Juvenile Radiance

The high Moon glistened its pure white shine that its brilliance shown at the lake's bottom where the wedding was held. The wind still, and the crickets composed their melodies, when my betrothed came to me.

Kaguya, the Moon Princess, welcomed her. A regal in earthly form, witnessed my wedding. She invested her power and her blessed sympathies unto us, the newlyweds. Her slender hand waved her leafy branch she held from side to side to end our less than festive ceremony. There were no other witnesses. At the time I thought, not only would it betray my skepticism trusting the leering eyes of men, but unwanted publicity was something I judged harshly with the immediate blade fastened by my side. In silence, I held my peace, when Kaguya questioned my mild concerns. The summer midnight sighed a chill wind and we both acknowledged each others presence on this fated night. The noble maiden claimed to be from the Moon subsequently from the myths shrouding her being in later generations, specially the height of the Heian Era. This unfortunately attributed her.

However, from what I knew, Kaguya was only a girl interested in understanding the paths of stars. Believing in great reverence how the luminous speckles effected the lives of many who lived in our small village, she professed a slither of her passion on a wide, starry night. "Doesn't that look like a swan to you?" She asked, pointing an eager finger to a pattern stitched in the sky. "Doesn't it?" Kaguya's polite voice then was demanding, judging, above all, certain. "I think it does."

"I asked you nearly the same thing about the clouds today." I said, and sat next to her under the oak tree. "If we get caught again, I'll blame you." The first time we missed curfew, her good mother dragged me out the early morning to do errands usually meant for her. "I hate drawing water for the stupid cattle."

The dark eyed girl gasped my lament. "She's not stupid. She has feelings too. You be nice to her."

"You'll only find fault later."

"What do you mean? Find fault with who? What?" Kaguya fastened her hands on her hips. The long skirt she wore twirled when her toes spun her body around, her face flustered an innocent pink. "You're so vague with everything you say. So gloomy. What would people think about you when you grown up?"

"Nothing really." She huffed, droning a low growl, and pushed me. Immediately after, she apologized for her sudden assault. "You better, no one likes to be hurt by some sickly snivel."

"So mean." Her pout exhausted her small body, her head laid atop my arm. "I'm sorry."

"...Whatever. Not like you know anything about growing up anyway. You still haven't bleed yet." My mood mellowed when she fell asleep. Thoughts wandered as I gazed at the sky. "It's... honestly, a duck."

Author's Note: Wondering who's the speaker? The only hint I'll give is that this character has a special bond with Kaguya. Please no spoiling in the review.