Author's Note: The following will shatter the world as you know it, so please brace yourself...I, The Moonclaw, do not own Legend of Zelda. Once your shock has faded, please continue reading this note to explain the following as it will not appear on every chapter.

Oh boy, it's me you can't guess what this is! As usual, this is a humor story, this time featuring scenes from most LOZ games. Because don't take it too seriously and be aware that I truly love these games. If I didn't, I wouldn't find them fun enough to write about at all!

Each chapter will feature a different scene, and will have the initials of the game it is from. They may also have another set of initials if anything is refrenced from another LOZ game. This is just to help everyone and to avoid any possibly spoilers, I guess.

Also, the rating is just to be safe, and seemed good since I believe the games are rated this as well.

"Please save my sweet Ruto!" the Zora King begged.

Link nodded, "Of course."

"I'll move so you can get to Lord Jabba Jubu."

Link watched as the fish king slid half an inch to the side, and then another half inch.

"Weep, weep…"

After a few seconds, the hero shook himself out of his disbelief, "Umm…I can, uh, make it through there…"

"Weep, weep,"

"I'm really small, you've moved plenty."

"Weep, weep,"

"No…really, you've moved enough,"

"Weep, weep,"

Link sighed and hung his head, shoulders drooping. "I'm going to be here awhile…"

Auother's Note:

Did anyone else laugh the first time they saw it? And then each re-play yell at the king that he had moved enough? I know you have...