It's getting dark outside when Dean's phone rings and rings demanding to be answered. Dean sighs flipping it open and glaring at the name, Gabe, flashing on his screen.

"What?" he answers.

"Hey, Cas with you?"

"No, why would he be?"

"He's missing, I've been calling the little shit for hours now but I can't get him! He got all worked up about the photo album and DVD you gave him, ran out of the house a mess telling himself he made a huge mistake"

Dean's heart pounded at his words and he inhaled sharply. "So he's just taken off?"

"Yes! I have no idea where he's gone; he has amnesia for fuck sake! Balthazar is no help since he's in the middle of a fucking orgy!"

"Fucking dick" Dean said with a scowl, he hated that man more than anything. Sex before family or kind of some fucked up way of dealing with shit.

"So, you know him, go find him"

"How? I have no idea where he would go!"

"Then think! I know this is totally inappropriate but I have work, Dean, an important meeting which my boss will personally cut my balls off and feed to her cat if I don't attend"

Dean pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded. "Okay, okay, I'll ask around for him"

"Great! Thank you, call me when you find him" Gabriel said before hanging up.

Dean groaned pocketing his phone and reaching for his coat. The dark outside disturbed him and he didn't like the thought of Castiel being out there all alone. Pulling out his phone he charged outside and dialled his number, it rang and rang till he heard the familiar voicemail and groaned.

"Dammit, Cas" he growled getting into the car and starting her up. He thought of the different places he could be but with no memories, it was rather difficult. Dean drove towards where they had crashed in the hopes he was there but to no avail as he scanned the crowd walking by and seeing no one vaguely familiar.

"Damn" he hissed driving on and parking on the side of the road. "Shit, shit, shit, shit!"

Dean pulled out his phone dialling his number one more time praying silently.

There was a click and Dean waited with baited breath till he heard the familiar voice.


"Cas! Where the fuck are you? I have Gabriel on my ass here, dude, because he says you just took off" Dean ranted down the phone feeling relief pump through him that he was alright, no one had hurt him.

"I went for a walk…and I found somewhere, somewhere familiar" Castiel whispered through his chattering teeth. "I need to speak with you"

"Where are you?"

"A park, a familiar one, I am not sure what its name is but it holds a memory?"

Dean blinked and gasped knowing where he was.

"Stay right there!" he said hanging up and throwing it into the seat. Dean pressed the pedal down heading towards the park he hadn't been too in years.

He parked on the road and stepped out breathing out into the cold air and knew Castiel would be freezing his ass off. He crunched through it and peered around looking for a figure in the darkness. The lake was frozen over and he stepped forward feeling a familiar wave of déjà vu as he stepped on the path.

"Cas?" he called out and sighed when a figure stepped towards him.

Castiel moved off the bench where he was sat frozen and stepped into the light.

"You look like a vampire" Dean commented appraising his black jacket, pale skin and bright blue eyes. "A rather sexy one in fact"

Castiel smirked looking down at the floor not replying. Dean moved towards him placing a hand on his cheek.

"You're so cold, you dick, how long have you been out here?"

"It took time for me to find it" Castiel said with a shrug leaning into his touch.

Dean drew his hand away slowly tucking it in his pocket. "I'm sorry for freaking you out with the photo album and DVD, Cas, I just wanted you to have something to remember me by, remember us by and I didn't want it to hurt you"

"Dean, it was one of the most…beautiful things you have done for me" Castiel said with a sigh. "It made me realise so many things"

"What things?"

"How much of an idiot I really am, how stupid I was to believe that I couldn't fall in love with you" Castiel said tears filling his eyes and he sniffed deeply. "Because what was I expecting, Dean? A fairy, cupid, or something like a wish making me fall in love with you? Life isn't like that, it takes time, and it creeps up on you when you least expect it"

Dean nodded understand completely. "Love's a powerful emotion, Cas, it makes people do the strangest things"

"But that's the thing, that photo album, that clip of you giving Phoebe to me for our anniversary it made me…feel, I felt something brighten even brighter in my chest for you because I have been so blind"


"No, let me finish" he said invading his personal space. "Because I was so caught in remembering, trying to figure out who I was and forcing myself to love you but not feeling it because I didn't understand what love was"

"Cas, I don't blame you"

"I've only ever been in love once and it was with you, the accident took my memories away and my life but that hasn't stopped us" Castiel said reaching up and cupping his cheek. "I remember, Dean, I remember little pieces of my life but the most important thing I realised over these past couple of days, seeing that photo album and DVD, is I remember what it feels like to love you"

Dean inhaled the cold hair and breathed out in a cold, surprised, puff.

"You are a stubborn, funny, warm hearted, brave and beautiful man; you are one in a billion and something so rare to put up with me, this drama, and I didn't see the love there, it was foreign to me and I know you might not believe me but I do, I'm falling in love all over again" he whispered up to him tears streaking down his face silently.

