"Try me." Cody smirked as he moved towards the back entrance. "No matter what Drew will have his bride one way or another."

"Look Drew it's over don't do this it's no good." Evan took a step forward.

"She loves me not you! She always has! She's the one thing that means something to me anymore don't take her away from me!" He shouted. Evan winced at his tone.

"Drew doing this won't make her want to marry you. It'll just make everyone hate you. That'll be an even worse situation. We won't hate you for this if you just give her back. Really, we're willing to look past all this and let you go. Just please don't hurt her and give her the freedom that she deserves."

His anger dispersed slowly as his grip loosened slightly. Cody looked at him in panic.

"Drew what the fuck are you doing?!" Seeing an opening the Celtic Warrior charged and Brogue Kicked Cody right in the face. Falling backwards and losing his grip on Layla he fell backwards with AJ still in his hold. He spit out a tooth as he groggily got up with the brunette still stuck in his hold. Loosening his grip slightly she pushed him away and then Punk jumped off a table shoulder tackling him to the ground. After a few punches and some not so child friendly language Punk was satisfied with his work and went to check on AJ. Drew looked at his friend in shock and that's when Evan took Tiffany's arm and pulled her towards him. In that split second Randy appeared out of nowhere and RKO'ed Drew laying him out on the aisle. Everyone stood up to look at the scene that unfolded before their eyes. For a second time seemed to stop until someone spoke up.

"Okay now that that's done, let's get you two married." Kaitlyn nudged Evan and Tiffany down the aisle and back up to the altar.

"Wait what marriage already?" Evan questioned.

"You two have loved each other for decades I mean might as well." Kelly remarked.

"Hey you two aren't getting off the hook either." Layla and Punk pushed both Randy and Kelly together in front of the priest.

"Wait what now?" Randy said slightly confused with the whole situation.

"You two couples have been hopelessly in love for years, just put a ring on it already." Layla yelled and AJ nodded.

"But I don't even have a ring yet." Mumbled both Evan and Randy.

"It's fine you goof." Kelly swatted Randy's shoulder playfully.

"Either way," Tiffany whispered. "I'm yours forever." They both declared at the same time as they kissed their significant others passionately on the lips. The priest slightly befuddled and recomposed himself before declaring, "I pronounce you husband and wife."

The audience deciding that there was nothing else to do clapped for the two happy pairs of newlyweds as even Hunter got slightly teary eyed. And on that day, after being severed for many years, old wounds finally healed and bonds were mended back together stronger than ever never to be torn apart again.

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