SUMMARY: a nerd at shikon high school and not really popular, but kagome wakes up to find the most popular and hot guy in school next to her in bed, cheerleaders and jocks in her living and the house a complete mess, …all this and she can't remember one thing that happened.


"AAAHHHHHHHHH!" kagome woke up screaming, looking at Sesshoumaru lying next to her in bed sleeping. She immediately threw her hands over her mouth to shut herself up. She tilted her head in awe of his beauty.

She suddenly giggled and her eyes started roaming down his body. She stopped before her eyes could reach his lower body section. She rolled her eyes, questioning why she was eyeing him. Sesshoumaru suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist. Kagome blushed at it, she giggled, realizing she might wake somebody up she immediately shut up.

She slowly removed his hand, stood up and looked everywhere. "What happ…happened?" she slowly walked downstairs. There were beer, liquor and shots bottles everywhere; a few naked jocks were sleeping on the sofa. The school's mascot knocked out in the bathroom.

Kagome gulped and continued to examine the house. Toilet paper was taped to the wall saying, 'me so horny'

Kagome gasped and brought it down. She kept rocking back and forth with her balance because she was still jacked up from last night; her vision was still a little bit blurry. She shook her head then rubbed her forehead, "What the hell happened last night?"

Kagome turned to walk away when she saw like fifty live pink flamingos, each spray painted with numbers, in the pond bathing and eating the fish. Kagome gasped and slowly started walking away as if she saw nothing.

She made her was to the pool and screamed, the cheerleaders were all wearing bikinis sleeping by the Jacuzzi; under the hot blazing sun. Kagome screamed and ran forward, pulling each cheerleader under the shade before they got really tanned and she knew the cheerleaders wouldn't like that.

She fell on the ground panting heavily trying to catch her breath. Kagome groaned then whimpered like a child, "I'm so dead! What happened! Who did this?" kagome stopped and looked around.

Kagome gasped and stood up and ran for the car; she stood gazing at the top of the limo. "UNCLE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE? UNCLE!...UN….UNCLE!" kagome screamed frustrated, so she decides to climb on top of the car but kept slipping and hitting her head against the side view mirror.

She fell to ground and whimpered like a baby, punching the ground frustrated. "What happe…happened!" she stood up and whimpered childishly. She opened the passenger side of the car and stood on top of the door steps.

She managed to grab her uncle's t-shirt, finding nowhere else to grab. Kagome sighed and grabbed for his hair. 'Sorry uncle, I know that your hair is your pride and joy but….it's that or 3rd degree burn.'

Kagome slowly lowered her foot down to the ground; finding that her foot is supported, she roughly pulled her uncle down. Kagome screamed as he slipped down from the car and hit his head on the ground still passed out. Kagome stepped back but slipped and hit her butt on the ground.

"AAAHHHH! DAMN IT!" kagome pulled her hair all stressed out. She glanced over to see what had made her trip, she gasp, "GRANDPA?"

Her grandpa slowly opened his eyes and smiled, he slowly lifted his hand with cup of beer in his grasp, "K-K-k….kagome?" kagome panted heavily, "OH MY GOSH! ARE YOU…OKAY?" kagome smiled innocently crawling over to see if he was okay.

Her grandpa and nodded his head, "kagome...CHEERS TO THE FREAKEN…" before the grandpa could say anything he blacked out. Kagome jumped back horrified. "G-g-grandpa?"

She managed to get her uncle and grandpa in the house. She sat down and sighed, she looked everywhere and whimpered.

The windows were painted 'party whores' kagome sighed, 'that must be the cheerleaders doing.' She glanced towards the other windows and sighed, 'my dick is supersized.' Kagome whimpered, 'now obviously those are the jocks.' She saw other windows that had pictures of boobs and sex positions.

Kagome forced herself up and made her way to the kitchen and yelled, "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?"

Her best friends were lying on top of their boyfriend's naked, kagome groaned disgusted. She removed her best friends from their boyfriends and put a blanket over them. She turned to see their boyfriends.

She squeaked and looked away, she knew her eyes were going to stray. She slowly laid a blanket over them looking away. She stood up straight and let out a deep sigh. She glanced around to see hundreds of pizza box's all over the place.

Kagome walked to the back yard and cried. There was a big stage with a huge flat screen TV, and it was playing porn. Everybody that was in the back yard were guys, some half naked and some fully naked.

Kagome walked over and turned the video; she grabbed all of it and walked in her dad's office. She opened the door and gasped as if she was going to black out.

There was the school cheerleader's squad captain bending over the desk with her brother in the back of her; both knocked out. "WHAT….SOUTA! GET OUTTA HERE! THIS IS DAD'S OFF…OFFICE!" she laid the video's down.

She went to the bathroom, got water and poured it over them. They both woke up freezing. Souta could barely look at her sister; "SIS!" kagome glanced at the cheerleader who was smiling and waving at her. Kagome groaned and grabbed both of them and shoved them in souta's room. She sighed and locked the door, "wouldn't want dad and mom finding out."

She then walked to her dad's office and threw the videos in the fire. She cleaned up the mess which wasn't much and then sanitized the office with the smell that Souta and his girlfriend left. She grabbed the office key, exited the room and then locked it.

She quickly went to her room to find Sesshoumaru still sleeping. She sighed and slowly crept up to him. She sat next to him, nudging him to wake up. "Sesshoumaru? Sesshoumaaarruu?" kagome sighed but kept trying, "Sessh….."

Kagome jumped when sesshoumaru wrapped one of his muscular arms around her waist and pulled her in; this made her lay on top of him. She breathed slowly on him, watching him sleep. Kagome slowly removed his arm when she stopped to hear Sesshoumaru moan her name.

Kagome jumped back shocked, "No…." she looked down at herself, "Did we…?" kagome's eyes shot up, tilting her head, whimpering, "Did we?"

She walked to where the telephone was and attempted to grab the phone when she saw a note next to it. She looked at for a while slightly confused.

She slowly grabbed it and opened it. She sighed and started reading.

Okay kagome,

Now it's mom!

Me and dad are gone for the week; we'll be back next week Friday okay! In the meantime, take care of grandpa and Souta…oh and especially the house oookkkaaayyy….

p.s we TRUST you.

Smiley face!

Love mommy and daddy Higurashi.

Kagome sighed relieved; she turned to see the calendar right in front of her. She slowly tilted her head to read it; realizing what today date is, she panted heavily and screamed.