So I came up with this idea randomly a few years ago and never finished it...thought I'd try posting the first chapter. Not sure if anyone still reads DEBS fanfics but hey, no harm in trying let me know what you think if you do read! I DO NOT OWN DEBS!

Seven Months Ago….

"She cheated….I don't believe it she cheated" Amy Bradshaw mumbled as she stomped around the room she shared with her girlfriend in the little Barcelona flat they owned, collecting her belongings. The night before, Lucy and Amy had gotten into an argument over Max's complaining about their relationship. Lucy had told Amy that she was sick of Max trying to butt in on their relationship that only irritated the blonde ex-DEB. After screaming so loud it was a surprise she didn't lose her voice, Lucy had left, saying she needed to go out to clear her head. Amy had stayed home, she knew Lucy had been right about Max but for some reason she had taken Max's side. The blonde woman stopped her packing and turned around seeing Lucy Diamond, leaning against the wall "What..." she asked, crossing her arms. The ex-diamond thief sighed "I want to explain….what happed last night…I wasn't thinking or paying attention…that guy…he kept giving me drinks and I was just so…." she closed her eyes "You know..I would never do anything to hurt you…I drank too much…it was a mistake and I will always regret please just…let's talk I…"Lucy started, only to be interrupted by Amy "No…Lucy…seriously...I'm done I'm so done" she said finishing packing her bag "I'm sorry it had to end like this…honestly" the former DEB said softly. Lucy stood, staring at the floor, she couldn't look at Amy. She knew if she did she'd just break down "I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but. Please just…stay one more night. Please" she said softly.

Amy sighed, shaking her head "I'm sorry..." she said before moving past the raven haired girl and walking out the front door. Lucy just stood in silence for a minute, she knew that she had screwed up, but she hadn't meant to. Lucy had always tried to stay strong, no matter what, but this time she felt like her heart was going to explode. She walked to the bed and sat down, allowing the tears to fall freely, as she laid back, pulling the blanket over her. The former thief sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes, she felt like she had lost the only thing important to her, and she hadn't even really tried to fight for her. Lucy had never been one for crying, she was always told that crying was for the weak, but she couldn't stop her tears, no matter how hard she tried. The front door opened and Janet poked her head in "Lucy…Amy…anyone home" she asked walking inside. She walked towards the bedroom and frowned seeing Lucy curled up on the bed "Lucy…what happened" she asked walking slowly to the bed and sitting down. Lucy had grown close to Janet after she and Scud had gotten married, Janet was always around. Lucy shook her head, not able to find the words, causing Janet to nod, understanding. The younger women wrapped her arms around Lucy "It'll be ok...she'll come back" she whispered, lightly rubbing Lucy's back. Lucy shook her head "N…no she won't...I…I screwed up...B…big time and…I…I don't know how to fix it" she said between tears. Janet looked down at Lucy and frowned "Luce….Amy loves you…trust me…no matter what it is…she'll come around" she said softly, trying to calm her down.

"I...I slept with someone..." Lucy said quietly "Amy and into a fight last night…so I took off …Some guy...I…I got drunk at the bar...he ws funny so I let him buy me drinks and t…the next thing I know I'm waking up next to him…god I'm so stupid" she said softly. Janet shook her head "Lucy…people…make mistakes…all of us…" she said rubbing small circles on Lucy's back "But we're all human…and Amy knows that..She's just upset…I wouldn't worry about it Luce, we're here for you". Lucy sighed, wiping another tear from her eye before it could fall "I dunno what to do Janet…I love Amy so much…I feel like I'm breaking in two…nothing has ever hurt this bad" she said sniffling. "Lucy…Lucy listen to me" Janet said making Lucy look at her "Things…will be...ok…I promise…I've known Amy for years…and when I say she'll come around…I mean it" she said smoftly. Lucy took a deep breath and nodded 'I hope you're right…I…I really hope you're right" she said tiredly. Lucy laid her head back down, allowing herself to relax, and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep.

Well that's it for chapter 1..I know it's super short but I dont wanna make it too long in case no one reads it….Let me know guys!