For Marvar: Because I love her and because she deserves a little fluff after my last fic.

Everything is quiet.

It's usually quiet here, but everything feels especially quiet tonight. I shrug off the lonely feelings that come and go, but tonight they seem to linger.

I look over to the small fire that warms the space of my living room. And this – this right here – is exactly what I was hoping for when I came here a year ago.



Peace and quiet.

My fingers trail along the spines of books that line the shelf on my wall. I've read most of them, but there are some that I haven't. Some were bought on a whim in bright, big bookstores. And some of them have been in my collection for years. Classics. But somehow they always seem too daunting to pick up.

I settle for fluff.

And not even a real book.

Rather, an eBook on Kindle.

It's a book I'd never buy in a real store. But thankfully, the people at Amazon have made anonymity in buying a lucrative business.

I look at the cover art. It's always the same. Some woman in the arms of a more than attractive man. Because in these books, the men are always strong, always hot…and always well-endowed.

And the woman is always one of two things:

So gorgeous her beauty must be divine – a gift from heaven (or whatever place the deity of the book resides). Or…

Plain and shy. Painfully so. And so grateful that the hot man with the big cock is even paying any attention to her at all. Never mind the fact that he wants to put his big cock inside her.

I hope he puts it inside her soon.

And I'll let you guess which one of those stereotypes I identify with.

I refuse to say it out loud.

I settle in on the couch, the quiet still surrounding me, but with the promise of fluff and smut, the loneliness seems abated. And I begin to read.




The fire is dwindling…the hero is amorous. He's whispering dirty, dirty things in the heroine's ear. And I'm wondering why… Why didn't I have the foresight to pull out my vibrator? And I'm also wondering why… Why doesn't anything like this happen in real life?

Where are these men?

I laugh a little.

Strapping men with big dicks who are only looking for the love of a good woman must not frequent the same places I frequent. They're never at the library where I work because apparently, hot men don't read. They're never at the grocery store because once again, hot men don't cook. And the only two men at my house are Emmett and Jasper. And both of them lost their balls a long time ago. Although, the way they lick each other, you'd swear they still had them…and were obviously gay.

Cats are funny.

I hear my phone ping with an incoming text message.

I'm so comfortable and caught up in my book that I don't want to even move to get up. Although, I reason with myself that once I'm up, I could head to my room to retrieve the little black satin bag from the drawer in my nightstand. Then when I get back to the dirty, dirty words…I can be really fucking happy. And relaxed enough to sleep.

So, I pad over on the soft carpet and I look at the screen.

The text is from a number I don't recognize.

And the words that I'm reading are so dirty they could be from the pages of my book.

I hope you don't mind. But I'm a little drunk and a lot naked. And REALLY fucking hard.





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