I was bored, and spent about an hour creating this. Read my summary, I'M NOT A POET! Here you go...

PS to the tune of "Test Drive", look it up on Youtube or if you have a soundtrack, track 11.

I have found a new friend

And I will ride him until it has turned to night

He will be my best friend

And we will fly until the tide has reached his high

Together as a whole

We will fly until there is darkness in the sky

We'll fly until it's dark

And then we'll fly again when it is light

We shall search the skies

Go higher through the flight

Soon we'll see angel's clouds

And hear wind's glorious sounds

We shall be one thought

Our flying shall be sought

Throughout all the world

People will stop and turn

To watch us soar high above them

We'll fly

We'll fly so high up above

How long will we be here?

How long will we fly?

We'll fly till night lights the sky

We'll learn the heavens' song

Of our kinds getting along

*Musical break (Falling part)*

Disaster will always try to tear us apart

We'll hold tighter

There's no bond like ours

And never let anyone tell you that it's

Nothing but a lie

I'll be here by your side

Whatever the people say

We'll find a way to prove them wrong

Our friendship will always hold strong

As golden as a heav'nly song

We will always keep on flying!

We will fly until the night

And no one will e'er try to stop us

No one will now ever stop us!