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"Run," Simba said as he glared at his frightened uncle, "run away Scar, and never return."

Scar had hoped for Simba to let him stay at Pride Rock. Well that didn't go as planned. "Er yes," he stuttered as he slowly slithered away from Simba, "as you wish, your majesty!" he hissed as he slapped a heap of small burned chips at Simba's eyes. The chips his Simba directly in the eyes and he screamed in pain. Scar leaped to the nearest slope and ran down from it before Simba could catch him. He skidded to a halt as he saw a burned tree branch falling on the ground and blocking his path. He leaped over the branch and ran as quickly as his legs could carry him. He turned his head as he saw a couple of lionesses chasing him away, one of them being Sarabi that was leading the group. He leaped down the slope and landed on his four paws. He stopped, looked back, and continued to run for it.

The lionesses halted as they saw their tyrant disappearing into the distance. Away from the Pride Lands. Sarabi smiled as she saw her brother-in-law fleeing. With Simba being the future king, the Pride Lands would be as good as they were in Mufasa was king. The thought of her dead husband saddened her but she was happy that her son was not dead. Her and the lionesses headed back towards Simba as they saw him walking onto the Pride Rock.

Scar halted his running as he looked at the still burning Pride Rock. All of those years of being king burned within his home. He put his head on the ground as he saw it all burning up into ashes. He got up with an alert as he heard a harsh rumbling into the distance. A drop of water fell out of the sky and on his man. Rain. He ran to find shelter before the rain drenched him. As he ran, he came across something small and furry that was curled up into a ball. He looked at the small ball of fur and gave it a small push with his paw. That little something made a small movement as it turned its head and looked at him. It was a brown colored cub with green eyes like Scar's.

The cub's eyes opened widely and its mouth hung open as it was about to scream. A lioness jumped in front of her cub to protect him from Scar.

Scar took a step back as he looked at the familiar lioness. She had red colored eyes, beige colored fur, and she stood proudly in front of Scar. "Scar?" she said as he eyes brightnened.

"Zira?" Scar said as he squinted at her in the darkness. That's why she looked so familiar. She was one of the Outlander lionesses. She had been by his side during his reign t Pride Rock and he considered her to be onr of his loyal subjects. He remembered at she had a son named Nuka, who is Scar's view was not even fit to be a king.

A roar was heard in the distance as Zira and Scar looked over. Scar glared at his former own as he growled the name, "Simba," under his breath.

"Simba?" Zira echoed.

"My nephew," Scar answered her as he got up from the ground, "the next future king of the Pride Lands."

Zira did not understand. She thought that Scar was the official king and would always be. He was doing perfectly fine and she needed to know what had gone wrong. "What happened?" she asked him.

Scar turned his head and looked at him. "He came back," he growled, "almost killing me." He remembered the scene were Simba jumped from the cliff, pinned him to the ground, and almost choked him so he could spill out the truth about Mufasa's death. He suddenly looked at the cub that looked familiar to him but he could not remember. "Who is this?" he asked.

Zira looked at her offspring, "Kovu," she said as she softly pushed him towards Scar, "your next succesor at Pride Rock."

"I remember," Scar said. When he was king, he had allowed the Outlanders at Pride Rock of course. This when he had met Zira, Nuka, and her other little cub named Vitani. Obviously Nuka coulnd't become king because he was weak in Scar's view and Vitani was a girl, he chose Kovu to be his next successor. Kovu was not born yet, but he gave word to Zira that if she was going to make him proud of her, she was going to have to give birth a a strong healthy male cub and she finally did. "That won't happen now," Scar suddenly said.

"Why not? There must be some way," Zira said.

"With Simba as king, he will be much more powerful than any of us. He is the spitting image of...my brother," he said the word as if it was poison.

Zira walked closely to Scar and sat down next to him. "I think you are much more powerful than him," she said as she glared at Pride Rock.

Scar suddenly remembered something. During his reign, he had seen a lion always hanging about Zira, never leaving her alone and doing whatever she told him to do. Now where in the world was he? "Where is your mate Zira?"

"That doesn't matter now," Zira stated as she looked at him, "he was unlyal to me but also unloyal to you too."

Scar grinned at her. "You killed him."

Zira made on answer but she walked over to her little cub. Scar followed her and looked at small thing. "There is still a chance Scar," she said, "for you to be a king. You can be king of the Oulanders," she suggested as she beamed at him. "You can teach Kovu the rights at being a king!" She could feel herself getting excited by her idea. Scar being their king would make them stronger than the Pride Landers and they would be able to overthrow the king.

Scar smiled at her idea. He looked down at Kovu who was sleeping next to his mother. "We will raise him together," Scar said that made Zira smile widely at him, "I will tach him everything."

"That's what I had hoped," Zira said as she gave him a nuzzle with her head. She quickly retreated as she looked away from him, a secret smile spreading across her face. Not only was Scar her idol, but she also wanted him to be her mate. Now, thanks to Kovu, that was a possibility. She turned around and grabbed Kovu around his back with her mouth. She walked away from the Pride Lands as Scar followed her to his new home where he would soon take over.