9foxgrl Rant
Attention loyal readers. Sadly I hit a dead end on inspiration with this story.
But do not despair!
It has been adopted, and will be continued by Zsugami Alba under the same title of 'My Father Isshin.'
Please forgive this poor author for leaving you hanging. So here is an omake that I was going to put originally with the story before I lost all ideas.

Magic Cup! GOLDEN~!

"Masssterrr...can I pleasssse go with you to ssschoool this year?"
"No Tatsuo. You can't." Haru replied as he collected his clothing. "Wizards are very paranoid of snakes."
"I don't know what that snake is asking for, but for Kami sake, make it stop with those eyes. It's creepy."
Haru turned to his guest who was sitting on his bed. "Are you just saying that so he won't stare at you while you crash in my room while I'm in Britain?"
His guest huffed. "Of course not."
"Right...of course not Toshiro."
"It's HItugaya-taicho!"
"...Dude, Ichigo and I met before you were a captain. So we are the only ones familiar enough with you to speak so informally!"
Toshiro just glared before returning to read the chapter about ice spells in Haru's charm book.
"Fine! If I take you Tatsuo, will you behave, and not scare the daylights out of my dorm mates?"
"And you promise not to bite them?"
If possible the albino snake just stared at its master like he was an idiot. "Massster, your sssire had my sssaccsss removed after I hatched. If I bite, they will not die."
"Just checking."