Greetings, everyone! I have a surprise for you all; I am doing a REWRITE of "What in the Hollow?"! You see, while I love my first ever fanfiction, I must admit that it has a lot of flaws and plotholes. Now that I've had more experience and education, I think I'm ready to do a rewrite of this story. I'll be keeping this version up for compare and contrast (because I assume some people would want to see what was changed and what stayed the same). However, in this rewrite, there will be no sequels. Thus, I will be deleting "Holy Shinigami". While I think I had a good premise, it would have been too confusing and convoluted plot wise to readers unfamiliar with the worlds Gemma and Izzy would have been going to.

In any case, I hope you take a looksie at the new and improved "WITH?" once I start posting again. See you soon, dearies!