AU from the end of 3x07, with elements of 3x08 (the history of the Originals) added in.

Rating: Eventual mature situations but not smutty, and occasional adult language

Warnings: (later chapters) character death, necrophilia (if sex with a vampire counts), eventual minor mind control/compulsion

Disclaimer: These characters are the creative property of LJ Smith and The CW. I am not profiting in any way from their use. The only thing I own is my plot.

Author's notes: I'll warn you now, I don't see Klonnie as a happily ever after, fluffy-type of pairing, so don't be surprised by any angst or drama you find inside. This story is completely written, but it's currently in the process of being beta-edited. I'll try to post one chapter a week until the editing is finished, and then I'll post twice a week until the entire story is online. A huge thank you to jazzywazzy08 for beta-editing this for me!

NOTE: Annabelle Johnson is Anna, I read somewhere that Johnson was the last name given to her in one of the newer books in the series.



Bonnie Bennett was surrounded by night. She didn't know how she'd gotten there, but all she could see was blackness as she stepped forward hesitantly. The ground was solid in front of her, and she reached an arm out in front of her, hoping her fingers would connect with anything that might be in front of her before she ran smack into it with her body.

She didn't know where she was. Her eyes began to adjust to the blackness. There was a bit of moonlight, but it was mostly hidden behind clouds, and the little light she had didn't illuminate much. She could vaguely make out the edges of some buildings, perhaps an alley to the right, but seeing more than a few feet in front of her was difficult, if not impossible.

Something clattered behind her, and she spun around, but she saw nothing, though she didn't find that surprising. She was tempted to call out, but she was afraid of what would answer. She turned back around to keep walking and slammed into something, something that hadn't been there just a minute before.

Or someone, more like. She stepped back and looked up into a handsome face with dark blond hair that looked black in the darkness. She could barely see his eyes in the shadows, but she could see the smirk forming on his full, too-pink lips, the dimples in his cheeks deepening in his amusement as he saw recognition dawning on her face. Recognition and fear.

"Klaus," she greeted, taking another step back to put a little more distance between them. It was all for her own need for space; she knew if he chose to attack her, the extra foot of distance wouldn't slow him down any. She let her disdain drip from her words, to disguise how her heart had started beating faster. She wasn't prepared for a face to face confrontation with the hybrid, and she certainly didn't want to let him know how much he scared her, especially now that she was no longer able to channel the power of a hundred dead witches.

"Hello, love," Klaus returned, stepping closer.

"Stay back," Bonnie warned him as she took another step away from him, her heart pounding furiously now. She knew he could probably hear her heart racing, but there was nothing she could do to prevent that now.

"And how do you plan to stop me?" Klaus asked, grinning at her.

Bonnie answered with a wave of her hand that should have sent him flying. Klaus didn't budge. She tried again, with the same result. Panic flooded her. What was going on? Why wasn't her magic working against him? She felt completely defenseless, and looking up at the approaching hybrid, she knew he was going to kill her.

Klaus stepped closer and reached a hand out to touch Bonnie's cheek. She brushed his fingers away, her eyes full of fire despite her fear. Why didn't he just get down to it? Why play games? Because in a thousand years, that's all he'd learned how to do.

I'm going to die, she thought. Nonetheless, this time she didn't step backwards. She could run, but he could run faster. No, she'd stand and face him. She would meet her death bravely.

Klaus grinned at the resolute expression on the young witch's face. "I'm not going to kill you," he told her, almost as if he could read her mind. "I'm going to have you."

This time, Bonnie did step back. "Excuse me?" Her fear had turned to anger. What the hell had he meant by that? Have her? Was he saying what she thought he was?

"I mean you no harm," he told her, his expression turning serious. "But I find myself at a loss for witches of late. If you recall, your friends killed Maddox and Greta."

Bonnie opened her mouth to tell Klaus that technically, Damon was not her friend, but she snapped her lips shut. No need to give him any more information than he already had. And some way or another, he always had more information than he should.

"And as you're the only witch I know of in the area..."

"I will never come to you," Bonnie told him, steeling her nerves. No. Way. In. Hell. "You can kill me for it, but I will never help you."

Klaus just laughed, and his voice chilled Bonnie to the bone. He walked around behind her, and she turned, determined not to give him easy access to her unprotected back. Finally he stopped and rested his hands on both of Bonnie's shoulders. She glared at him, but without her magic, she didn't dare push him too far.

"You will come to me, Bonnie," he told her. "Because I have something of value. Something you want back." He slid his hands down her arms, which sent sparks running through her veins, until he had both of her hands in his. He lifted her right hand to his lips, pressed a soft kiss to the back of it, and then released her. He stepped back into the darkness and disappeared.

Bonnie gasped. And then she woke up.


Annabelle Johnson studied Bonnie as the other girl walked into her bedroom. She knew she shouldn't be there, but she couldn't help herself. Yes, she was a vampire. Well, technically, she was a dead vampire. But whoever had said that ghosts couldn't feel guilt clearly hadn't known the first thing about being one.

