Buying Her Roses by Reba Mcentire

Pairings: Ron/Hermione


Authors Note: Hope you guys are enjoying this set of Drabble's so far! :D I know I am!


Hermione stood at the front of the room with her fiancé Ron, both of them smiling at each other. They couldn't believe today was the day! They started off with memories of each other, smiling fondly.

"I remember the first time Ron bought me roses…"

I took him for granted

Now looking back at it

He's not the only one to blame

Between the jobs and the kids

Wasn't much time for him

We let the fire slip away from the flame

Ron laughed as he remembered it as well.

They'd just had a fight, one of their biggest yet. They'd even included Harry and Ginny, who both looked like they wanted to do anything BUT be in the argument.

It had been about kids, too.

Ron had said he only wanted about 2 kids, one boy, one girl.

Hermione said she wanted 4 kids. No specific gender.

It escalated until Ron was running for his life from all the hexes and curses, illegal or not.

After, He'd dragged Harry to Diagon Alley with him, grumbling about women and kids.

When he'd found the perfect set of roses, they'd paid and gone home.

Hermione had just about fainted when Harry took her aside later in the day and told her how much Ron'd paid for them.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised

But as hard as I try

I can't believe it's happened to me

But I know where he's at

And I know it's a fact

I'd have to be blind not to see

Ron chuckled softly, before sharing his memory.

"You might want to stick with an even bigger bunch, mate," Harry muttered. Hermione was screeching and raging about babies out of wedlock.

"I think your right this time, Harry," Ron muttered back. Hermione turned towards the pair, raising her wand.

They ran.

They searched for hours for the perfect set of roses. It only ended perfectly when they found Draco Malfoy paying for the biggest bunch the shop had, groaning in unison.

He'd turned, glowering at the pair.

"What do you want, Potter? Weasley?" He looked slightly uneasy as Harry began digging in his pockets and Ron fumbled for his money as well.

"Malfoy, we'll buy that boquet off you, please. It's important for our health. Literally." Harry had explained in a hurry, gathering all his coins and holding them out to the blonde.


"I, uh- you see, Malfoy-"

"Ron pissed off Hermione and now she's going to hunt both of us down and hex our balls off. Only way to calm her is getting her flowers and you've got the biggest set we could find," Harry finished, his eyes pleading and begging the blonde to say yes.

"Fine, I suppose." Draco drawled, handing the roses over. He accepted the coins, and turned back to the shop keeper who was opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

"Thanks, Malfoy!" Harry had called over his shoulder as the two ran off.

They'd heard a snort of laughter but kept running.

When they'd returned to the flat Hermione had bought with Ron, Harry had nudged Ron inside then left as soon as he could.


He's out buying her roses

And where that leaves me God only knows

I know I should tell him

To leave me forever

But what'll I do if he goes

Harry then stood, and offered a story of his own.

Ron and Harry were at the Ministry, working. Ron, as usual, was grumbling about the ridiculous amount of paper work.

For their break, they'd decided to go out to eat.

It had ended terribly when Hermione saw the back of Harry's head and had gone into a rage about Ron cheating on her.

She'd put Harry into the hospital.

She wasn't allowed to visit, and they STILL had to buy her roses, which she gave to Harry.

What'll I do if he goes

What'll I do if he goes

The pair kissed, happily married. Laughing, they included their best friend into the hug before they left to begin the reception.

And, of course, Ron had bought Hermione roses. With the help of Draco Malfoy.

The biggest bunch they could find.