Not A Date

"So, I'll see next week," Rex agreed and flipped his closed and pocketed it.

"Sounds like you have a Valentine's date," Cesar stated with interest.

"What are you talking about?" Rex asked, eyeing his brother strangely.

"You were on the phone making plans for next Tuesday night, right?"

"Yeah, so?" Rex answered shrugging his shoulders.

"Well, that's Valentine's Day, unless they've changed the day of the Massacre," Cesar wondered out loud.

"No, it's still the 14th."

"And you are spending the night out."

"I am," Rex answered skeptically.

"So you have a date," Cesar pointed out.

"It's not a date. That was Noah on the phone. I'm hanging out with Noah, my best friend who I do best friend things with." Rex pointed out. "It's not a date."

"Is that so," Cesar challenged. "You are you guys doing?"
Rex hesitated. "Um, dinner and a movie."