How did it go so wrong?

They had the gun, the bullets, and the chance, but it still went wrong. Glancing next to him, Dean let out a tired sigh as he took in his Father's battered appearance. Sam and Bobby didn't look much better in the back seat, and if he cared to look he knew he was worse, but that didn't matter at the moment. What mattered was getting them all to safety. To home.


Glancing at his younger brother through the rear-view mirror, Dean smiled sadly. "Yeah Sammy?"

Rolling his eyes at the use of the nick-name, Sam stared at the back of his brother's head. "Do you even know where we're going? Cause driving around aimlessly is not going to help us any."

Nodding once, Dean heard the other three shift slightly, as though to hear better, but did not make to answer the question any better. He knew exactly where they needed to go, but that did not mean he was going to tell any of them. Besides, they were safer not knowing until they got there.

"So are you going to tell us?" Sam spoke up, worried by the silence.

Grinning Dean shook his head, turning up the radio as he did so. "Sorry Sammy, can't hear you."

It was three days since the fiasco that was meant to be the end, and the group were still no closer to getting the coordinates out of Dean; not for the lack of trying. Sam would plead, whilst Bobby and John threatened, but none would prevail. Watching as Dean ignored yet another busty station worker as he refuelled the Impala, John let out a deep sigh and looked over his shoulder to the back seat.

"Has anyone mentioned anything yet?" He asked; voice strained. The way his eldest was acting was very worrying, and he was starting to wonder if the demon had done something to Dean that he hadn't picked up on.

Shaking his head, Bobby frowned. "Sorry John, we don't have much to go on, and none of the other Hunters know of a safe house this far north. Wherever your boy is taking us, it doesn't want to be seen until it's ready."

Opening his mouth to argue some more, John closed it just as his eldest climbed back into the driver's seat, grinning madly.

"We're not too far out now," he announced proudly, starting up his baby as he spoke. "The cashier said that there's s'pose to be a storm tonight, but we should get there before it hits."

"And where exactly is there?"

Ready for his father's over used question, Dean went to turn on the radio and ignore him, but was stopped by a slap to the back of his hand. "Hey!"

Poising his hand to repeat said action again, John turned to face his son and scowled. "No more ignoring us or changing the subject Dean. Where are we going?"

"I told you, somewhere sa-"

"Cut the bullshit Dean."

Raising an eyebrow at his brother through the rear view mirror, the two entered a silent battle of wills. He hadn't told them where they were going because he was afraid that someone else might find out. It was one of his most guarded secrets, and be damned if any creature of the night made their way there.

Sighing deeply, Dean took one last look at his brother, before pulling over to the side of the road and putting his baby into park. "Fine," he mumbled, not looking at anyone. "We're going to my place."

Silence ran through the car.

"What do you mean, 'your place'?" Bobby quipped, his eyebrows still having a close meeting with his hair line. "I thought that this was your place?"

"No," Dean replied slowly, as if talking to a two year old. "This is my baby. We're going to my house, home, sanctuary. My place."

Shocked by the announcement of the unexpected location, the passengers kept quiet as the eldest Winchester son moved the car back onto the road and started up the cassette that was already loaded.

The drive was just as Dean had predicted.

Storm clouds swelled above them, ready to explode across the land, just as they slowly pulled into the quiet town. Checking the tiny clock on the dashboard, John noted that it was just passing one in the morning. Sam's snores filled the small space, only to be broken every once and a while by Bobby muttering in his sleep. Glancing over at his eldest, the Winchester patriarch hoped that this was their final destination, as he didn't think that the boy could drive for much longer.

But he wasn't a boy any longer. Thinking back on all the time that he had missed out on with his sons, John felt a strong twang in his heart.

"It's alright Dad."

Blinking, John looked back at his son confused. Not taking his eyes away from the road, Dean smiled softly. "I said that it's alright. You did what you needed to do."

"I dragged you boys through hell."

Unable to deny the fact, Dean nodded in consent. "Yeah, you did. But you also taught us things that most people will never get. How family is important; and that life is about more than just materialistic things."

Feeling the tears well up in his eyes, John looked away, refusing to let them fall. "If Mary where here-"

"Then she would be proud of the way her boys grew up." Glancing over at John, knew that this would be one of those times that it was ok to have a chick-flick moment. "Dad, if it weren't for you, then I never would have met the most important people in the world to me. You'll get to met them tomorrow, but right now, I think we need to wake up the sleeping beauties in the back and get them inside."

Blinking away any evidence of the emotional experience, John glanced out the window, and noticed that they had come to a stop out the front of a two story house in a cul-de-sac. Quickly jumping out of the car to help Dean wake the other two and grab their bags, John eyed the sleepy little slice of suburbia with suspicion.

"C'mon," Dean's gruff voice called from the now open door. "I'll set you up in the spare bedroom with Bobby. Sam can sleep on the foldout."

Making their way into the house, none of the guests had much time to inspect the place, before the dirty-blonde came back with blankets and pillows.

"Ok, the bathroom is down the hall on the left, the spare room is on the right," he whispered, pulling apart the couch as he did so. "Try and keep it quiet, and leave any showers till morning. I'll be upstairs in the first room on the left if you need me."

Nodding at the instructions, John watched as his eldest led his brother to the fold out, and tucked him in before heading upstairs. Deciding that the pair had the right idea, John grabbed a slightly drooping Bobby before making his way down the hall and to what promised to be a sound night of sleep.