Shuffling everyone quickly back inside, John took one last glance at the neighbours making their way out to see what was happening, before closing the door. Following his eldest into the living room, the eldest Winchester watched on as Jess whispered something to Adam before the pair began to race around the house, picking up anything that could be needed and placed in into a duffle bag.

Scrunching his face up in confusion, John turned to the man that was being held down by his eldest and growled. "What the hell is going on?"

Ignoring the patriarch, Harry gripped onto his husband's arms like a lifeline and forced him to focus. "Azazel knows we're here."

Silence fell upon the room, no-one daring to break it.

Boring his eyes into the ones before him, Dean frowned. How could the YED know where they were? When they had moved in, both of them had placed every safety measure of the house, just shy of what harry had called a 'fidilus charm', to make sure that their family would be safe. Staring down into the emerald eyes that he loved so much, Dean knew that Harry wouldn't joke about something like this.

Straightening his back, the blonde glanced at each individual person, before going into action.

"Adam!" He barked, picking up the twins as he went. "Take Sam upstairs and grab the emergency bags. Jess grab the photo albums and the videos, and then go upstairs and help the others. Dad, take our stuff and chuck it in the Impala, when the others come back down, Adam will show you to his car. Harry, take Bobby around the back and grab as much gun power as you can."

Not even waiting for Dean to finish, Adam, Jess and Harry grabbed their assigned helpers, racing off to do what was needed. Watching them leave, Dean turned to boys and smiled softly. Sitting them down on the couch, the blonde squatted down in front of them, holding their hands in his. "Boys," he frowned. "I need you to do a big boy job for me, ok?"

Feeling the tension in the air, the boy's nodded simultaneously. Grinning, Dean squeezed their hands lightly.

"I need you to stay here and keep your sister safe. Can you do that?"

Nodding without hesitation, each boy smiled warmly as their dad ran his hand through their hair, before jumping off the couch and making their way over to the toddler playing on a throw rug. Watching his children for a second, Dean turned to get the cars ready, but stopped when he noticed his brother in the way.


Not even bothering to make eye contact, Dean brushed his way past and out the front door.

"Are you sure you got everything?"

Clasping Mary's baby seat together, Harry shuffled his way out of the back Adam's 67 Pontiac and whirled around to face his husband, and nodded once.

"Ok." Eyeing the people that he called family, Dean let out a slow deep breath. "Jess and Bobby are going to ride with Adam and the kids."

Lifting his hand, Dean pointed at his eldest, putting every bit of seriousness as he could into his next sentence. "You get them out of here and as far away as you can. Don't stop, don't slow down until you're at least five states over. You hear me?"

Wrapping his arms around the man that took him in and gave him a home, Adam swallowed the lump in his throat and nodded. "I've got them."

Tightening the grasp he had on his eldest, Dean closed his eyes for a second, before opening them again and turning them to the others.

"We're aiming for Bobby's. I've already phoned ahead, Joe and Ellen are going to meet us there-"

"Well, well, well. Isn't this interesting."