She'd helped hurt Bonnie. She hadn't meant to, and she hadn't understood the extent of the relationship between Bonnie and Jeremy until after Jeremy had kissed her. She loved Jeremy, but so had Bonnie, and while it hadn't been directly her fault that the witch's heart had been broken, she still felt complicit in the betrayal. Had she not been around, had she not been drawn to Jeremy, Bonnie would never have been hurt.

So, she'd decided to take up residence in Bonnie's house for a while. She wouldn't be able to mend the girl's heart, because she knew nothing she could say would be likely to make Bonnie forgive Jeremy for his part in the betrayal, but maybe if she paid enough attention, she would find some way to make up for things in some small way.

Bonnie turned and glanced in the mirror. Anna held her breath, waiting for the witch to see her and zap her into the next millennium. But a moment later, Bonnie turned away and went over to her bed. Her cell phone started ringing. Anna watched, relieved to know Bonnie couldn't see her unless she wanted to be seen, as Bonnie answered her phone. From the scowl that crossed the witch's face and her greeting to the caller, she could tell it was someone Bonnie didn't like on the line.

"What do you want?" she heard Bonnie ask as the girl paced around her bed.

"And hello to you too, Judgy," the voice answered. Even though she was dead, Anna still had the super-sharp hearing of a vampire, and she could hear every word of both halves of the conversation.

"What do you want, Damon?"

Curious, Anna started paying closer attention. Knowing Damon, he wanted something from the witch, who was clearly reluctant to be speaking with him.

"Skipping the foreplay?" Damon asked. "You're no fun, Bonnie."

Bonnie frowned. "I'm hanging up now."


Bonnie waited, but she didn't speak.

After a moment, Damon continued. "I have a plan."

Plan? Now Anna was interested. Maybe if she could help them with whatever plan Damon had in mind, she could partially make up for hurting Bonnie.

Bonnie sighed. Clearly she'd heard those words before. "And what kind of plan is that?" She sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Look, we've seen no sign of Mikael since Katherine awakened him," Damon began.

"Yeah?" Bonnie looked bored.

This must all be old news to her, Anna thought.

"And from all other sources," Damon said, "Klaus is unkillable."

"You're not telling me anything I don't already know," Bonnie pointed out.

"So I thought..." Damon paused.

Bonnie looked annoyed and impatient at Damon's game. Clearly he wanted her to drag the information out of him.

"You thought what?" Bonnie finally asked with a sigh.

"...we can re-curse him, and then dagger him."

Bonnie jumped to her feet, looking more alert than Anna had seen her since she'd arrived home.


"Re-curse," Damon repeated.

"We'd need a spell for that," Bonnie pointed out. "A spell we don't have."

"I know," Damon said.

"And a blood sacrifice of some sort," Bonnie said. "Probably human. Like the first Petrova doppelganger."

"I know," Damon said.

"We can't kill someone to re-curse Klaus," Bonnie said, scowling.

"Stop trying to blow holes in my plan," Damon said. "We're already going to have plenty of problems."

"Like what?"

"Like finding the spell," Damon said. "Like finding you enough power to use the spell. Like finding another dagger, and a human who'll be close enough to use it on him."

"How on earth are we going to find that spell?" Bonnie asked. "The witch who used it on him died a thousand years ago."

"There are other sources," Damon answered.

"Who? Mikael?" Bonnie paused. "And possibly Elijah or Rebekah or another of the Originals? Why would any of them help us? And Mikael's AWOL. He's not going to help."

"Fine," Damon said. "It's not a perfect plan. But it's not like we have any better ones."

"I have an idea," Bonnie told him. "To get Stefan back."

Anna stopped listening and started thinking. She'd seen her, the one they'd been talking about. She knew where to find her. Maybe, just maybe, she'd be able to get the information they needed.


Bonnie was walking in darkness again, but this time she recognized it. She was in Mystic Falls, but one that existed outside the regular flow of time. A dream-Mystic Falls. She knew who had created it, and she knew who'd she'd find there.

She just didn't understand why he'd called her here again. Even though she'd had the wild idea that she could trade herself for Stefan's freedom, Damon had talked her out of it, pointing out the need for her to "level up" before she could take Klaus on again. As much as she hated to admit that Damon was right, she knew she wasn't ready to deal with Klaus in person just yet.

"Klaus?" she yelled, turning around as she walked to search for him. The lighting was still dismal, but things were more familiar. Despite her expectation, she still jumped when she bumped into the hybrid.

"Looking for me, love?" Klaus asked, smiling down at her. Bonnie realized how attractive he looked with the pleased grin deepening his dimples, but she buried the thought. She wasn't going to find him attractive. Not him, of all people.

"Why am I here again?" she asked, her dark eyes flashing with anger. "I already told you-"

"That you would never come to me," Klaus said, finishing her sentence for her. He reached out and brushed a strand of hair off Bonnie's face. She didn't flinch this time, but she was furious, and her expression reflected her feelings. "And yet, funny. Here you are."

