As soon as they got onto the Heron, the boys all looked at Hal expectant. Thorn just grunted and sat down where he was. Stig looked at him with confusion in his eyes. Thorn raised one eyebrow in response and started chewing on the meet he had in his hand.

'What? I'm hungry. Haven't eaten all morning because I was trying to find you idiots and help you get underway,' he said and stopped paying attention to the rest of the world as he finished off the bone.

'Hal?' Stig asked his best friend.

'Right,' Hal said thinking for the moment. 'Wulf and Ulf, heave that piece up and Ingvar hold it in place please as Jespar, you attach them together,' he ordered and supervised.

For the rest of the day, Hal had the others working to repair the port side of the boat and attach all the other things that he had somehow missed earlier.

'Have I missed anything?' he asked and turned to Stig.

'I don't think so,' Stig replied with a frown.

'Yes you have,' replied Thorn and it was his turn to order them around to fix it.

Soon, the sun set and they were left there in the almost complete darkness of a half moon. Hal yawned and quickly assigned guards for the night. Thorn nodded in agreement and fell asleep the fastest of them all.

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