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If a teacher has to get hit by a car, it's nice to have it happen right before a field trip.

Now, Gohan knew those words were both rather inconsiderate to the teacher, and something average kids usually wouldn't say, but he had given up trying to be average a long time ago. Now he was just trying to just hide his abnormalities from his new friends. This incident thankfully saved him from having to worry about them learning things that he rather they wouldn't. Besides, their class really didn't need to go on any more field trips.

So instead of being at Capsule Corp, or some famous landmark in Satan City, or wherever it was they were going the class found themselves sitting in homeroom with the teacher the next room over telling them to behave.

Gohan had to feel bad for the guy. Taking care of one mob of students seemed to take its toll on a person, but to have to handle two at once was a fate he wouldn't wish on anyone. Especially since this class was particularly... annoying.

"I can't believe this. Of all days, he decided to get hit by a car today," Sharpner grumbled.

Erasa had to agree. "Ya! Why didn't he get hit last week before that test?"

"Erasa!" whispered Videl harshly. "The guy got hit by a car! He's lucky to be alive, let alone walk away with only a broken arm. How can you say that kinda stuff?"

"Well, if he had to get hit, the least he could do would be to get hit the day before something bad like a test or something. But nooo, of course not. He gets hit before a field trip!"

Hmm, maybe Gohan was more normal than he gave himself credit for.

Videl sighed, shaking her head. "Just do your homework Erasa. If we get it done, maybe they'll let us play some board games or something."

The blonds continued to pout and whine in protest, but Gohan had started the worksheets as soon as he got them and Videl had been quick to follow. It was a little competition they had developed over the two months they had come to know each other. Videl had always been the top of her class. School smarts didn't come naturally to her, but hard work did. The ease with which Gohan aced everything annoyed Videl to no end.

For the first time, she just couldn't get first place. Sports? Gohan always seemed to know exactly where to be and how to break the laws of physics to get there despite never playing the game before. Tests? Gohan was always the first done with perfect scores. Helping people? Not only could Gohan help teach other people better than the teacher, he could hear an eraser drop from two miles away and he would be there to pick it up for the person within seconds even if he was running late for something.

It irked Videl. No one person could be this... this... annoying! So Videl had made it her personal mission to beat Gohan in something. Anything. And that's why she was racing through her homework in an attempt to beat him at his own game.

Videl could feel it. Today was her day. She had been at the scene the night before, so she knew there would be no field trip today. She made sure to go to bed on time. But Gohan hadn't known. He had probably stayed up late. Let himself slip. It was now or never! This could be her only chance, and Videl knew-

"Uh, Videl, question five should be 85 lbs, not 83," Gohan pointed out.


Looking up, Videl found Gohan looking over her desk. Looking back down, Videl found in fact that he was right. She had been rushing to much, and made a mistake.

"You... stop looking at my paper!" Videl exclaimed, put off. "You trying to cheat or something?"

"N-no! Of course not, I'm already done. See?" Gohan nervously replied back.

Just as he said, Gohan held up his paper to show Videl that he was done. She could only sit there, looking at the paper in front of her. Each question answered completely and neatly. Her hands balled into fists, her pencil snapping as she looked down to try and hide her rage. She jerked up to her feet, storming out of the room.

"Did I... do something wrong?"

"Books, stop pissing off your girlfriend all the time. It's hard to watch."

"G-g-g-girlfriend! Sharpner, y-you... what are you talking about?"

Erasa and Sharpner both looked at Gohan with a stupefied glare. Sharpner was the first to regain his voice. "He hasn't asked her out yet."

"I can't believe it..." Erasa mumbled.

Sharpner stood and turned to go. "I'll be right back-"

Erasa grabbed his arm, giving the boy a tug. "No you're not, you're going to let Gohan go comfort Videl because you're a good friend."

"But I don't wanna be a good friend."

"Now Gohan," said Erasa calmly, choosing to ignore Sharpner, "rule one of girls is that you never point out their flaws."

"What flaws?" Gohan asked innocently.


"But I... just wanted to compare answers with her."

