Blade: The Unwritten Chapters


New York, 2055…

Rain poured from the sky in a thick, endless sheet. James cracked his neck twice, a secret Taoist art taught to him by his mentor. Though he could care less about the glowing stream of chi that circulated through his body, it did make him feel as though he could slam anybody, and right now, his target was less than a yard away, smirking, as the rain soaked her outfit.

"A schoolgirl, really?" He called out to the nothingness around him. James knew his mentor was watching somewhere in the shadows, but no reply came back to him. The only sounds that could be heard where they stood were the heavy slaps of the rain upon pavement. A quick glance around revealed an abandoned street. A few cars were haphazardly parked on broken cobblestones, next to decrepit buildings that were probably erected easily over 200 years ago. Stray cats poked around inside of a trashcan, somewhere far off, a siren blared, and if he listened hard enough, he could hear another human heartbeat in the darkness. He ran a leather-gloved hand through his tightly braided cornrows. He still couldn't believe this. The girl across from him wore a dull blue plaid skirt, with a crimson bowtie at the neck. A few bangs cascaded down her face, but other than that, her hair was parted neatly down the center, and braided into two pigtails. Though she was slightly taller than one would expect, she still had a slender, rather than athletic frame. Grunting partially in disgust, partially in disappointment, James felt more like he was about to strike down a pervert's fantasy than he was an actual vampire. Onyx sighed heavily, the first night he was out for some combat action, and he was stuck killing a vampire that looked like she hadn't even graduated high school yet.

"Aisha," the girl spoke so silently, it was almost as if he'd imagined it. However, when she pulled out two katanas, a shining silver blade and another black as night, the action spoke volumes to him. Suddenly, he had a vicious sickle in his right hand, and a spiked weight hanging from a chain in the other. He figured it was as good a night as any to try out his kusarigama.

In the blink of an eye, Aisha's eyes began glowing bright red, small fangs filled her mouth, and her speed accelerated, comparable to any other creature of the night with ease. James had to block multiple times, while his mentor's laughter rang in the air. James knew it was because he had underestimated his opponent and because Aisha was swinging her blades so close to him that his kusari was almost useless.

"Too slow," Aisha called from behind him, landing a powerful roundhouse to his back that caused him to stumble forward. Sensing her rushing him with the dual blades, James leaped into the air, flipping so quickly that his kusari blade shot back, between his legs, and directly in Aisha's path. She evaded, but a crescent shaped slash ripped into her shoulder before Onyx pulled back the sickle.

He watched her lick her wound, a minacious grin on her pale face. The rain made her two braids five times more menacing, and a scowl coated her small lips. Rushing him again, James quickly swung the metal weight in a circle around his head, and threw it at her. Dodging by inches, Aisha merely cocked her neck, never slowing down her full speed sprint. When she got close enough, her swords clashed with the sickle in his hand. Growling she tried to move the obstruction from protecting his skin, but she could not. She even tried slicing his fingers, which would indisputably end the fight, however, the kusari contained a small, metallic guard that protected the joints of his fingers. Try as she might, he was too handy with the weapon. She'd have to try something else.

Trapped in a deadlock, Aisha's mind moved faster than James's did. She struck several more times, to give him the impression that she was mindlessly attacking him. On her last strike, she slammed all her weight against her two blades. She knew he could hold his ground, but just as suddenly, Aisha dashed backward, freeing her weight now from her opponent's chest. This completely threw James off balance, and though the spiked weight he yanked forward was approaching the back of her skull, she already had a plan.

Her fist slammed into Onyx's cheek, while the sword in her left hand quickly knocked away the ten-pound death ball. She struck again, this time with enough space to be lethal, but quick as a cat; Onyx was back in the fight, countering each of her moves with strong, skillful attacks. Though Aisha hadn't drawn blood, it was clear that she was much faster, and had plenty of experience. While James had sufficient experience using the kusarigama, plain and simple, Aisha's battle experience outclassed him. It wasn't long before beads of sweat began racing down his face. What was once a pervert's fantasy had suddenly become a tiresome nightmare. Each of Aisha's strikes pushed him back, as her blades were much stronger than a short sickle and a chain. He grunted in dissatisfaction. Yet again, she had him at close range, so the other end of kusari was of no use to him. However, he was no fool. They didn't call him Onyx for nothing.

Impossibly, he landed a swift kick to her chest, which had her sliding backward on the pavement in a crouch. In another gravity defying display, James flipped through the air, twisting like an urban tornado, the long chain zipping through the heavens precariously. The sharp sickle shot through the sky and curved at her body, with deadly accuracy. Aisha effortlessly danced out of the way, as if she'd rehearsed the move a thousand times. When Onyx yanked the blade back, she merely knocked it away with her silver katana, licking her lips as her gait increased in speed, directly towards him.

"Gotcha," he merely mouthed the word and Aisha's expression changed, contorting from a wicked smirk, into one of mild irritation. The rain died down into a quiet murmur, as blood spilled on the streets. The long titanium chain snaked around Aisha's ankle dangerously, and behind her, facing in the opposite direction, sickle battle-poised was Onyx, standing full height, and brimming with confidence. He pulled, and Aisha's body crashed into the pavement hard, undoubtedly scarring her right shoulder with the jarring wet asphalt below.

