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It was just after 4 when House entered Mayfield. Yes, it hadn't even been 24 hours since his last visit. This time though it was different. He was rushing to Nolan's office, not caring who or what was in his way. He knocked on the door and didn't wait for an answer.

Nolan was just about to take a bite of the delicious chocolate muffin when House stepped inside his office. And he didn't like the expression on his patients face one bit. He had seen it before, when "Freedom Master" had tried to fly of the wall at the parking garage.

"What happened?" He asked and pushed the chocolate muffin aside.

"It's my fault." House still hadn't stepped fully into the office, the door was still open. "It's all my fault." He continued saying while shaking his head.

"What is? Does Dr. Cuddy or Wilson know you're here?" Now he was getting really concerned, something terrible must've happened for House not to make any sense.

Nolan walked over to House and gently led him to his usual spot, the most comfortable chair in the office. He filled two glasses with water, one he placed in front of House the other one he placed on the table in front of the other chair, which he was going to sit in.

He noticed House had started rubbing his thigh, something he only did when he was in extremely bad pain or was feeling vulnerable. And right now it meant he was feeling vulnerable and maybe even a bit frightened.

"Now tell me what happened!?" Nolan took a deep breath and braced himself.

"It started this morning. Cuddy got a call…"


Just as she was about to rush out of the door the phone rang. The display said it was her assistant.

"I'm on my way." She answered.

"That's good. There's a Mark Edwards waiting for you."

"Okay, I'll be there in 20 minutes." She ended the call and rushed to her car.

House went to work two and a half hours later, he was even whistling the Harry Potter theme song while limping to the elevators. He was looking forward to seeing Jack again and telling him the good news.

As he limped closer to his office he could see Cuddy waiting for him. She probably wanted to know if he had done his PT session.

He opened the door "As you can see my hair is still wet, so yes I did my-" House noticed she wasn't alone. A man was sitting in one of the chairs in front of his desk. He was wearing a black suit and red wire-rimmed glasses, which made him look ridicules. "I've told you before, Cuddy I don't want to meet my patients."

"This is Mark Edwards and he has some news for us." By the tone in her voice he could hear the news weren't good.

"Dr. Cuddy hadn't told me that the adoption will be shared between the two of you." House watched Cuddy while the guy was talking. And it didn't look good, Cuddy was trying but failing to stop the tears. "Because of your recent health issues I can't let you adopt Jack."

House was frozen in place and Cuddy was crying openly, even though this was probably the second time she had heard the news.

"I know it's not the news you'd hoped for. And from what Dr. Cuddy has told me Jack sounds like a great kid. I will do everything I can to find him the perfect family." He reached out and gave Cuddy's shoulder a squeeze. "I'm so sorry." He stood up and left House and Cuddy alone.


"I left shortly after that and been on the road driving, trying to find a bar. But I kinda ended up here."

"And I'm glad you did. The first thing I need you to do, is call Dr. Cuddy and tell her where you are."

After House had made the call, and really was just a call. All he'd said was "I'm with Nolan." and hung up again followed by turning his phone off.

"I'm sorry that you can't adopt Jack. Maybe you should contact a lawyer, maybe there's a loop-hole and I could write a letter telling the agency that you're more than qualified to take care of Jack."

House nodded, but Nolan could see that at the moment all he was doing was blaming himself for not figuring it out sooner.

The next two hours they talked about House's fears, the biggest being that Cuddy would leave him, because he wasn't good enough.

Three hours later, one of them spend in rush hour traffic, he parked his car in his spot at the hospital. He really should've driven home, but right now he wanted to be alone. So he limped to the only place that was always empty. The chapel.

This was a special place, even to House, but that was mainly because there was an upright piano hidden away in a closet which not many knew about. Not even Cuddy. This was the place he went to when he didn't want to be found.

He sat down on the bench and started playing. He didn't really choose what he was playing, his fingers seemed to have a mind of their own.

For hours House tried to play his depressing thoughts away, but it didn't really work. The feeling, that he was letting Jack down just kept nagging at him.

He had been playing for quite some time when he suddenly had the feeling that he was being watched. He turned to his right, and there was the boy that had caused the emotional turmoil he was currently in. Jack was sitting in the corner looking at him with a smile.

House couldn't stop himself and smiled in return, there was just something about that boy. He scooted over a bit and patted the bench. Jack understood and took a seat next to House. He suddenly realized that the depressing feeling was as bad anymore, instead he was having fun. He played every kid's song he could think of. House even took the time to teach Jack how to play some of the easier ones.

"You know," House said after a while. "I usually don't let anyone sit with me and touch the piano." Jack looked up at him and pressed on middle c. "Don't push your luck." He winked down at the boy making him laugh quietly.

He was just about to play another song when he noticed the time on his watch. It was quarter to nine.

"Come on, you should've been in bed an hour ago." As they entered the hall House noticed, for the first time, the Harry Potter pjs Jack was wearing. They were very cool. The pants had tiny broomsticks on them and the front of the sweater had a picture of Hogwarts on it. Cuddy must've gotten them for him.

They reached Jack's room and the boy climbed into his bed. House went to the side of the bed and tucked Jack in. He turned off the lights and then reached out to squeeze the boy's right hand. "Good night." House whispered.

And then something truly amazing happened he got a "Good night…" in return. He couldn't quite believe it and stared open mouthed at the precious boy. This was the first time he had heard Jack's voice and House couldn't be happier, because it meant Jack trusted him.

With a smile House left Jack's room, he knew exactly what he needed to do. He took his phone and dialed.

"Hey, it's House. Start writing that letter and do you know a good lawyer?"