Bring Him Home -Title: "Bring Him Home"
-Author: Hikaru -
-Date: August 8-9, 1999
-Archive: M_A, Jedihunks/Corellia, My page. Anywhere else,
just ask.
-Category: POV, AU. Slightly angsty vignette.
-Rating: PG (violence)
-Warnings: None. Even the violence isn't graphic. Jus' a
Star Wars Switch-er-oo.
-Spoilers: None, really. Just my warped version of an event
in TPM.
-Summary: What if it had been Obi-Wan instead of Qui-Gon
that was struck down by Darth Maul? Set to lyrics from Les
-Disclaimer: I own nothing. TPM c. G. Lucas & co. Les Mis
lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer. Based on the novel by Victor
-Author's Notes: I swear to all of you that I really do not
write all my fics around song lyrics!! And they're normally
not serious at all! Help, I've been bitten by the Angsty,
Hurtful Lyricised PlotBunny! No! *laughs* Anyway, this was
written at about 1 AM, so... I was listening to the Les Mis
soundtrack while trying to fall asleep, then I figured, 'Hey,
one of these would make a great Q/O fic!' ... then I realized
for most of the songs, either I'd have to change the lyrics,
or make Obi-Wan a girl named Cosette. :) So, instead, I
changed a bit of the SW plotline &, voila! And /then/ I
realized how much cooler it was, because Liam Neeson was in
the recent film version of Les Mis, and because this is Jean
val Jean's song in the musical! ... Heehee...


Qui-Gon stood, paralyzed, behind the red laser wall. "Obi-
Wan! NO!" His student raced past him to wage battle with
the menacing Sith that had pursued them from Tatooine.

Obi-Wan hardly glanced back at his master, but the Sith
took that moment to catch the Jedi Padawan off guard. He
slashed at the Jedi with his deadly double-sided lightsaber,
plunging the end deep writhing the younger man's abdomen.

Qui-Gon's face showed his horror and grief, his jaw dropping
and tears quickly forming in his eyes. He let out a shriek of
terror, a blood-curdling yell. Darth Maul merely laughed at
Qui-Gon, who was still trapped behind the deadly wall. He
smiled cruelly and kicked lightly at Obi-Wan, who writhed on
the floor in pain.

The elder Jedi blinked once, then blinked again, as the Sith
pointed his long finger directly at him, beckoning him to come.
The Jedi nodded, gripping his lightsaber and glancing quickly
at his dying Padawan.

The laser wall slowly dissipated, and Qui-Gon charged at the
Sith, angrily swinging his lightsaber. The Sith, although a
smaller man, proved to be a formidable enemy yet again.

Soon, Qui-Gon had his opponent backed up against the wall.
"Nowhere to go, /killer,/" snarled Qui-Gon. The Sith simply
growled and shoved Qui-Gon back a few steps.

Before Maul knew it, however, Qui-Gon had the upper hand once
again. Maybe it was because the Sith was distracted by the
half-dead Jedi Padawan, moaning on the floor, or maybe Qui-
Gon was empowered by his partner's fatal injury. Either way,
Maul was losing. With one swift stroke of his lightsaber,
Qui-Gon caught the Sith's midsection, severing him in half,
and thrusting his remains down a seemingly endless shaft.


Qui-Gon let his lightsaber clatter to the ground as he rushed
over to Obi-Wan. "Padawan," he said breathlessly, "speak to
me!" Obi-Wan was silent, his eyes half closed.

Obi-Wan's breath came in ragged gasps as he sensed his Master's
presence. "Mas... i-Go...." He could hardly form complete words.

"Obi-Wan..." Qui-Gon cradled his apprentice's head in his arms,
placing a large hand over the life-threatening wound. Summoning
all the power he could in the Force, Qui-Gon broke down the
barriers between Master and Apprentice and focused his energy
on healing Obi-Wan's wound.

God on high,
Hear my prayer.
In my need,
You have always been there.

Qui-Gon closed his eyes and concentrated. He'd been able to
use his Jedi training for every other situation he'd
encountered so far, and could only pray to the higher powers
that Obi-Wan would be okay.

He is young,
He is afraid.
Let him rest,
Heaven blessed.

The Jedi master could feel the fear and pain radiating from
Obi-Wan. Despite his condition, his emotions still radiated
fairly strongly, through the bond they shared. The boy was
young, hardly old enough to know what he was getting into before
he battled the Sith. Obi-Wan had much to learn, and Qui-Gon
couldn't stand to lose his apprentice this early in the game.

Bring him home....

Qui-Gon wanted Obi-Wan to live. He willed it he needed it he
-demanded- it. Even as he felt Obi-Wan getting weaker by the
second, he clung to the hope that he could somehow bring his
Padawan back.

He's like the son I might have known
If God had granted me a son.

Qui-Gon was never one to even remotely desire a family his
role as a Jedi was everything to him. His training was the
meaning for life, and his Padawan was the love of his life.
Admittedly, they were old enough to be father and son, but
Qui-Gon was still deeply attached to his Padawan, and knew in
his heart, he could not bear the loss.

The summers die
One by one.
How soon they fly,
On and on.

Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon had been together for years, yet it seemed
that they were constantly discovering new things about one another.
A new season passed, and the two Jedi grew closer, yet farther

Qui-Gon bent his head closer to that of his Padawan. "Live, Obi,"
he whispered, tears forming in his eyes.

And I am old,
And will be gone.
Bring him peace,
Bring him joy.

Obi-Wan was so young, he had so much to learn still. Qui-Gon, on
the other hand, was old. He had lived his years, fought his battles,
and faced his fate. If he could trade his happiness, health, and
peace for the life and safety of his beloved Obi-Wan, he'd do so
in a heartbeat.

He is young,
He is only a boy.
You can take,
You can give.
Let him be,
Let him live.

Qui-Gon knew in his heart that the fates were cruel and unjust,
that Obi-Wan would most likely die. Yet, he pleaded for his life
nonetheless. If only one thing in life could be changed and made
fair, Qui-Gon prayed it would be this.

If I die, let me die.
Let him live,
Bring him home.

Qui-Gon would much rather have died at the hands of that monstrous
Sith Lord than to be forced to watch his Padawan suffer like this.
The elder Jedi closed his eyes tighter to stop the warm tears from
rolling down his cheeks. He strengthened the Force-bond between
the two, sending all of his energies into healing his Padawan.

Bring him home...

Qui-Gon felt Obi-Wan struggling against his strong hands. He held
the boy down and greatly intensified the strength of his healings,
even if it meant harming himself in the process.

Bring him home...

Obi-Wan stopped moving and threw his head back, gasping for air.
Qui-Gon pulled back, feeling that the boy was well enough not to
need the assistance of Qui-Gon's energy. "Obi-Wan," he whispered
hoarsely, tilting the boy's head to look him in the eye.

"Qui... Gon...," croaked the Padawan weakly, his piercing blue
eyes cloudy.

"Padawan --- " Qui-Gon broke down finally, burrowing his head
among Obi-Wan's robes and tunics, warm tears finally spilling
over. "All is well - you are home, returned to me."


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