Title: pure as snow

Disclaimer: not my characters, except for the daemon

Warnigns: daemon AU; references to blood/death/violence

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 280

Point of view: third

Prompt: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Drusilla + Angelus, Drusilla's fate was sealed from the moment Angelus set eyes on her daemon, a unicorn

In life, Drusilla had never been alone. Adalaun had always been with her, shifting forms with her moods until just after her thirteenth birthday, when he settled. He'd helped ground her when the future intruded, had always placed his head on her shoulder and murmured songs, anchoring her to the present. And then he settled as the most beautiful creature she'd ever seen, delicate yet strong, an iridescent silver that caught everyone's eye, with a single horn spiraling from his head.

"A unicorn?" she'd laughed, delighted. He'd tossed his head, mane fluttering.

Unicorns were rare, according to Papa. Mum thought it must mean she was gifted.

Adalaun had chased her around the garden, had chased her brothers and sisters, had proudly stood beside her when the men came to test them and then left.

Her life continued on, with the future intruding as it willed and Adalaun always giving her something to hold onto when the voices tried calling her away.

It was Adalaun who noticed the woman watching them, the woman without a daemon.

It was Adalaun who shouted, "Don't let him in!" when Papa opened the door to the man without a daemon.

It was Adalaun who fought, who screamed, while their family died.

It was Adalaun who begged, "Drusilla! Don't let go!" while the woman kept him away as the man drained her dry.

It was Adalaun who disappeared, leaving Drusilla all alone.

(She sees the man running along the street, a silver unicorn keeping pace alongside him.

"What should we do, Miss Edith?" she asks.

Miss Edith isn't as clever as Adalaun, but she does suggest following the man.

"I think I will," Drusilla decides.)