Author's Note: This is a one shot that takes place right after "The Landlord". Just wanted to try my hand at a Nick/Jess story.

"He wanted to have a threesome with you and Nick?" Cece screams over the phone.

"Believe you me, it was the last thing I expected." Jess pulls up her knee socks, wedging the phone in between her ear and her shoulder.

"Did you make it seem like you wanted it?" Cece asks, oddly fascinated by the subject.

"Yeah, Cece I was all "Hey Mr. Landlord! Won't you please join young Nicholas and I in a threesome?""

Schmidt runs into the room, screeching to a halt just next to Jess.

"Did you just run into the room because you heard the word threesome?" Jess asks.

"No," he says, still panting from his brief sprint.

"Really?" Jess asks, amused.

"Really," Schmidt blatantly lies "is that Cece?"

Jess nods.

"Say 'hi' for me."

"Schmidt says 'hi' Cece," Jess says into the phone.

"Ew," Cece replies.

"She says 'hi' back," Jess tells him, giving him a thumbs up.

Schmidt does a victory dance as he returns to his room.

"Anyway," Cece says "what happened?"

"Well, Nick and I went in there, ready to go for it because neither of us wanted to say that we were wrong..."

"You didn't do it did you?" asks Cece, horrified.

"No, Cece. I did not have sex with Nick and my Landlord at the same time. There was no menage-ing"

Schmidt starts to come out of his room again, but Jess shakes her head and he goes back inside. Jess shuts her door.

"Okay, so how did you stop it?" Cece asks.

"Well, he told us to start it off and he and I were kinda awkwardly dancing to that song from Matilda and then Nick went in to kiss me and-"

"Oh my God, Jess!"

"Not what you think. I told him I was wrong, Winston came in and luckily my landlord wasn't ready for a four-way so he left." Jess explains.

"Jess, you did not." Cece says, disapprovingly.

"Did not what?" Jess asks, confused.

"Give up on your one chance to kiss Nick!"

"Nick has a girlfriend, Cece!" Jess yells, exasperated "And we're friends! How many times do I-"

"And how many times do I have to tell you that you're perfect for each other? We've been best friends forever, Jess. I know you better than you know yourself and Nick Miller is exactly your type." Cece says.

"Nick is not my type!" Jess says in a huff.

"Really?" Cece asks "What is your type?"

"My type...uh" Jess struggles to make something up "plays the accordion and loves to sing and tell stories like a... traveling bard?"

"A traveling bard, huh?" Cece asks.

"Yeah," Jess bluffs.

"And I've just missed all the accordion players you've dated?" Cece asks, knowing that Jess isn't telling the truth.

"Yep." Jess says.

"Admit it Jess. You like Nick."

"I do not." Jess argues "If I liked Nick, wouldn't I have let him kiss me?"

Cece doesn't answer.

"Ha!" Jess yells triumphant "Gotcha. Riddle me that, sister!"

"I guess you're right..." Cece concedes.

Jess smiles at herself in the mirror, triumphant.

"Unless..." Cece starts.

Jess looks at herself in horror.

"Unless what?" Jess asks nervously.

"Unless you like Nick so much you didn't want your first kiss to be in front of your pants-less landlord. You wanted it to be special. Because deep down you know that if you're ever with Nick it's for the long haul. And that freaks you out. Am I right?"

Jess looks at herself in the mirror and tears well in her eyes. If Cece had been in the room she would have know that she was absolutely spot on. The second Jess saw Nick's lips heading for hers she knew she had to stop it. If it was going to happen it couldn't be like this. Not as a joke. Not because they were both too stubborn. If they were going to kiss, Jess wanted it to be real.


"Hey Jess," Nick has popped his head into her room "did you want to go to that new breakfast place with me and Winston?"

"Jess?" Cece asks over the phone.

"Yes," Jess says.