I woke up to me screaming about Bleach again. Damn; that was the eighth time that's happened this month! Every night, I have a dream that I release a zanpaktou of someone and it explodes and kills everything. Hmmm… am I going insane from anime? I shuddered and hoped that my mom wouldn't come in and lecture me about not watching Bleach until "the problem" is fixed. That's what she calls it: "the problem". Feels funny to have your mom say something about you is a problem, but I digress.

When I woke up and told my best friend Gemma about it over the phone (she had to move to Houston). "Hmmm… you sure this isn't a fan girl phase? I mean we went crazy when Ulquiorra died and when Grimmjow did too—""Like hell; Grimmy isn't dead!" I retorted. "Yeah, yeah, but don't worry; you'll get over it soon." Click.

Sighing, I went to Athletics and went to change into my gym clothes. As I reached my locker, I saw something glowing inside it. "Must've left my phone on…" I thought. When I reached for the light however, it was not solid. I yelped as the light grew and grew until it enveloped the room. "Somebody, please save me from this weird Twilight Zone thing!" I screamed.

As the light enveloped me, I saw a foggy desert in the middle of the night. "Weird," I thought. "It was around 8:40 am at home; why is it nighttime here?" I shook my head, and the fog cleared. I was in a eerily beautiful desert with pale white sand and a crescent moon. "Hmmm… haven't I been here before?" I muttered.

Suddenly, a force pulled me forward with lightning speed. "What the fudgesicle?" I screamed. The force zoomed me towards an enormous white palace and the huge doors in front burst open. The force stopped and dropped me onto the tiled floor. "Owww…. My bones feel like a bent rod," I moaned.

After picking myself up and dusting myself off, I saw that I was in a huge and empty corridor! Now I know that I had been here before. Was this…. "Nah," I waved the idea away. "This can't be Hueco Mundo!" Shivering, I picked a random hallway and went forward. After about 20 minutes of walking, I saw a huge set of doors with someone's silhouette. "Crap; I should have known that there would be people in this palace!" I silently yelled.

I prayed to Tite Kubo that I would be spared, and got a crazy idea. Without warning, I waltzed up to the figure and nearly had a heart attack. The figure belonged to a muscular man with light blue hair, an epic scowl, and a skull fragment on the jawbone. "Who the hell are you?" he growled. Trembling, I softly said, "Parley, Grimmjow Jaegerjack." Grimmjow raised an eyebrow. "How you do you know my name, little girl?" he purred menacingly. I took a deep breath. "I… I am a… a Seer," I stammered. "I am a human who can see the future, and a portal took me to Las Noches; now may I please see Lord Aizen?"

Grimmjow thought about it for a moment, and then suddenly grabbed my arms. "Hey; what are you—" He put a hand over my mouth. "Don't panic; I am just making you look like a prisoner. Now come on!" he whispered as he bound my wrists. Sighing, I allowed him to drag me into the throne room.

All eyes flew to me and the Sexta Espada, while I heard several zanpaktou unsheathe. "Please put those zanpaktou away ladies and gentlemen," I said politely. They were too shocked to really do anything. As I knelt down in front of Lord Aizen, I felt my heartbeat quicken; he could have me killed right now and nobody would know what happened to me at home! "Grimmjow…. Please tell us who this human girl is," Aizen ordered with confusion. Grimmjow shrugged and nudged my shoulder. "L-L-Lord Aizen, I was taken by a portal in my gym locker to Las Noches," I started. "I know this sounds absurd, but it's true, and I don't know how to get home and-" I stopped. "Wait a minute; why is it that I am not dying with all the spiritual pressure in this room? I should be evaporating with just one of the Fraccion in the room!" I asked.

If I thought he was confused now, I didn't know what was going on. "Miss, how do you know about these things? You seem to only be a young teenager, yet you know all about spiritual pressure." Aizen asked slowly. I shrugged, and then froze.

A few feet from my left sat the Espada that was on a poster in my room at home, and I nearly cried. I pointed at the gray skinned man and asked, "Are you Ulquiorra Cifer?" I asked, my mouth wide open. He nodded, and I smiled. "You have such amazing abilities!" I exclaimed. Ulquiorra looked confused, so I tilted my head. "Your zanpaktou is Murcielago, right? And—AAAAAAGHHH!" I screamed. My body was getting covered in dense black spiritual energy. After it covered me completely, I felt wings form on my back and my clothes changed into long white robes.

"Interesting," a silken voice mused from my right. Gin. The black energy disappeared, and I saw everyone gasp: I had released Ulquiorra's zanpaktou! I held out my hands. "Okay," I said slowly. "I know this looks bad, but I think I can fix this!" I closed my eyes and willed myself to go back to my normal form. Thank God it worked, though I had no idea why.

Blushing, I bowed to Aizen. "I am sooo sorry!" I cried. Aizen merely smiled and motioned me forward. "It is no problem, Miss…" I blushed deeper. "My name is Isabella Tiberi, Lord Aizen," I murmured. He smiled and I felt my insides turn into a bowl of fangirlish jelly! I looked back at Aizen and asked what was going to happen to me. "I'm guessing that I can't go home?" I offered, and Aizen chuckled. "I am afraid you are correct," Aizen mused. "I shall put you in the care of one of the Espada… Ulquiorra, will you take care of her?" He pointed at the pale Arrancar. "If that is your wish Lord Aizen," he replied in that epic monotone.

I felt my insides turn into mush; This was a guy that I dreamed about on an hourly basis! But, I guess this stay is going to get fun….