Author's Note: This is the last chapter of "Yes" I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you liked reading it. :) Would you read another Nick/Jess story if I wrote one? Thanks to everyone who reviewed it!

***The Next Night***

How could she have been so stupid? Kissing Nick? It was bad enough that she had feelings for him but this?

What if this made things so awkward she had to move out? She couldn't find another place. She loved living with the guys. But not if things were going to be weird with Nick.

Why had he kissed her?

Because he was drunk and I was here she thought to herself, gloomily. She thought about the whole day she had spent, ignoring Nick when all she really wanted to do was talk to him. But every time she came close to having a real conversation with him she ran way, afraid of what he would say.

That morning Jess had hopped out of bed and peeked outside. The coast was clear so she took a shower, got dressed and brought some breakfast down to her room. Maybe I can avoid Nick forever, she thought. That way she could keep living here. That could work.

She opened the door and the kitchen was empty. She walked over to the sink to rinse out her cereal bowl when she heard it. Mattress springs.

"Shoot," she muttered and dropped her bowl in the sink. She darted out of the kitchen and through the living room. Her hands were just closing around the door handle when-


Jess squealed. He had caught her. So much for avoiding him forever.

Not wanting to live in this uncomfortable moment for one second longer Jess wrenched open the door and sped back into her room, locking the door behind her.

And that's how she spent the day. Holed up in her room. If she needed to leave she would put her ear to the door and try to peek through the crack in between the door and the floor before quickly grabbing what she needed and returning to her bed.

Jess sat on her bead, horribly bored. All her papers for the next few weeks were graded. Now would be a great time to watch the rest of Down With Love. But it was under the couch. Could she risk it?

It's only six at night. Winston and Schmidt are both out of the house again and Jess hasn't heard Nick since he made himself a sandwich around 5. She listens to the door. Silence. The coast is clear.

She opens the door just enough to peek out. No one is there. She's home free. She runs out and digs under the couch for her DVD. She has just spotted it when-

"A-ha!" Nick cries as he stepped out of his room.

"Rats," Jess whispers to herself.

"Jess, could I talk to you?" Nick asks tentatively.

"Talk? What's there to talk about, sailor?" Jess asks, still on her stomach with an arm under the couch.

"I don't know," Nick says sarcastically "last night, maybe?"

"Oh," Jess plays dumb "last night, right..."

"Is there anything you want to say about it?"

"No, man" she says, getting up and dusting herself off "nothing to say here. Just two friends. Making out. Not a big deal."

"So it wasn't a big deal for you?"

"Nope," Jess says trying to be cool "happens to me all the time."

"So I've just missed all the times you've made out with Winston and Schmidt?"

Jess pauses, considering if Winston and Schmidt would go along with her story if she said yes. Schmidt definitely would. Winston had too much integrity. Maybe a bribe...

"Jess?" Nick asks "I was joking but have you actually been hooking up with Winston and Schmidt?"

"No!" Jess blurts out "But if I was it wouldn't be a big deal. Or any of your business."

"If it's not a big deal why couldn't I know about it?" Nick asks, picking a fight.

"Uhg!" Jess cries "It's a hypothetical situation. Chill out! Why do you always have to pick fights with me?"

"I wasn't!" Nick yells.

Jess gives him a look that clearly says if you weren't trying to fight why did you just yell at me?

"The reason I asked you about last night is because it was a big deal for me," Nick admits "It was a big deal. Not because I kissed you and you're my roommate and that complicates... everything. But because I kissed you and I wanted to."

Jess is shocked.

"You're not just a rebound to me, Jess. I care about you. I've cared about you for a really long time. Since you rescued me from that photo booth and since I saw you try to defrost a turkey with your body heat. I couldn't stand seeing you with Paul. I know you think I hated him but I didn't. I hated the fact that he got to be with you and I... I really like you, Jess. And I think you like me too. Or you wouldn't have gotten so upset last night."

Jess looks down at her feet again. Embarrassed.

"This is the part where it would be helpful if you talked." Nick says, trying to catch Jess' eye.

"Of course I like you, you idiot!" Jess yells at him "I've liked you since you sang 'The Time of My Life' to me at that stupid restaurant and since you made them turn on Candy Cane Lane for me!"

Nick laughs and smiles.

"Then what do we do?" Nick asks coming closer.

"I think we do this." Jess gives him a light kiss. She can't believe how happy she was. And it seems like he is happy to.

"And?" Nick asks.

Jess gives him a big kiss.

"Yeah, this is going to complicate things." Nick says after she pulls away.

"But are you in?" Jess asks.

"Definitely," Nick replies and kisses her again.

The End.