Chapter 4

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He was surrounded by Videl fairies.

They had pretty white and blue wings with pretty, fluffy pink dresses, a pretty wand in each of their hands, and they were singing a beautiful tune to him. He felt nice and at peace; it was very pleasant indeed.

But slowly, the tune became less and less pretty, as the fairies got closer and closer to one another, before merging into one. But it wasn't a fairy that was standing before Gohan now; no, it was a flower-clad Videl. A very creepy-looking flower-clad Videl.

"I'm huunnnngryyyy!" she complained, stepping toward him. Gohan wasn't reassured at all and kept stepping back the more the creepy looking Videl got closer to him. She had a crazy glint in her eyes, and the Son boy was thoroughly afraid of what she was going to do to him.

She smirked, sending chills down Gohan's spine at the mere sight, and he only got more scared at what she said next.

"You look like a tasty donut."

His eyes widened, and then he looked down at himself, noticing for the first time that he was wearing a strange donut outfit. Struck with horror, the poor boy dashed as fast as he could, hoping to put as much distance as possible between him and the creepy and hungry girl. Why a flower would eat a donut, he didn't know, but his top priorities was to run away from Videl. He did not want to become her meal.

But no matter how fast he was running, the flower-clad girl was still behind him, and even closing up on him! He was beginning to panic; he didn't want to be eaten by a crazy flower!

His run came to a stop when he ran into something and fell backward. Taking a moment to clear his mind, Gohan looked up to see what he had bumped into, only to see the ever infamous Frying Pan of Doom, held firmly in his mother's hands.

"Why are you running around pointlessly? You should be training instead! Did you forget what happened last time you forgot to train?" she scolded severely.


It was all he could utter. What on earth was his mother talking about? Since when did she want him to train? Did he land in some kind of alternate dimension or something?

"Brother, you're here! Finally! Now we can eat!"

Gohan looked towards Goten's voice, expecting him to be sat at the table and ready to eat-only to widen his eyes in horror.

Here, before him, stood his cheerful little brother. Dressed like a flower. And he was walking toward Gohan with fork and knife ready in his hands.

"Yummy donut!" Goten exclaimed while leaping at the still donut-clad Gohan.


Jumping out of the way, the Son eldest ran away again, the youngest hot on his trail. And when Gohan looked back, he saw in fear that Videl was also running after him now, along with his little brother, both dressed as flowers and wanting to eat him.

In the background, he could hear his mother yelling after him "Gohan! I told you to go train! You gotta be the strongest warrior in the universe! No son of mine will be a weakling scholar!"

But as he kept running, what he came across next shocked him beyond belief. Somehow, he ran into Vegeta and Trunks, and they were seated at a tiny table, wearing pink and fluffy princess dresses and flower crowns on their heads, seeming to enjoy a nice tea party.

"You should have some of this cake, Trunksy, it's delicious," Vegeta, the prin...cess of all Saiyans, said in a purposely high-pitched voice to make it more girly.

"Oh yes, they are fabulous," replied... "Trunksy", imitating his father's (mother's?) voice. "Would you like some more tea, my dear?"

Gohan stood there gaping. Vegeta and Trunks were having a tea party. They were actually having a tea party! In princess dresses, and wearing crowns of flowers on their head.

What the hell was going on? Or better yet, where the hell did he end up in?


The hungry yell from behind him reminded him of the two crazy flowers that were determined to eat him, and Gohan resumed his running away.

"You seem to be having some trouble, pretty boy!" a high-pitched voice suddenly resounded from out of nowhere.

'What is it going to be now?' the poor fleeting boy thought in dread.

"Who is here?" he called out reluctantly, not slowing down as he looked around him.

There was a sudden popping sound, and a tiny Piccolo look-alike was flying in front of Gohan, moving ahead as the boy kept running. For some odd reason, he was dressed like a gobelin. Green hat, green outfit, wooden stick and all.

"Hi there, Gohan! I came to your rescue!" the unusually high-pitched voice of the normally tall Namek said cheerfully.

But the half Saiyan was too dumbstruck to answer anything. His legs seemed to be on autopilot, while the donut-crazed Videl and Goten still chased after him from behind. His shocked silence didn't seem to affect the tiny Piccolo's unusually happy mood, who only grinned wider.

Okay, this was way too creepy.

"Just touch my magic stick and you'll be able to escape, my dear Gohan! Come on!" the green alien encouraged.

The shock easing down somewhat, Gohan figured, what the heck. This world was so crazy already, so magic sticks that could rescue people from donut-obsessed flowers may as well be possible.

He touched the stick like the gobelin Piccolo had said, and immediately he found himself in a vacuum-like tornado, absorbing him into a bright light. After a few moments, he stopped twirling and landed in a completely dark room. He couldn't see at all, not even with his overdeveloped sight. His eyes weren't getting used to the darkness either, and Gohan wondered where he had ended in this time. Ah well, at least he was not chased by two hungry flowers anymore.