"When someone compares answers with you Books, all they're gonna see is all the mistakes they made," Sharpner pointed out.

Gohan looked down at his paper, looking back and forth from Videl's. "That's not true. For a while now Videl and I have been comparing answers. The only reason I do so well on everything is because I catch my mistakes after looking at hers... see? Here we are, I got six wrong."

The blonds weren't able to help themselves, and quickly they were crowded around the papers. Sharpner was shocked. "I'll be damned, Books did get it wrong."

"Does Videl know about this?"

Gohan blinked, confused at the question. "What else would she think?"

"Well, I've known her for a long time. She wouldn't look at it as you two were the first two done. She'd look at it like you were the first one done, as in before her." Erasa poked Gohan's chest for emphasis.

Gohan recoiled slightly from the poke. "You... really think so? But why?"

"She's very competitive Books, you should know at least that by now."

Gohan had to admit that was true. Especially with his alter ego, but he had never been able to figure out why. Was it really so simple as her hating being in second?

"I should... go talk to her."

Erasa smiled, giving a nod. "I agree. You gotta be clear with that girl, you hear me Gohan?"

"I hear you, I hear you," assured Gohan, smiling nervously as he stood to track Videl down. "I'll go talk to her."

The blonds watched as Gohan rushed out of the room, nearly stumbling over a few people along the way. As he exited the door however, the two turned to the papers their straight A friends happened to leave behind.

Down the hall, at the school's only vending machine, Videl picked her favorite yogurt to help calm herself down. Honestly, she felt like a spoiled child who hadn't gotten her way so she stormed out. How old was she? 'Cause for a teenager, she sure acted like a kid. She hated herself for getting like this. But Gohan was just so... so... annoying?

"Videl!" Gohan called as he rushed up to Videl, smiling nervously as she shot a glare at him on instinct.


Instantly, Gohan bowed his head down. "I'm sorry!"

"For what?" sputtered Videl. She had been the one acting spoiled, why was he the one saying sorry?

"Well... I didn't mean to, but I might have... kinda, unintentionally have been rubbing in my scores without knowing it. I'm really sorry."

"N... no, Gohan, really it's okay. I'm just... ."

"Competitive?" he finished for her.

"I guess you could put it like that."

Gohan smiled, straightening up as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, all I really wanted was to check my answers with you."

"Check... huh?"

"You see..." Gohan squirmed uneasily, glancing to his side. "I get one wrong every now and then, so it's nice to check my answers with you. You're very smart... and well, pretty fast too. I didn't mean to shove my answers in your face."

Videl's eyes were wide, her mind making sense of what she had been just told. Could it really have been that simple?

"It's just, that all this homework is so easy, I tend to get careless and make mistakes. You know how it gets, right?"

Videl glanced down, her bangs hiding her eyes.

"Videl? Right? … Videl?"

"Ha... ha... easy? You... you... are so annoying!"


Gohan blinked, but didn't have the time to ask Videl what she meant. Quickly she shot at him, a flame of pure frustration in her eyes. Gohan could only dodge and dash away, Videl in hot pursuit. By the time Gohan ducked into the room, Videl still behind him, the entire was completely finished with their homework amazingly.

Sharpner and Erasa waved over to the two, and Gohan smiled nervously as he pointed towards the game they had already set up.

Videl grumbled, sitting down in her chair. "How is it that everyone's already done with their work anyway?"

Erasa giggled, setting up Monopoly. "Oh, you know. Everyone just wanted to be done is all!"

"Hmm." Gohan looked over the board. The name of the game sounded familiar, but he himself had never played. "So the goal is to make everyone else go under?"

"You figured that all out by looking at the board Books?"

"Well, that and the instructions are on the bottom of the box over there."

Sharpner glanced over, placing the car piece on the first square. "Oh... well, ya."

"So..." asked Erasa, "who ever rolls highest goes first?"

Videl smiled confidently. "Sounds good to me!"

And after Gohan won at the dice, he picked them up to roll for his first move. "... beginners luck?"

Videl growled under her breath, glaring daggers at the spiky haired teen. "You... are so... annoying!"