"So here we are again, six years ago you told me you loved me and I was afraid of losing you, so here I am six years later telling you I am the biggest fool ever, Dean, and I am falling back in love" he said before breathing out harshly pushing under his eyes. "My head is a complete mess, Dean, I will never get my full memory back and even the doctor said that to me but I am so sorry for kissing him at Sam's party, it was drunken curiosity and he poisoned me with his words, forcing me to say I didn't love you"

"Baby" Dean whispered moving closer to him so they were an inch apart. His eyes roamed over him and he smirked seeing the detail Castiel didn't. Castiel was wearing similar clothing to six years ago when he confronted him about losing him.

"I meant every single word I wrote at the bottom of the album, I love you, you've made me the man I am today from being the school slut to a man married to the single best human being in the world"

Castiel flushed at his words and smiled when Dean pressed his cold lips against his.

"I know the difficulties, Cas, I'm feeling them too and I know you are never going to remember everything but maybe one day"

"I don't even remember our wedding, Dean" he whispered his voice cracking. Dean smoothed a thumb over his cheek pressing kisses on his forehead, nose, and cheeks.

"Our wedding was beautiful, Cas, I am going to tell you everything"

July 30th 1998

The vows were simple and sweet, the ceremony taken in a registry office surrounded by Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Sam, Gabriel and Balthazar. Dean stared at Castiel as he slid the ring on his finger and lifted his hand pressing his lips to the gold band causing Castiel to flush, rosy pink flooding his cheeks and his eyes bright and excited.

"Mine" he whispered pulling away and grinning at him.

Castiel chuckled taking the gold band and sliding it onto Dean's finger. "Yours"

"Oh Jesus!" Gabriel said suddenly in disgust and stilled when eyes flew towards him. "Is a beautiful man for bringing them together! Carry on…"

Castiel smirked amused at his brother and turned back to Dean kissing him softly when the magistrate said so.

"We're fucking married" Dean whispered against his lips.

"I fucking know" he whispered back with a grin wrapping his arms around his neck and deepening their kiss. Coughs erupted around the room but Dean only responded by flicking a finger at the lot of them as he kissed him. Castiel pulled away sucking in air and smirked at Dean.

"Sorry, come on let's go sign stuff and head off to get very, very, drunk" Dean said gripping his hand and tugging him along. They signed their documents for their civil partnership and headed off to the pub where Ash Smith, Ellen's nephew was holding their event. The pub was full of well-wishers, colleagues and old school friends.

"You're sexy in a suit" Dean said wrapping his arms around him as they stood in the middle wrapped in their own little world.

"I would hope so" Castiel murmured trailing his nose and mouth across his cheek and jaw. "I hope to get it off soon and show you how happy you've made me today and watch you lose complete control"

"Kinky son of a bitch"

"You love it, you slut" Castiel whispered with a chuckle when Dean bit the inside of his neck.

"Now, now, boys, we have company and you two are a few seconds from shagging on top of this bar" Ellen said sipping her beer and shaking her head. "You boys, you've made me very happy"

"Glad to be of service" Dean murmured resting his cheek against Castiel's forehead.

"I love you" Castiel whispered up to him.

"I kinda like you" Dean joked seeking his lips and kissing him tenderly. Ellen rolled her eyes looking over to Sam who shrugged with a grin glancing to Gabriel who was groaning into his hands.

"My baby brother, my baby brother making out with his new husband"

Sam laughed nudging him. "Knowing the feeling, dude"

The night progressed, drinks were poured and soon people were drunk, laughing, and having a good time. Dean spun Castiel on the floor while they kissed drunkenly and swayed together.

"Our first dance went rather well" Castiel said with a giggle.

"Oh please let us go home, fuck our brains out, and then go away on honeymoon" Dean growled slipping his hand up his shirt.

"Dean, we can't…" he whispered his breathing quickening when Dean rubbed his thumb over his nipple sucking on his chest.

"Come on, baby, let's leave, go home, get naked, and become a hot…sweaty…mess, Cas, I'm gonna fuck you so hard into our mattress"

Castiel groaned tilting his head back exposing his throat which Dean took full advantage sucking on his adam's apple.

"Okay, alright, we'll go" Castiel whispered and grabbing his hand.

"Attention folks!" Dean shouted and everyone stopped to turn at them. "We are leaving! Enjoy the night"

"You serious? This is your wedding!" Sam said astonished.

"Sammy, I am about to go and head start my wedding night" he said with a grin when Sam grimaced shoving him away. "Go"

Dean grinned tugging on Castiel's hands as they said their goodbyes and dashed off home.

"Wait…wait, Dean, you gotta carry me" he said when they reached the door. Dean threw back his head and laughed.