He tried to walk around; the room may was completely dark, but he didn't seem to be in a confined space, he could always try to get out of this dark room. Somehow, though, his legs would not move. His mind was telling them to move, but he stayed rooted on the same spot he landed on.

"Thanks a lot, Piccolo," he muttered under his breath.

Two vacant eyes suddenly appeared: white spheres with small black ones right in the middle of them. Those were Mr. Popo's eyes.


Gohan's eyes snapped open and he stared up into a green sky.

It took a few seconds for him to process the fact that he was in a forest. Slowly, he sat up, one hand firmly planted on the ground to support his weight and another went to his head to rub his temples. What a crazy dream that was...

Black eyes darted around to take in the unfamiliar surroundings he was in and eventually they settled on a pair of blue ones which could only belong to one person.

"I see you are awake," Videl stated sourly, the annoyance clear in her voice. She was sitting on a blanket a few feet away from him, her arms resting on her bended knees in a relaxed pose.

Gohan blinked confused. For a moment he had completely forgotten where he was, but that moment passed quickly and yesterday's events came crashing back.

Right, the field trip.

"You know," Videl said, her blue eyes watching his every move in case he wasn't completely over his flower induced high, "for someone who is supposed to know everything you certainly fail when forced out into the real world."

"Sorry..." he said embarrassed. And he was indeed sorry. So very sorry that Videl had had to put up with his foolishness. And her words stung painfully because, yes, he was supposed to know everything about survival in the wilderness considering he had spent half a year in the middle of nowhere when he was only four or five years old. He certainly wouldn't tell her that. Because if she knew, she would only berate him for eating those flowers even more.

It had been stupid of him really. Eating those Angel Trumpets.

When he had eaten them, he had been walking around, collecting flowers, thinking about how he should deal with the situation. He had been terribly hungry too and Daylilies would not be enough to fill his Saiyan stomach. He had picked them randomly, not even bothering to check if they were the correct flowers or not. He wanted to get it over with so he could mystically disappear and hunt for his own meal while Videl was still searching for water. Absentmindedly he ate a few flowers to silence his growling stomach until he could get some real food. That was when the world began turning funny.

"Uhm Videl..." he started and she looked at him, no, stared at him. "Can you please not tell my mom about... yesterday?"

She arched an eyebrow. "I don't even know your mom, how could I possibly tell her anything?"

"Well... if you ever meet her, please don't tell her. I would be grounded for a lifetime."

"She would ground you because you were too stupid and ate the wrong flowers?

He could tell from her tone that she didn't really believe him.

"She worries a lot," he explained, "it was really hard for me to convince her to let me attend high school. If she were to have it her way she would lock me up forever and bury me in school books... literally." Then he added as an afterthought, "She did actually do that for a while..."

At first, Videl didn't answer because she wasn't exactly sure what to say. Eventually she settled on, "you're kidding me, right?"

Black eyes narrowed in confusion. "Why would I do that?"

Okay, so he wasn't kidding, she concluded. As an afterthought, she doubted he even knew how to joke. "Your mom sounds pretty insane," she remarked instead.

"Yeah, but I don't blame her. My family has been through a lot."

He let the words hang in the air and Videl stared at Gohan, waiting for him to add more to that sentence, but it never came. She considered questioning him about it but decided against it after seeing his facial expression.

A loud growl interrupted them and Gohan rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. "Sorry, I believe that was my stomach."

She snorted, standing up, brushing the dust off her clothes. "Then we'd better get something to eat, right? This time I'm coming with you, we can't have you getting high again."

"Heh," the hybrid grinned sheepishly, "once again, sorry." He too stood up, dusting the dirt off his clothes, afterwards stretching his sore muscles. It had been a long time since he had slept out in the open.

She eyed him warily. "You're okay, being up and about already? I haven't gotten high before but I dare say you are surprisingly quick to recover."

This time he sent her a grin. "Gotta be my genes," he stated, "I'm perfectly fine now."

She arched an eyebrow but didn't question him further. Instead she began packing her stuff into her backpack while her teammate did the same. However, he stopped, when he noticed his T-Shirt, or rather, the remains of it.

"You just had to pass out," she explained, a hint of annoyance in her voice to mask the guilt of ruining his clothes, "and I had to make it into a rope to drag you here."

She had expected him to complain, but instead he just shrugged and continued to pack his belongings, including the shredded T-Shirt.

Gohan wasn't particularly fond of having lost a T-Shirt, he knew his mom would definitely ask questions once she found out, but he saw no reason to blame Videl for it. It had, after all, been his own mistake. His own stupid, horrible, senseless mistake and if anyone was to blame, it was himself.

