I was bored, and spent about an hour creating this. Read my summary, I'M NOT A POET! Here you go...

PS to the tune of "Oogway Ascends", look it up on Youtube or if you have a soundtrack, track 16 (I think).

Don't cry, my dear

I will never be far

Don't shed a tear,

Soon you'll be back in my arms

For you are my only light In all of the world

I will come back to you

I'll walk through the night to see you

Again and again

Then I'll return

And hold you in my arms

For you know, you are mine

Forever you know, my love

Bless her/his soul, God above

She's/He's the one I shall love

I'll be with her/him till the end of time

I will stay with her/him till the end of time

PS, Him/Her parts, choose only one of them. Or else it will sound weird.