Just as quickly, he turned around walking the gap between him and the vampire, taking pride in the grimace on her sleek model-esque face. Positioning the kusari just above her heart, Onyx let out a battle cry before he viciously struck at her, his animalistic sound reverberating off the nearby buildings. The results disappointed him. Though her ankles were bloody and torn, she still managed to curl her leg quickly toward herself, upsetting the chain in his hand. When the sickle came down to meet her heart, her left hand defiantly defended with the silver blade, only to have her weapon fly out of her hands with the force of the strike.

Cold metal clanged on the ground, much too far away for her to reach. Even though quick maneuvering had her standing with her ankle freed, she still was down one weapon, and had a bleeding ankle to boot. The sprinkling rain and her red eyes made her look as if she had almost drowned sometime before the fight. Aisha gazed into his dark gray eyes, and for a moment, she saw a glint of victory there. She noted it in her mental file case, right before her body began to heal.

Onyx noticed too, and swiftly resumed his attacks, but to no avail. Suddenly Aisha's movements were so fast, that it took all of his body's concentration just to keep sight of her form. The girl would sprint toward him, make a transition to all fours in a primal charge, and in the twinkle of an eye be right next to him, ready to tear his flesh into shreds with the black blade. She tripped him, and in the split second he needed to regain his balance, she tore several bleeding gashes into his right arm. Whipping around to face her, he met with air, shocked unexpectedly by the lightest touch on his shoulder. The world seemed to slow down, as it clicked in his mind what was happening. This was Aisha's hand, and as it clamped tighter to his shoulder, he could hear the blade ringing through the air. Had she had claws like some of the vampires he'd heard about, he might be dead. Nevertheless, it was fortunate for him that she didn't. He snatched an oblong object from his coat, and quickly threw it onto the ground, which erupted in a blinding flash of ultraviolet light.

He heard her screech, but not before her obsidian blade ripped a light scar down his entire back. Facing her to prevent further damage to his back, he was forced to marvel at her in awe, for after his vision cleared, Aisha was howling with her eyes covered. However, she was untouched by ultraviolet burns, which would have killed normal vampires in a flash. Somehow, she had managed to avoid the small explosion, and still have enough accuracy to give him a fresh wound, which made him wince at the thought of it.

He threw the kusari, but just as he did, Aisha's eyes opened again, as red and focused as ever. She appeared behind him and jabbed the blade into his back, but with the help of the chain, he had pulled her forward, and sandwiched her to his back, the chain holding her body to his in an awkward hug. Instead of poking out of his chest, the black katana neatly jutted out from beneath his elbow, unable to inflict any damage. He didn't know if she was tired or not, but Aisha began panting obnoxiously loud in his ear.

He started to jog, ignoring the agitated grunts of the petite Japanese girl strapped to his back. Aisha moved her arm a little, but with a jump from James, her arm became trapped uselessly at her side. Now her sword was screeching against the ground loudly, wailing, begging her arm to move it into Onyx's flesh, but the thick chain bound both her arms efficiently. Despite her struggles and vicious cursing, there was no way she was going to be able to move, unless his grip loosened on the chain that held her there.

"What are you doing?" She protested, knowing the dangers that biting him could produce. She could smell it in his blood, an aberration, something dangerous, even toxic to vampires hid somewhere deep within. Any vampire foolish enough to try to turn this man would end up dying again, permanently. Even though she knew that, there was an erotic pull to his throat. Aisha could hear the blood pumping through his jugular, faster now that he was running. Rather than getting engulfed by such a fleeting desire, she decided to ignore it. She growled again, and repeated her question, annoyed that he was carrying her through the streets like a hiking backpack, and her feather light body wasn't causing him any pain.

"Checkmate." He answered, leaping into the air, bouncing off a wall and finally landing on the other side of a streetlight, which hang from a telephone wire.

Aisha gasped for air. Bound neck to toe and hanging upside down, her sword uselessly fell to the ground, and she struggled, helpless while swinging from the light. The metal weight at the end of the chain was packed into the pavement deep enough to keep her there, and surprisingly, it increased in size, going from the ten-pound one she saw earlier to something quadruple the stature of original.

James Carter smiled a prize-winning smile and held the kusari's sickle to her neck. "Am I done ye-," he began, before Blade's black trench coat appeared in his peripheral vision.

"You ought to be more careful," his smooth charismatic voice carried over to him. Blade's hands were both straining to hold back a levitating silver sword, which was close enough to scratch James's face, or worse, take his head off. Onyx froze as the black blade levitated, aligned with his heart, and faster than he could move, it poked a hole in his shirt, the wound bleeding freely.

"She got you." Blade spoke, while James's arms slumped in defeat. The swords sliced across the titanium, and somehow, Aisha stood directly across from him, swords sheathed as if nothing had happened. She gave Blade a respectable nod. "That chi you don't care about? She's a master," Blade laughed into the night, and somewhere far away, bats swarmed toward the moon, the clouds of the night vanishing as if the world had become peaceful, even for a moment.