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes. He wasn't sure what to do about her. Really, there had been many times where Gohan had been unsure before and this was certainly one of them. He had a feeling she wasn't as fond of him as he was of her. She always seemed so annoyed at him all the time and something told him that yesterday's incident hadn't helped his case at all. Absentmindedly he chewed on the inside of his cheek. Erasa and Sharpner kept bugging him about asking Videl out, and from what he had read in his books, 'asking out' meant that you liked a person as more than a friend, but he wasn't entirely sure what that was supposed to mean, and especially not if he felt like that about Videl. He had never tried it before, so he didn't know what it should feel like.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, causing Videl to look at him oddly. He beamed at her, hoping she would dismiss it. It worked and she turned around, muttering about weird country boys.

Anyway, regardless of what he felt about Videl, he wouldn't get himself into such an embarrassing situation again. He still wasn't sure how to tackle their situation without annoying Videl too much, but right now, he just wanted something to eat, something that could actually fill his Saiyan stomach.

"Alright, I'm done," Videl stated after some time as she straightened up, turning to look at Gohan.

He was already ready to go, had been for the last couple of minutes actually, but he wasn't going to tell her that. Instead he nodded and began walking.

"Hey! What are you doing? Do you even have any idea where you are going?" she asked, her tone accusing.

"I live around these parts," he answered cheerfully, "it's like my backyard."

She arched an eyebrow, falling into a step beside him. "And yet you ate those flowers yesterday?"

He didn't answer by words, but his face did get a new interesting shade of red.

They walked in silence for a bit until suddenly, Gohan held out a hand to stop Videl from moving.

"What is it now?" she asked a bit annoyed.

"Shhh," he said, holding a finger to his lips, "there is a deer right over there," he whispered and pointed to the side.

Videl followed the direction of his finger and just as he had said, she spotted a deer about 50 meters to the left. "Wow, it's beautiful," she said, her voice barely a whisper, but Gohan caught it nonetheless.

"And it's going to be our breakfast," he stated in the same low voice.

"WHAT?" she exclaimed as loudly as her lung capacity allowed her, scaring the deer away. "We're gonna eat that? Are you out of your mind?"

He blinked at her outburst. "Uhm... no? I'm just really hungry and I like deer so..."

"Gohan," she sighed exasperatedly, "you can't just hunt down a deer. Of course I'm not one of those sissies who are unaware of where meat comes from, but what I'm saying is that it's not physically possible for us to hunt it down."

The boy bit his lip. Of course she couldn't know that he was actually half-saiyan and therefore perfectly capable of hunting it down faster than she could blink, but he wasn't sure how to explain it to her. Leaving out the saiyan part would probably be a good idea.

"Videl," he tried and held up a silencing hand before she could protest. She had already opened her mouth to do just that. "I know it might be... err... difficult for you to understand this, but I am terribly hungry and I would very much like to eat that deer, so uhm... if you could, you know, just stay there and then I'll be back shortly."

He took a step in the direction the deer had run to, but the girl's hand gripping onto his bicep stopped him before he could continue.

"You are insane, Gohan, you know that?" she gritted out between her clenched teeth. "The deer is already gone and there is no way I'm letting you go after it and get lost in the woods."

He knew Videl was the one who was always annoyed by his antics, but right at that moment, it was Gohan who had to seriously restrain himself from doing something he would surely regret a second after he had done it.

"Videl," he said, his voice full of determination to get the girl to actually listen to him, "trust me, this time, I actually know what I am doing, okay?"

She narrowed her eyes, not letting go. He saw no other option than to simply grab her hand and slowly, so he wouldn't hurt her, pluck her fingers off one at a time. She tried fighting it, tried to tighten her grip, but in the end he was much stronger than her.

She had to admit she was surprised at that-no, stunned would be a better word. Especially when Gohan simply let her hand fall limply to her side as he took off. Surprisingly, he moved as quiet as a mute, as he left for the hunt.

It wasn't until she heard a loud plunk that she reacted. She shook her head, muttering at herself about silly boys who thought they knew everything, and went in the direction she had heard the sound from. Surely, Gohan had ended up hurting himself yet again.

But he hadn't. When she finally reached the clearing where Gohan was, she was beyond astonished to see the deer on the ground, dead. There was no blood, but she knew enough about fighting to see the neck had been broken. Gohan was crouching by it, slightly turning his head to beam up at her as she came nearer, an incredulous expression on her face.

"Knife," he ordered, a hint of smugness in his voice, and she was too dumbfounded to do anything but find his knife from her backpack and hand it to him.

He accepted it with a grin that said, 'I told you so,' and began cutting it up as if he had done it a million times before.

She no longer doubted that he had.

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