"Ah! My bride" he said shoving him against the wall and picking him up so Castiel could wrap his legs around his waist. Castiel grinned down at him kissing him roughly when Dean walked him in the house.

"You're a Winchester now, baby, no going back. I don't believe in divorce"

"I am never divorcing you" Castiel hissed into his ear when he dropped to the floor and they kissed shredding clothing.

"Never, ever, ever" Dean whispered shoving him against the wall and pinning his hands up above the wall. Castiel groaned when he slid his leg in between his thighs, Dean biting down on his lip.

"Mine" Dean growled against his lips hoisting him up again so he could wrap his legs around his waist again. His hands slipped down kneading his ass through his boxers while his mouth latched onto his nipple sucking on the rosy bud with a smirk.

"Take me to bed" Castiel whispered when Dean groaned carrying him up the stairs and dropping him down onto the bed. Castiel groaned feeling the comfort underneath his back for a moment before he was distracted by Dean tugging off his underwear.

He hissed at the cold air touching his hard cock straining upwards leaking pre-cum. Dean licked at the bead glistening there against the red and purple head.

"You taste so good" Dean murmured taking the length of him into his mouth. Castiel gasped at the hot warmth surrounding his cock and moaned fisting a hand into his brown short hair.

"Dean" he whined breathless when deep throated him, Castiel gasped rocking his hips and fucking into his mouth. Dean sucked him harder feeling the head touch his throat and massaged his balls in his other hand. Castiel gasped tightening his fist and feeling his orgasm wash over him as he shot his load down his throat. Castiel's head fell back against the pillow sated and he smiled when Dean slid up to him kissing him. Castiel licked into his mouth tasting his self on his tongue and moaned at the flavour.

"Fuck me" Castiel whispered. "Make love to me; anything, just get inside me"

Dean grinned snatching up the lube and smearing it over his fingers as he slid them inside scissoring him open. Castiel moaned gripping his hair and arching into his touch as he panted his name.

"I love you, I love you, I love you" Castiel whispered over and over again when he slid the fingers out of him and positioned himself against him before sliding inside him. Castiel groaned gripping his shoulders and stared up at the green eyes which stared down at him shining with awe and love. Dean moved his head down capturing his lips kissing him slowly as he thrusted into him. Castiel moved with him rocking together as they kissed lazily

Dean thrusted up inside him hitting the prostate, Castiel keened feeling his eyes roll back when pleasure pulsed through him. Dean felt previous alcohol ram up inside him increasing his thrusting as he moved him up the bed. Castiel cried out gripping the top of Dean's hair, the friction between them rubbing against his hard cock and the ripple of his second orgasm building upside him. Pulling on his hair made Dean groan into the side of his neck thrusting up into him once more before climaxing, stars danced between his eyes as he pressed his face into his neck.

Castiel arched up into his sweaty chest and felt the pulsing of his second orgasm as he cummed onto Dean's stomach. Dean collapsed on top of him breathing heavily feeling Castiel's arms wrap around him and lips on his temple.

"I'll always love you" Castiel whispered looking into his eyes.

"Forever and a day" Dean whispered back pressing his mouth against his and looked forward to their future.


Castiel's arms were around Dean as he cried silently after Dean stopped talking.

"Forever and a day" Castiel whispered pulling back to see Dean's eyes wet.

"Cheesy I know but it was in the heat of the moment" he said closing his eyes kissing his forehead.

"It's beautiful" Castiel murmured looking up at the night sky. "What do we do now?"

Dean sniffed trailing his hands across Castiel's neck and shoulders.

"I promise you, as I have promised a lot of these past few years, to make you happy, to make you secure, to love you and hopefully have everything returned by yourself" he said. "It's been two days now and I have been miserable, the house is empty, the dog is going crazy wondering where you are, and I miss you"

Castiel nodded leaning against his warm chest and closing his eyes.

"Just one day at a time" he murmured.

"We have our whole lives to make this better" Dean said resting his mouth on top of the hat he was wearing. "I always keep my promises"

Castiel stared up at him and nodded. "Then let's fulfil it"

Dean's hand slid down and gripped his hand interlocking their fingers together for the first time but not the last as he brought him closer hugging him tight. Explosions of relief, love, and gratitude flooded through him as he thanked whoever was looking and listening for this. Because good things do happen to people who wait and after weeks of tears, fights, fighting, and doubt he felt the breakthrough. Love is like that, it creeps up on you on the worst possible times or reminds you of what you had or you can never have. It's the most wonderful and cruellest emotion there is with such a kind name that had affected Dean and Castiel, it wasn't about to let them go, not now, not ever.

Promises are made to be kept, not broken, and Dean would carry this promise for the rest of his life as they broke through their biggest challenge yet because true love sometimes does get that second chance.

The End

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