Here it is! Chapter 5! I hope everyone continues to read this story, I've got some interesting things I'm thinking of writing Well…enjoy! (I don't own DEBS).

Lucy stood in shock…she wasn't sure if what she was seeing was real. Amy sighed rubbing her arm "Uh…Hi Lucy..." she said chewing on her lip; the two stared at each other for a minute…both afraid to say anything. Scud closed the door and cleared his throat "Sorry to butt in but…we should all sit down" he said looking at Lucy. The ex-thief frowned "I don't thi.." she was cut off when Scud put a hand on her shoulder pushing her slightly towards the couch "Sit" he said looking to Amy "Go ahead and sit in the chair". Amy nodded walking to the red armchair and sitting down. She looked around the apartment and sighed *She hasn't changed a thing in here* she thought. Janet and Scud sat down and there was silence for a moment before Lucy spoke "So…anyone want to explain what's going on…" she asked raising an eyebrow.

Amy looked at Scud and sighed "I…wanted to see how you were doing…thought I'd come by..." she said chewing on her lip again. Lucy couldn't help but smile slightly…*she makes the cutest faces when she's nervous…no Lucy. Focus…someone spilled the beans* she thought looking at Amy "Who called you" she asked. Amy froze "Uh…no one…I just…found some things. That made me think about you so I came to say…hey" she said nervously. Lucy shook her head "You know you've never been good at lying to me Amy…" she said looking at Scud "Scud?" she asked. Scud sighed, shrugging "I figured it would be good…if the two of you talked" he said looking from Amy to Lucy "I think you both still love each other and are acting like total children about everything". Lucy glared at him then turned to Amy "And….what exactly did he say to you" she asked. Amy shrugged "Just stuff….I asked how you were doing…" she said looking at Lucy. Janet leaned her head on Scud's shoulder and sighed "This doesn't look good" she said softly. Scud smiled looking at his wife "Don't worry…I know what I'm doing" he whispered. Lucy sighed running her hand through her hair "So then I'm assuming you know…" she said softly.

Amy nodded slowly "Yeah…it may have come up" she said biting her lip. Lucy laughed softly shaking her head as she stood up "Well go ahead…get it out…I know you want to say how I screwed up…" she said folding her arms over her chest. Amy shook her head "Luce no…I don't…" she sighed looking at Scud and Janet "Think you guys could give us a minute" she asked. Scud nodded standing up, pulling a reluctant Janet after him "But wait what if they like…try to kill each other" Janet said as they walked outside. Scud simply shook his head closing the door behind them. Lucy walked over to the window looking out at the ocean *keep it together Reynolds…slow breaths* she thought, closing her eyes. Amy sighed standing up and walking over to where Lucy stood "Listen…I didn't come here to yell at you…I came because…" she took a deep breath "I came because Scud said you needed me". Lucy laughed looking at Amy "Well thanks but I'm fine…really…Scud doesn't need to be contacting people about my problems..." she said softly "They're my problems…no reason for anyone else to worry" she said looking back at the water.

Amy looked at Lucy…she could see the hurt in the raven haired woman's eyes…she could see how scared she was. "You don't have to believe me…but…me…." Amy started, she sighed running her hand through her hair "I care Lucy…I haven't stopped I was just…I was angry about everything and I was acting stupid" she said sighing. Lucy looked at the blonde before her and frowned "You care huh…" she said softly "you told me you loved me…and I really thought you did but Amy…I don't…I just…" she sighed looking back out the window "I'm confused". Amy kept her gaze on Lucy before smiling sliding her hand to the ex-thief's "There's not any reason to be confused Luce" she said softly. Lucy looked down at their hands and swallowed before looking at Amy "And…why not" she asked. Amy laughed softly "Because I realized how stupid I've been…I'm so sorry for the way I acted…for how I've been acting…it was wrong on my part" she said smiling "I…if it's ok with you….I'd like to have you back".

Lucy felt her heartbeat speed up. Slowly she smiled, giving the blonde DEB's hand a small squeeze "Are you sure" she asked "With everything that's happening". Amy smiled placing her hand on Lucy's stomach "I'm sure Luce…" she said kissing her softly "I'm sure". Lucy grinned pulling Amy closer to her, returning the kiss "I love you Amy Bradshaw" she whispered, resting her forehead against Amy's. Amy smiled kissing Lucy's forehead "I love you Lucy Reynolds…" she said softly, wrapping her arms around the ex-thief. Lucy closed her eyes, breathing in Amy's familiar scent, she felt like a huge weight was lifted from her, or the first time in a long time, she felt safe.

Well there's chapter 5! Hope you enjoyed it! SO…will Amy and Lucy's relationship hold strong? Or will problems Arise again…Keep reading to find out