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Scared of Brynn

I have to question Brynn's sanity while he is in this state. As he faces me with his dark eyes under those light lashes, his holy-cow-sharp fangs shining revealingly in a dangerous smile... As he looks at me now with an insatiable hunger, I can't help but think he is inhuman. How much of Brynn is still here, and how much is something else? Or is this still entirely him? Why not stay for tea, he says as he backs me against a table. I laugh nervously as I stutter meaningless excuses. I gulp when he has me trapped, his torso and those fangs—that I would rather avoid, mind you—leaning ever closer.

My face colours with a deep red when I remember other times we were this close, one in which we kissed. Quite passionately, too. As much as I may care for him, however, there is much to be said about the willingness to die by being consumed by a wild Brynn. Though, he seems thoughtful right now. His expression is not smiling anymore, but it is not anything else either. I cannot read him. Maybe he's realizing what he's doing?

"Brynn...?" I ask hopefully to snap him out of it. I watch warily as his hands come up on either side of my shoulders, and-

Shove them hard into a wooden surface. I'm guessing that's the table I backed into. My eyes bug out.

"Ah, hey! No, wait, I'm too young to die!"

He growls at me. He actually growls at me.

"… Er, just sayin'. What're you… Eee! Hey, that tickles!"

A nervous giggle escapes me as his lips and teeth nip around my throat. I can feel my heart race and my instinct to flee burning through my veins.

"Brynn! I…" Something surprising stops me from continuing. "Mm-mm!"

While my voice is stifled by a mouth, there is a lot of shuffling going on with us before,

"Hahh…" I finally gasp for breath, then exclaim, "Brynn! Ah... Are y-you oka—"

A large clatter interrupts me. Books are strewn haphazardly across the floor while I'm pinned with my back against the table. Brynn leans over me scandalously between my legs with an impish grin. Quite uncharacteristic of him to ignore books like that…

"Oh… Are those not importa- ah!"

Goddess, his hands.


He touches his forehead to mine as he whispers my name tenderly and wanting, so tempting that I could...

"Ah..." I breathe.,"...What?"

"I'm so damn hungry."

I freeze. I knew it, he wants to eat me!

"I want you."

There arises sounds of shuffling as I try to move him off or slip away from him, quite sure that his voracious mouth and tightly gripping hands on me are foreplay to when he'll finally consume me alive. But soon, that eventually transforms into something else, and before we're aware of what's really happening, suspicious noises start filling the closed laboratory. One… no, two… of which are not moans of agony from being eaten alive or being emasculated by blasts of ice.

This is going to be awkward, come morning.