Slash, Established Relationship. Reid/Morgan


Spencer loves it when Derek touches him.

For the first time since he was very little, touch is a positive thing.

From a hand on the shoulder at work to lying pressed together, skin to skin from shoulders to ankles as they are now, he revels in any contact with his lover.

Best of all? He can touch Derek whenever he wants to. The older man never pushes him away when he reaches out.

Derek loves to touch Spencer.

His pretty boy was touch starved for so long before they were together.

At first he would flinch when Derek touched him, his body conditioned to expect a blow by years of bullying. Now he leans into Derek's hands, craving more.

Spencer is always so responsive, as if years of deprivation have made him hypersensitive to the sensations of being touched. Nothing relaxes him faster than Derek slowly rubbing a hand up and down his spine like he is now.

But best of all? Spencer now touches Derek back.

They have been dating for nearly a year and his Baby Boy is growing more confident every day. Now he traces his fingers over Derek's skin, snuggles up to him on the couch, even initiates hugs.

It is a huge difference from when they first got together.

Derek wouldn't change it for anything.

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