Alright, for those who did not see the original version: This story is meant to be an attempt at creating a hopefully realistic example of what Portal 3 might be. Due to this, there will be nine "chapters" just like the game. But due to the length of a Portal 2 chapter compared to a fanfic chapter, the nine true chapters will be split into several parts. So, without further ado:

Portal Cubed

Chapter 1: The Rude Awakening, Part I

Darkness. How uncomfortable this old mattress was. Grogginess. These were the feelings running through Chell's mind as she slowly woke up. There was some sort of noise penetrating her half-asleep haze, but at this point she couldn't decipher it. Slowly but surely, Chell forced her eyes open and glanced around at the depilated apartment she'd made her home for the past few months. The wallpaper was peeling in almost every area, her mattress had been scavenged from a garbage dump, her companion cube had somehow fired a blue portal onto the wall... Wait. What?

Chell immediately sat up, fully awake. She then noticed something was sitting in her lap, and looked down at the object.

"Brilliant, you're awake!" Wheatley raised his lower optic shutter to mimic a human smile. "Listen, I am so sorry about what happened before. I was monstrous, and evil, and I am truly sorry..." While Wheatley continued to ramble out apology after apology, Chell leapt off the bed and started looking around in absolute shock.

"I don't know what came over me! Just, I had to test, and then you stopped doing them right! I just got so angry..." How in the heck was Wheatley not in space, and more importantly what was that portal doing in her room? Chell leaned to her left to look inside the portal and her heart dropped. "I'm sorry about the testing, and the cubes, and the part where I tried to kill you..." Inside was the unmistakable sight of the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center.

Chell turned away from the portal and haplessly paced around the apartment. Surely there was something here that would show this to be just a bad dream. Nothing seemed out of place besides Wheatley and the portal. Next Chell shut her eyes and mentally counted to ten. When she opened them, everything would be back to normal, in theory. However she couldn't get past one, as Wheatley continued babbling.

"Oh, and I'm really sorry about calling you 'fatty-fatty-no-parents'. That was low, even for me..." Chell could no longer deny what has happening. She had escaped Aperture, and now it had found her again.

"Are you even listening? Here I am, spilling my heart out, and you don't even care do you!" Wheatley yelled, snapping Chell out of her shock at all that was occurring. Chell turned her attention back the personality core. She was excellent at murder, but also forgiveness; not immediately smashing "PotatOS" but willing to hear the AI out spoke volumes in that regard. Indeed, Chell had noticed the connection between Wheatley being plugged in the mainframe turning evil, and GLaDOS being removed and turning less-psychopathic.

Her decision made, Chell gently placed her hand atop Wheatley's spherical body and smiled at him. "Y-you forgive me?" She nodded and Wheatley's optic seemed to glow even brighter than normal with joy. "Thank you! Thank you so much. I promise I will never, ever, hurt you or let anything bad happen to you ever again!" Wheatley paused for a moment, and Chell could tell that something bad was coming next. "Well, forget the nothing bad happening to you part. That's part of why I'm here actually."

"Now you're probably wondering 'Wheatley, how'd you get out of space?' or 'Why's there a portal on the wall over there?'. It's actually a pretty riveting story, but way too long. We have to go now." Wheatley turned to face the portal on the wall. "So just jump on through that portal there, and I'll explain everything once we have time." Chell stared at the sphere as if he was a madman. "Seriously, go in there. Something very, very, very bad has happened and you're probably the only person who can fix it."

Chell crossed her arms at Wheatley and glared at him. Did he really think that she'd go back to Aperture, willingly, in her lifetime? "C'mon, it's really bad! Trust me we need you back. Wait, you're probably not too willing to trust me after everything, uh, so... just... forget that last part and go through the portal." Chell didn't budge. "Please, luv. You have to go! It's the most important thing that has ever happened ever... FOREVER!" When she still showed no signs of moving Wheatley lowered his optic in the saddest looking way possible for a robot without any real face.

"I'm so sorry, but you really have to come back. Please don't hate me again." Chell didn't have to wonder what Wheatley was talking about for long, as a spindly creature emerged from the portal. It had a purple eyed personality core for a 'head', with a thin metallic body underneath.

"Please assume the party escort submission position." The Party Escort Bot bashed Chell over the head with its surprisingly strong fist, and everything went black.

Chell woke with a splitting headache in a featureless white room, made up of familiar looking panels. She looked down and noticed that once more she was wearing an Aperture Science jumpsuit and long fall boots. In front of her lay a handheld portal device, she slowly reached out and grabbed it. Grasping the portal gun, Chell stood up and was rather disturbed to think about how right and at home this made her feel.

Directly above her one panel retracted and Wheatley descended from it. "Again, really sorry about that. I promise I'll explain everything soon. But first, you need to do some tests. Just simple ones, a formality really. We need to make sure you still remember how to think with portals and to make sure didn't get any more brain damage from the escort bot."

Chell surveyed this first test and saw nothing except an open door leading to an elevator. She nervously walked over to the door, expecting deadly neurotoxin or turrets, or some new horror to pop out and kill her, but nothing happened. Chell walked through the door, passed through the emancipation grill, and got into the lift with no fanfare.

"You know, She told me that the reason you can't talk is because one of those things emancipated your vocal cords. I don't know if She's telling the truth, and of course you're not going to answer me. But, food for thought." Wheatley said, presumably from the same type of intercom GLaDOS would use to communicate with her. The lift moved downward, stopping at a new test chamber.