"You brought me here," Bonnie reminded him. Klaus shrugged. "Why?"

"You know there's only one way you'll ever get your friend Stefan back," Klaus asked. "Don't you?"

Bonnie sucked in a quick breath. So, it was to be blackmail, then. Not that she hadn't already considered the idea, but for him to suggest it was a completely different deal.

"We can-"

"You can't," Klaus cut her off. He stepped around behind her, and she fought off the urge to turn and keep him away from her unguarded side. His face appeared next to her right cheek, and the scruff on his cheek brushed against her face as he spoke. "And you know it." She shivered as his breath tickled her skin. "Just as I know you'll come to me." His lips brushed her throat, and she flinched. "Willingly."

Bonnie stepped away and turned to face him.

"There's nothing willing about it," she said. "If I come to you, it will be because you've forced me into it."

"I'm not forcing anything, love," Klaus told her. "You have a choice."

Yeah, she thought angrily. The choice to come to you, or the choice to leave Stefan under your influence. Some choices.

"You may not like the options," Klaus said, "but you do have more than one. What you choose to do with them is completely up to you."

Again, he backed away. Bonnie watched as he blended into the darkness and disappeared.


Two days later.

Anna knew that Bonnie would not be happy to see her. But she had much to tell her, and she needed the witch part of her to listen, even if the teenage girl side of her hated her with a passion. That was why she'd been so desperate to get the girl's attention when she'd been gazing into the mirror, and that was how she'd managed to crack Bonnie's mirror from the inside.

"What the hell?" Bonnie asked, hearing the crunch of the cracking glass. She walked back over to her mirror and stared at the crack growing from the center of it. "How did that happen?" Veins of the crack kept growing, and although the mirror didn't shatter or fall apart, her reflection appeared just as broken as the mirror was, almost like one of Picasso's women.

Still, it took her a minute to realize that the eyes staring back at her were no longer her own. She jumped when she saw someone else's face reflected back at her.

"Don't be angry," Anna said, trying to mollify Bonnie before the witch had time to react to seeing her. "I'm here to help you."

"Like you helped me by kissing Jeremy?" Bonnie asked. Anna watched as she turned away and stalked across the room. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I have the spell you need," Anna answered.

"What spell?" Bonnie asked. She looked suspicious, and Anna couldn't blame her. The witch didn't trust her.

"The spell to re-curse Klaus," Anna told her.

"How do you...?"

"I overheard you and Damon speaking about it a couple of days ago," Anna said.

"You were here then?"

"Yes," Anna said. "And I went to find Esther."

Anna watched as Bonnie's eyes widened. "The Original Witch."

"Yes," Anna said. "She's over here. I told her what you wanted to do, and she gave me the spell, so I could give it to you."

Bonnie still looked like she didn't trust what Anna was telling her. "Why would she give you the spell? And why should I believe anything you have to say?"

Anna sighed. She'd known this was coming, but she'd hoped Bonnie would be less stubborn. "She gave me the spell because she's never wanted Klaus to gain his werewolf abilities. And you should believe me, because I can give you the list of ingredients that need gathering. What is needed for the sacrifice. And where to find a way to amplify your powers."

The last bit caught Bonnie's attention, and Anna saw her perk up a little bit.

"And how will you do that?"

"I know the location of an amulet," Anna told her. "The Eye of the Jackal. It's a magic amplifier."

Bonnie nodded.

"But it's dangerous, too," Anna warned her. "There are side effects."

Caroline Forbes, one of Bonnie's two best friends, stepped into her room just after Anna said this, but it was clear she'd been listening since she'd arrived at the house.

"I'm willing to try it," Bonnie answered, nodding at Anna. A quick glance at Caroline told her that her friend didn't approve, but Bonnie knew she had to take the chance while she had it. "Lead me to this amulet, and if it does what you say it will, then I'll get the spell from you."


Caroline pounded at the open doorway, trying desperately to get out of the house. Normally, it was a wall keeping her out of a house that was the problem, not the other way around. But Bonnie had left in such a determined hurry, and completely against Caroline's advice, that Caroline had only one possible way to stop the witch from following the ghost girl's instructions; overpowering her friend. However, that hadn't gone so well, as Bonnie had shielded first herself from the vampire, and then her escape route, effectively locking Caroline into the house until she chose to release her.

Nonetheless, Caroline ineffectually slammed her hands against the invisible barrier, determined to find a way to stop her friend from making a terrible mistake. Either Anna was leading her into a trap, or if not, then Bonnie was going to walk into the lion's den unprotected, and either route could end in disaster for her human friend. Caroline didn't trust Anna, but she feared Klaus; neither way seemed to provide a positive outcome.

Caroline slammed her hands against the barrier again, stumbling over the threshold, only just managing to right herself before she would make an unceremonious face-plant onto the porch. She was free! She took a deep breath, momentarily enjoying the cool autumn breeze and thready sunshine, before she remembered what she had planned out to do as soon as she was free. Sucking in a deep breath, she sped off.