"Alright, this one's gonna be a wee-bit trickier, so prepare yourself." Chell nearly face-palmed when she saw what Wheatley meant by 'trickier'. The room was exactly the same, except that now the door was closed, and a button was in the center of the room. Eager to get whatever was going on over with, she ran up to the button and pressed it. The door opened, as expected, and Chell went through and into the next lift.

"Just like the good old days, eh luv?" Chell frowned in response. "Not the bad good old days, mind you. I mean the ones where we were friends. Best mates, on a grand adventure!" The lift finished its decent and Chell entered the next chamber.

This one had a small depression in the center, forcing Chell to use portals to get to the other side. Two tests in, and only now she had to use the portal gun. If GLaDOS was dead, she'd be rolling in her grave at this mockery of testing. Chell quickly shot a blue portal at the wall to her left and an orange portal across the depression. She stepped through and exited the room.

"Bravo! Bravo. I've gotta' be honest here, I did not think you'd be able to solve that. I mean the escort bot bloody knocked your lights out, I'm surprised you can even walk straight let alone fire a portal gun. Just look at the size of that welt! When this is over, I highly recommend that you get that checked." Chell rubbed the top of her head and found there was a massive bump there. She grimaced but decided there was nothing she could do about any potential head trauma now and might as well continue on testing.

Chell entered the next chamber hoping at least something interesting would be inside. Never had navigation through a demented facility while being forced to solve tests whose value to science was rather ambiguous been so boring."Now we're gonna' do a little refresher course on your old friends: cube and button based technology." Chell pinched the bridge of her nose; between the awful headache and awful-er tests her patience had worn thin. Whatever "super bad thing" Wheatley was talking about had better be catastrophic, or she'd replace forgiving him with using the personality core as a soccer ball.

Not even a single portal had to be used; she simply had to pick a cube with the portal gun's tractor beam, and place in on a button.

"So... How's the surface? From what I saw it doesn't seem all that good. Everything's all worn-down and shoddy... It almost looked like one of those abandoned test shafts. Were there even any other humans up here?" Chell stopped dead in her tracks at Wheatley's question. She wracked her brain, but couldn't seem to remember anything about her life post-Aperture. This was not good.

"Wot's wrong? You look like this core I used know when he would download too much information for his processors to handle. He'd spark and short out for a few minutes. You're not gonna short out are you? 'Cause that would be bad." Chell shook her head and made a mental note to look up the symptoms of a concussion if the opportunity presented itself. "Good. But, I think that's enough chatter for now. We've gotta get back to testing. She'll be mad if we don't finish soon."

She. Chell had nearly forgotten about GLaDOS in the past few chambers. Between her possible concussion, the boringly simple tests, and Wheatley's rambling she hadn't had time to wonder where Aperture's AI Goddess was in all this. She quickly placed the cube on the button and exited the test chamber.

"Just two more test chambers, then I can explain everything." The promise of an actual explanation for what had so far been the most annoying day in Chell's life spurred her forward and she sprinted into the next room. "WAIT! STOP!"

"Target acquired." Upon hearing those deceivingly cheerful words Chell instinctively dove for the ground as bullets sprayed through the space she'd just been in. A rush of adrenalin flooded through Chell's body and she couldn't help but grin. This was a test.

"Yeah... this test has turrets in it. I probably should've mentioned that beforehand. But you're not dead, so it looks like you've got things figured out." Chell crawled back into the chamber's entryway, out of the turret's line of sight, and planned her next move. She cautiously peaked into the room and saw three turrets placed in a triangle formation and nothing else. Her adrenalin rush faded, it seemed that to solve this test all she had to was get to the door without being shot.

Chell aimed her portal gun beneath the nearest turret and fired, the placed a second portal on the ceiling above another. The first turret fell through the portal and onto its comrade with a satisfying crunch and both of them deactivated. She quickly repeated the portal-fall with the remaining turret. Chell stepped out into the now safe chamber and sighed, these 'tests' had managed to make freaking turrets boring.

"You've done wonderful, luv. But it's time for the final test. A test more challenging, dangerous, and complex than any ever before it. A proper deathtrap if there ever was one. I hope you're prepared..." Chell rolled her eyes and tried to picture the 'deathtrap'. What could it be? Turrets AND a button maybe? How challenging! Chell boarded the lift and proceeded to her 'final test'.

She had become so used to these ridiculous attempts at 'challenges' that she didn't even bother looking at the test chamber's standard hazard warning sign. Had Chell done that she would likely have done a double-take. Chell turned a corner and blindly stepped forward, only for her foot to find no purchase. She fell forward and waved her arms frantically in an attempt to prevent herself from falling into what she now saw the chamber to be: a bottomless pit. Excursion funnels came from the wall, each with a turret inside, all of them promptly put their laser-sights on the test subject. The ceiling was made up entirely of mashey-spike plates, poised to reduce her, and everything else in the chamber, to paste.

Chell managed to regain her footing and step back from the edge just as the spike plates descended, crushing the turrets before they could fire at her. The crushers had destroyed the excursion funnels as well though, leaving Chell seemingly no way to get to the door at the other end of the room.

"I see you haven't lost your touch at being ridiculously hard to kill. Welcome back."